Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas presents

Christmas is less than a month away. In fact, it will be December tomorrow. Shiats! I won't be around for a friend's birthday in December also. Double whammy.

Anyway, I thought I had all presents figured out. I felt pretty efficient having sorted out who is going to get what this year. But, damn! I don't have presents for the girls. I don't have any for hubby either. I mean, hubby and I, we will be ok if we didn't have any. The girls? Oh, they will be so disappointed.

The way I see it..they will be getting pressies in any case. They will have more than we will. I am just wondering - do we need to get them presents at all? I am inclined not to. Also, we won't be having Christmas at our home this year. The thought of lugging boxes after boxes of stuffs...I don't even want to think.

If you ask me what I want for Christmas this year, the answer is quite simple really. An Ipad Mini or bvlgari perfume. Is it too much to ask? Everyone has an Ipad. Can I have one too? You know, just so I can fit in. ehhehe..

Ah...stuff it! Rather save for a vacation to Greece. Ola! Or whatever Greek word equivalent :-D.

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