Monday, December 24, 2012

Blessed Christmas 2012


Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas where ever you are, where ever you may be. Lots happened in 2012 and I for one am extremely grateful. Lets just give thanks on this Christmas day and pray for an Iphone 5 from Santa! (sic). 

Merry Merry Christmas...Ho Ho Ho!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

At the playground


Mini was asleep when the one up there had all the fun. Naturally, all hell broke loose when she woke up O_O.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Will and Kate are parents bound

The world is going crazy. The Duchess of something is pregnant! Every magazine, every newspaper, every online news, tv news...everything is reporting the happy news. Someone committed suicide because of this "world event". See how importante the news is?

I say, give the poor Princess a break. As it is, she cannot shit in peace, can't even be pregnant in peace. But, I have to say, she's taking it pretty well. I mean, so far she's been able to take in the scrutiny, the being a public figure. Doing an absolutely fantastic job. I can't say the same now that she's preggers and eventually when crazy hormones start to kick in (post delivery and all...). Or crazy hormones could kick in sooner. I don't know.

When all's said and done, Princess really has some fine clothes. Every piece is just fitting. Trendy yet classy, thus be-fitting a Princess. I believe it's her personality and her entire look. Dress her in drab and she'll still look stunning. 

Yes, I do like her style. And, possibly a million others. But, unlike most, I kinda want to leave her alone and not be the serial stalker. Just creepy and to an extent, extremely rude. This is probably the downside of being a Princess, eh?

What's on the Xmas tree?



The above are some of the stuffs that are on my BIL's Xmas tree. I haven't taken those on my SIL. We helped decorated 2 trees this year. OK, not exactly 'we' but the girls did. Of course, they also gave my SIL and BIL a good heart attack in the process (used the twirly lights as skipping rope!). Anyway, the girls having some good X'masy fun. (read : only the girls cos their mom is exhausted). 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My little drummer girl...


All she wants for Christmas is a pirate sword. Oh and also, a set of drums. Yeah, of all things...DRUMS! As it is, piano is bad enough (especially when practising their scales), drums will be worst I reckon. Besides, us being no celebrity, I cannot afford to dedicate a room for soundproofing. We don't have enough rooms!

So, anyway, she has stopped asking for her 'drums'. For now. Let us see how far this obsession of hers will go. I hope it will last till....the end of (to)day? :-D. Otherwise, instead of scouting for cheap acoustic guitar, we'll have to go get her a pair of drumsticks! *shudders* 

Super hero to the Rescue


After decorating the tree (and causing a ruckus), Ash decided to...urm..strike a pose? hehehe...

Honestly, I don't know what she's doing because the picture was taken by her sister and I only came across this photo days after the event. So, I can only guess. Doing the super-hero? Doing the Madonna? 

I haven't got a clue. Have you?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The thought of moving....

...just brings me to tears. 

Not because I'll miss my home, but - I'll have to pack! I look at my existing home and I feel that I should just pack my entire life's treasure into a tiny weeny suitcase. Everything else that does and do not fit, will be given away, donated or sold on Ebay. Travel light...that is what they all recommend. I'll take it.

We cannot bear to move and that's the truth. The girls childhood is here. Everything is here. Our first home is here. What we built over the years -- is here. So why bother? Well, in reality, our house is good for a couple with really really small family. Like maybe a family of 3. Any digit that more than 3, is considered one too many.

Also, you might want to ask - if we love the house so much, why don't just renovate and add some more space or even another room? Well, we considered that. But, because we live in a townhouse, every inch of the space is used. I cannot even consider reducing my bedroom space to make way for another. Call it the ingenuity of the designer/developer, but there is nothing I can do to the house to make way for, say, another room.

I am the sort who dislikes clutter. I like a little space in between. I don't need a bungalow though. We don't have a maid, so living in an obscenely huge house is well, not necessary. Just a reasonable amount of space to you know, kind of make the living a tad bit more comfortable...not just for me but for everyone.

Having said that, we have yet to find our dream house. I don't know when we will ever find it because real estate prices have sky-rocketed in recent years. I may have to travel to Taiping for some decent living. And, no offence to the folks there, but...only when I am 60? I know Taiping fairly well. My dad is from there. In fact ancestors were from there. I have relations still from there. I won't know how to get around that's for sure as it has been more than 10 years since I have been back. But, I know what it entails.

If I didn't have kids, I would move for the heck of it. Bored with one place, move to another. The thought of re-designing the home, pack, getting kids to pack, the logistics. It is such a nightmare. Such hardwork. People who designs for a living have my utmost respect! I find it brain wrecking. Just the colour scheme will throw me off course. Then comes texture, look, style, feel, etc...which pad foam to get. I mean, really? I salute you people. Only a true artist will find joy in solving the decorating puzzle. And I am not one of them. Ask me to sit and do nothing, yes. Ask me which floor tile goes with which kitchen top...I will simply run and hide or flush ze head in ze toilet bowl. 

Honestly...honestly. I think moving is simply not my thing.

2012 Advent Calendar


 Have you gotten your advent calendar? The girls got theirs. Filled with little chockies. The moment it got into their hands (and fingers), they opened up each 'window' and devoured each choc almost immediately. Before I could explain that you can only open up once a day for the next 25 days, I might as well as have been speaking in Swahili for all they cared. And, it was gone in a matter of...a couple of days (I think). Kampong girls...really kampong girls.

Oh well, at least they loved the chockies. I would have loved it too if I had an opportunity to get my hands in them quick enough! ppfftt...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Street performer

If my girls can't study or work in the corporate field or do both....they can consider a career in street performance. I am not entirely sure what they can do. Juggling? Clown? be a mime artist? Or play the piano or guitar? Before they can actually perform on the streets, they have to learn the craft first. I mean, you don't really want to suck at performing and have no money pelted at you right?

Anyway, I think these people make tons of money. Tax free and under the carpet. Cash. I think it's a fine profession. They are not out murdering, or robbing people, right? Still a decent living. They could be making more than all the CEOs of the world. Only problem is, you have to be really good la. I mean, no half-baked stunts. If want to mime, you better make damn sure it's mime and not some tau foo making some robotic moves, you know what I mean?

Likewise, if they want to play whatever musical instrument, they better make sure they can "play" in the first place. Which means, they go to learn how to play...the piano or guitar. I should start comparing instrument prices, cost of lessons, as well as cost of spare parts (in case we need replacements). 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas presents for my girls

Confession time : I have no clue what to get my girls for Christmas! 

It's ok la. They will get plenty of gifts from their aunts uncles and cousins. Besides, we do not have enough of space at home. Neither do we have space in our luggage. Also, we are not exactly swimming in wealth either to be able to get them tons of presents or whatever piques their fancy while walking by the shops. I tell you - my girls are truly capable. Which is also why I tend not to make going to the malls my top weekend priority.

As it is, they've already asked for this and that...and this and that. More of this; some of that. The worst part is, they will only be interested in whatever they want for a short period of time. Like..2 days. And then, they'd move on to something else. See what I mean? It's never-ending. Plus, not as if I can pluck money out of the apple tree or something. I can't obviously.

So, I thought..well, since I am undecided on what I want to get the girls, I contemplated on telling Ash (at least) that this year, for Christmas, her gift will be given to an unfortunate kid who has no mommy and daddy to spend Christmas with. I was so sure she will jump at the go select the present, wrap the present, do her craft magic on the Christmas card. At the time, she will learn important lessons, keep her busy, get her motivated...etc..So, win-win, right? Score right? Pat on the back for that wonderful human being that I am and a true example to humankind that I would also deserve that Nobel Peace Prize. Thank you..thank you...the pleasure was all mine... 

Armed with a big smile and a big head, I approached Ash one morning to excitedly tell her about my proposed plan for her Christmas present. At first, she was speechless. I thought "oh, the big grin and jump-for-excitement will come any second". But, instead, her eyes went red, tears started flowing. Then a loud wail like her pet rabbit had died! My MIL thought she fell or something. As for me, I was clearly dumbfounded and naturally, stunned by her response to my err...nobel idea. 

I asked her why she cried. I mean, an obvious question. Then she told me that she was looking forward to opening presents on Christmas day, everyone will have a present to open and she will have none. Also (and more importantly) she really really REALLY wanted that Barbie something. O.M.G!!!

I will let this one slide -- although, I was looking forward to that award. I figured that, she's been looking forward to Christmas since..well, last Christmas. And, she doesn't always ask to buy toys and stuff. It's only a once a year affair. Plus, there will be another opportunity for me to do this act of giving to the less fortunate anyways. I can wait. 
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