Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas presents for my girls

Confession time : I have no clue what to get my girls for Christmas! 

It's ok la. They will get plenty of gifts from their aunts uncles and cousins. Besides, we do not have enough of space at home. Neither do we have space in our luggage. Also, we are not exactly swimming in wealth either to be able to get them tons of presents or whatever piques their fancy while walking by the shops. I tell you - my girls are truly capable. Which is also why I tend not to make going to the malls my top weekend priority.

As it is, they've already asked for this and that...and this and that. More of this; some of that. The worst part is, they will only be interested in whatever they want for a short period of time. Like..2 days. And then, they'd move on to something else. See what I mean? It's never-ending. Plus, not as if I can pluck money out of the apple tree or something. I can't obviously.

So, I thought..well, since I am undecided on what I want to get the girls, I contemplated on telling Ash (at least) that this year, for Christmas, her gift will be given to an unfortunate kid who has no mommy and daddy to spend Christmas with. I was so sure she will jump at the go select the present, wrap the present, do her craft magic on the Christmas card. At the time, she will learn important lessons, keep her busy, get her motivated...etc..So, win-win, right? Score right? Pat on the back for that wonderful human being that I am and a true example to humankind that I would also deserve that Nobel Peace Prize. Thank you..thank you...the pleasure was all mine... 

Armed with a big smile and a big head, I approached Ash one morning to excitedly tell her about my proposed plan for her Christmas present. At first, she was speechless. I thought "oh, the big grin and jump-for-excitement will come any second". But, instead, her eyes went red, tears started flowing. Then a loud wail like her pet rabbit had died! My MIL thought she fell or something. As for me, I was clearly dumbfounded and naturally, stunned by her response to my err...nobel idea. 

I asked her why she cried. I mean, an obvious question. Then she told me that she was looking forward to opening presents on Christmas day, everyone will have a present to open and she will have none. Also (and more importantly) she really really REALLY wanted that Barbie something. O.M.G!!!

I will let this one slide -- although, I was looking forward to that award. I figured that, she's been looking forward to Christmas since..well, last Christmas. And, she doesn't always ask to buy toys and stuff. It's only a once a year affair. Plus, there will be another opportunity for me to do this act of giving to the less fortunate anyways. I can wait. 

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Mamapumpkin said...

Ahahahaha!!!! I miss you, babe!!!!!!!!

That was hilarious!!! Ash is too young still to do away without presents laaaaaaa......

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