Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The joy of a wonderful ending and beginning

Typically, you'd spend the last few days (or earlier) of the year reflecting back on the things that you've done, achievements you've accomplished, unhappy memories you'd rather forget, the enriching lessons you've learned, a new friendship you've forged and an old friend you've re-connected with...

..and you start contemplating on your new year's resolutions in optimistic anticipation that the new year would bring about change, improvement or simply, just setting out to do the things that you've never done before.

As I lay in bed this morning, refusing to get up, I started to reflect on the past year. On the whole, I've concluded that it has been good despite the many ups and downs that life is expected to behave. I hate to start comparing but if I have to, I'm glad we've survived the year without much turmoil, major disaster (save and except for the recent landslide catastrophe) and most of all, notwithstanding the sliding economy, we are pretty much a resilient bunch.

On the personal front, I got to also reflect on how I've been truly blessed in many aspects in my life and I am very thankful for that. My family and I, we have much to look forward to in the coming year; one of which is that we are eagerly waiting for the arrival of our little bundle of joy next May.

Then I got to thinking about some things that I'd wanted to get done and finish. And I threw in a couple of goals in there as well. I wouldn't call them “resolutions” per se but the list is probably close to being one.

AND, since I'm typing this on New Year's eve, I thought “why not share them with my friends”.

So, without further ado, here are my nine for nine on my wish list :

(1) learn to bake. Serious, I don't have a sweet tooth so I've never been a fan of cakes. But, you know, I've put this on because Ash might insist that I make her a nice piece of chocolate cake one day and I'd really hate to disappoint her.

(2) complete Ash's photobook album that I've started.

(3) be less uptight – sometimes, rules are just meant to be broken

(4) save up enough dough to pay off our housing loan by the year end (not sure how much of a reality this can be but I'd certainly like to give it my best shot) so that we'd have more for our kids' (gosh, I can't imagine saying that - I will have KIDS!!).

(5) exercise. That can only happen after my confinement.

(6) no drugs during child-birth. Lets see if I can do it again this time

(7) breastfeed. Will attempt once more and hoping I'll succeed this time.

(8) take more photographs. Yeah, I'd love to do that!

(9) read more. Trade magazines for real books..

There. That's what popped into my head before being forced out of bed by the little energizer bunny.

Doesn't look like a very heavy list but just as important as the list itself, I'd have to ensure that at least half of them comes true. At least.

Alrighty then, I've gotta go prepare for an early lunch cos we are heading out to the city for the night.

Till next year, have a blessed New Year all my friends and may the year 2009 bring you lotsa happiness, wealth and not forgetting health. All the best!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bonus shot : On the road

Taken while we were traveling on Saturday.

Thankfully, the journey wasn't very long otherwise, I shudder to think of how I'd cope. Been having some difficulty in breathing, again...

Anyway, if you're on the road to your holiday destination or coming home, do drive carefully.

I'll catch ya later!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Up close and personal

This holidays has been extremely good for Ash. She's been having a lot of fun. Whereas for me, I am utterly exhausted. Of course, it doesn't help much when you are carrying extra weight like I am. In terms of my spirit however, I'm almost always raring to go. It's very much a case of the mind is willing but the body...urm...not so.

Anyway, thanks to hubby's brilliant idea, we headed off to the jungle in Pahang in search of some wild animals - elephants to be exact.

We went to :

Alright,'s not exactly the jungle per se but close as the conservation centre is situated pretty remotely deep within the vast jungle area. So, don't expect a theme park set-up as there are no elephant performing tricks or elephants dressed up like a circus clown. But, you can certainly get real and I mean, real close to them.

Imagine that you are living quite primitively amongst the wild-life. That's how the place feels and looks like.

If you are coming from 1 Utama, it'll take you roughly an hour and half to get there. It's not outrageously far out and was fairly easy to find (sure beats looking for Ferrari parts).

Once you've reached, all you have to do is register the number of visitors and then, sign your life away (indemnity)...LOL..Since this sanctuary is owned by a non-profit organisation, there are no entrance fee. But you could contribute a small sum as donation. We bought t-shirts :-D.

I did mention that there are no performances by these elephants but there are a few simple activities that you can participate in. For starters, you can help feed the elephants their lunch and go on a short ride on them after that. Unfortunately for us, we didn't do any of those. Also, I think, on certain days of the week, you can even take baths with them in a nearby river.

It was a short but interesting visit. It won't take you more than an hour to completely absorb everything. I don't think Ash will remember the fact that she came face to face with a gentle giant (the ones we were allowed to go near were, I supposed, trained not to harm humans).

Well, that's about it. Our next stop was Deerland which I'll post later. In the meantime, you go on and enjoy a couple of shots we took :-D

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looky here!!

I'm sorry, I know this doesn't give you any information whatsoever as to where we've been today.

You'll know.


I'm just a little exhausted as I was up (voluntarily) since 6 am this morning to prepare lunch. On most days, even if I did wake at such un-godly hour, I'd usually fall back to sleep or just read or complete my post or simply do absolutely nothing at all.

Not today. I was up, brushed my teeth and even though I barely had time to breathe, I was already working up the wok. It's all hubby's fault. He's asleep now by the way..with Ash. They both went to bed at 9.

So, will I be offering any clues? One thing though – don't get your hopes up cos it's no where fancy. In fact, I was the only preggy lady there *gulps*...

Oh, back to clues – there were definitely no Mulberry trees.

Alright, more tomorrow. I am hitting the sack. Fast!

Friday, December 26, 2008

More from the outdoors

My MIL's orchids. Aren't they pretty?

I am beat

Ok, let me say it again - I AM beat!

We've been running around endlessly for the last couple of days because dear hubby is on a 2 week break from work. "Yippee us" yes! But the sheer exhaustion of doing this and that and this and that is really taking a toll on this very old and fragile pregnant lady. Though the mind is thinking 20s but the body feels like 40s with extra kilos.

And you know what else? The traffic - human traffic! I thought being the holidays, people would be on holiday - somewhere else. But unfortunately for me, everyone seems to be still hanging around. Or worst - they have come to town for a holiday! I am so going away next year.

Oh and you know what else been urking this eating-for-two lady? Smokers. They are everywhere - at the restaurant, at the mall, at the coffee shop. Where ever I go, I sniff smoke. No offence to those who does smoke but it's really annoying me! At the rate they (the smokers) seem to be going, I wonder : do they even have smokers life insurance?

Whatever it is - we're off again on a day trip tomorrow. If I am up to it, I'll post some photos after :-D

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A day with family

Ash's Christmas present from her maternal grand-parents

Hey guys, how has your Christmas been?

Ours was slightly different, without the unnecessary hullabaloo; kinda how I'd personally prefer to spend the day. It's not that the joyful laughter and chatter, the christmas cheer aren't important - they are. They are every bit of what makes a festivity come alive. But, at the same time, I feel it's equally important to appreciate the peacefulness and just to take some time-out to enjoy the quiet.

We had such calmness at home (save for Ash's Barney blaring from the tv screen) early in the morning. But Christmas sort of came alive when we began our online chat with hubby's family from Australia.

They outnumbered us in so many ways – especially the amount of food they had on the table! Made mine looked bleak. I could really feel the celebration emanating from my laptop screen. Everyone took turns looking and chatting with us. Ash was particularly intrigued although this isn't the first time we have spoken to them electronically. Everyone shared stories and virtual champagne. Urm, well, actually, theirs was real while mine was virtual heheh...

Apart from that, in the afternoon, we hopped over to my aunt's place for a short Christmas visit and gave her her present. I thought I'd never make it but I am glad I did. We hung around for a bit and then, headed back home for dinner.

And once again, as I am typing this up, all's quiet with Ash sleeping and hubby dozing off on the couch right in front of me. You know, it was a pretty great way to spend the holidays - a day with family...

p.s : I would have loved to have received one of those popcorn machines as well..:-D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Great with Daddy around

Ash has been loving every minute of her life. Her Daddy is home and has been home for almost a week now. The mom (me) too have been enjoying Daddy's presence 24/7 - more so when he's busy entertaining the little girl.

As much as I dread for Daddy to go back to work, I'm sure little Ash will dread it even more. She has grown extremely attached to her Dad. He is her side-kick - always goofying around, playing, giving into her whims and fancies. As for me, I'm more of the no nonsense-strict-won't do anything unless it involves getting up to pee or switch the Astro channel. Gosh, I've been such a couch potato lately.

This has got to stop.

This has got to end.

Maybe I should re-decorate the house...the country..Heard of Murray Feiss?

From our home...

to yours.

Have a grand Christmas celebration!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The woman with green fingers

One of the many things I admire about my MIL is that she's extremely good with gardening (apart form many other things that she's able to do). Plus, she does it without any help from anyone. Well, maybe except for the individual who comes around to help trim the grass once every month or so. Apart from that, what you see here is the result of the hard-work and dedication of one person; one woman to be exact.

The above image is one of the many variety of plants and flowers she has in her garden.

The largest is the huge rambutan tree situated behind the house. And for as long as I can remember, it has been there for oh I don't know - 20 years! And it's still bearing delicious fruits during its harvesting period. Unfortunately, I am not too keen on venturing to that part of the house cos it's filled with lots firery red ants and dreaded mozzies. So, there are no photos of the gigantic tree -- for now :-D

I remembered once she even attempted to grow her own grapes. She was almost successful but not quiet. The grapes were so sour I just couldn't muster another bite. I think it's the weather; ours isn't very conducive for these type of fruits.

What we've been doing so far since she's away on vacation is trying our best not to let these wonderful greens wither away by watering them and making sure they've got their healthy dose of vitamins once every week. Other than that, I've been a busy shutter-bug, snapping away, building my own personal collection of hopefully great nature photos :-)

P.S : I need to shop for a paella pan for my aunt cos it's on her wish-list for Christmas and I am running out of time!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Who's that man in the funny red suit?

"Ho ho ho!!!" said he for the 20 minutes when standing in the middle of Pavilion whilst people took turns snapping their mug shots with him.

Do you reckon he needs diet pills prescription? LOL...

I think this is the 4th mall we went to and I can't conclude which has the best Christmas decor this year. But I can say however which has the worst (of the 4, that is) - One Utama. They didn't do a very good job this year. Not that I remembered what they were the previous years but certainly were outdone this round by others for sure.

So, what were we doing there at Pavilion?

Well, firstly, we had a mission to accomplish which was to collect the hot pot that we reserved. Then, we hung around some more and got ourselves monkey t-shirts...LOL...Yes, and Ash had one too. She did look so cute in it.

More photos will ensue much later but for now, I've gotta get some work done. Catch ya later dudes!

Friday, December 19, 2008

This is how I relax...usually

It's been a week since we are at my in-laws. And, I am finding my way around the house. Not that it's complicated or anything; just needed time to get the feel of things - if you know what I mean :-)

It certainly helped that I brought along my essential survival tool - my lappie. Oh yes, and my camera. What on earth would I do without them? I dread to even think that!

I am enjoying my stay here and it helps when Ash feels the same. Except that during the first few days, she wondered where her grandparents went. Poor girl..she went around asking for her "mama" and "yeh-yeh". She's fine now. I think she's got a pretty good idea that her "mama" and "yeh-yeh" have probably gone away for vacation but will be home soon - with some goodies (not a micro sd hopefully) *grins*.

Ok then, before I go rambling on with no end (and you know it's highly possible with me) have a good weekend dear friends. See you soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buckets...for a good time

Looks like the weather is or seem to be improving. Quite timely I might add; especially in the mornings. We've been having lots of sunshine these past few days (Please forgive me my friends who are currently braving the cold; I didn't mean to..) and dear God, I hope it stays that way too because....

we've got plans.

Hubby's year-end project is to make Ash her first sandbox. We are thinking of having a little make-believe beach party right here at my in laws' garden. However, I'm not entirely sure what that'll be exactly...but I'm thinking : sand, water (lots), sun-tan lotion, beach ball and a whole lot of fun!

Most of the requisite tools have been purchased including the lovely buckets that you see above (incidentally, if you like them, we got them at Daiso, the Curve and apologise to those who are here looking for electronics related; this isn't an electronics blog).

Urm, wait....I don't think I have bought Ash her swimming attire yet. Yep, no...I checked, that's the major item missing. Alright, that means more shopping set to take place this weekend :-D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bonus shot : Morning glory

Have you ever woken up where everything is perfect : the sun is shinning, birds chirping outside your bedroom window, your kid behaving even if it's 6.30 in the AM, breakfast made...

I had one such morning today.

A feeling I anticipate will get me through the day quite splendidly.

Hope you had one the same or...better!

P.S : Of course, it would be nice too if there was a digital signage flashing in my notebook screaming "Best Mom of The Year"...*wink*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reflections of Christmas

Officially...I am broke but I feel like a million bucks!

I'm finally at my in-laws due for our house-sitting duty till they return next year. Although, we'd prefer joining them but well, we'll just have to wait another year or two.

I've done all I set out to do before my MIL took off i.e bought gifts (loads) for the family and made Christmas cards to go with the gifts. I just hope they'll enjoy their pressies.

Speaking of Christmas, it's truly one of my favourite time of the year. One thing's for sure, the weather, though un-predictable as it has been (and will continue to be), I'm still pretty fond of it. I had half the mindset to get a Christmas tree for our house this year but decided against it. I don't think little Ash is ready to leave the tree alone just yet. And I am not about to pick up every little ornaments after her or risk an angel losing it's wing. Nah, my faint heart just isn't ready for it, not for the next couple of years at least. I'll be contented to just have her ooggle over the lovely decorated ones at the malls instead. Yeah, I'm quite the evil one..*grin*

One of my fondest Christmas memories was actually meeting Santa. By golly, it's true to the core! I did meet a real life Santa and he didn't come down a chimney either. Whoever's been telling you that that's how Santa arrives at your home, is lying! LOL...

It all happened when I was about 6. We had just moved into our new home and since it lacked a fair bit of d├ęcor, my mom decided to put up a Christmas tree during Christmas. I did say however that I don't celebrate Christmas and well, so does my parents; the tree was purely for decorative purposes. It even had “presents” under the tree (cleverly disguised by having empty shoe and tissue boxes wrapped in colourful wrappers). As a child, how devastatingly disappointing I was when I took one of the “presents”, shook it and realized it was empty. I checked each and every one of them..just to make sure but they were all empty.

But, I bet God knew how crushed I was. I mean, there I was, a child innocently thinking that they were in fact real gifts but having to find out that they weren't the hardest way possible. He must've heard my silent cries in bed that night because the next day, my grand-uncle and his family came for a short visit all the way from Kedah. The adults we chatting about in the living-room while I spent time playing with my aunt who is in actual fact only a year younger. It's a case of the generation system gone wrong but what do I care, I had company!

After chatting, my grand-uncle went out with his son for a couple of hours and when they returned that night, they brought back several presents! I distinctively remember hearing my uncle and grand-uncle saying to my mom “Aiyoh, why so terrible wan. Put bluff presents under the tree” while replacing the fakes for the real ones. However, I can't remember what my mom's response was but that didn't matter to me as much as those the real presents! I simply couldn't wait till Christmas which incidentally, was the following day.

I remember waking up particularly early that morning. My grand-uncle and his family were getting ready to go to church with another relative of ours while we stayed home. The whole time, my mind was simply fixed on those presents; imagined what they could possibly be (but I knew it wasn't Apidexin to say the least), imagined devouring them like a hungry beast.

And when they finally made their way back, I dashed over to my grand-uncle and said excitedly “Faster already. I want to open the presents”. I'm pretty certain he must've sensed my eagerness because as soon as he said I could, I dived in, ripped open everything, spared nothing and you should've seen the look I had - the widest possible smile ever spread across my face.

So, what did “Santa” get me? A doll, a toy telephone and something for school.

It was enough to make any child go wild. I know I did. I don't think I can ever forget that day, how “Santa” came to my rescue so unexpectedly and how happy he made me feel; the kind that is beyond description.

My grand-uncle passed away 3 years ago, around Christmas...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday rambling...

Another image taken at Bkt Tinggi...don't they look lovely? :-D

I had a brief but wonderful chat with Mott yesterday evening. She ever so kindly reminded me of something which I know I haven't been talking often about – my preggy update. And I thought you are all sick of preggy stories..LOL...

The truth is and like I explained to her, my preggy situation is kind of boring and frankly, I 'd rather not have it any other way. One thing which I am glad for is that my morning sickness (rather for me, it was 'evening sickness') has disappeared and I am definitely eating better. Sleep is still something I am a little deprived of as I tend to wake up at least once in the middle of the night to pay my lavatory friend a visit. Other than that, I am feeling better compared to the 1st 3 months or so. In addition, the cervical polyp I developed during my pregnancy with Ash did make it's way back this time but on a much smaller scale; so small that I don't bleed as often as I did previously. Another good pregnancy thing..for me.

Apart from that, Ash has been far. She's been leaving me alone and bugging her dad instead – a pretty darn good sign if you ask any pregnant mothers...LOL. But yeah, she's grown very attached to her dad lately and it's also because of hubby's initiative to spend more time with her so I can rest. Also, my in-laws have been helping me out for most days during the afternoons for me to recuperate. So, all's been ok in terms of how I am coping etc...

I guess I haven't been really thinking about this pregnancy that much compared to my first. For instance, I don't even keep track of how far I am; a rough estimate of “yeah...I think I am about there” is all I am able to tell people when they ask. And I don't check the weekly progress on my pregnancy book against my own that much either. Is it a bad thing? I honestly don't know.

As for whether I am worried about labour – well, dear friends, my first was an induced, 18 hour, no epidural (only other form of pain relievers that I swear won't help whatsoever) natural birth. So, I kind of like to think that I can pretty much handle it...again...well, except if they decide to cut me up and that, I am not prepared for.

The one thing I've learnt (possibly the hard way) is to take things one step at a time. No point fretting over matters that may or may not happen or that I can't control. Questions like how will I cope with 2 kids? Will I need a maid or should I send Ash to her grandma every single day once the babe is born? Or what about food? Do I cook, eat out, cater? yadda yadda yadda...the list is endless...and really, I haven't actually thought of all these until this post.

I don't have all the answers and yeah, I don't know what will happen when the time comes. I will have to simply keep the faith and do what comes naturally. I'll either swim or sink but whatever it is (or may be) I will have to two ways about that!.

p.s : Ever bought anything on sale that you don't need? Well...I just did! O_O

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday flick

Whilst cleaning or rather, attempting to clean out the gazillion files that are in my desktop yesterday, I realised that I hadn't posted many images (since most of them are sitting there un-touched, un-processed and un-resized) of our day trip to Bukit Tinggi a couple of months back.

So, I thought, I might just start with this one :

There wasn't much to explore. Then again, we didn't venture very far out either; wasn't a good idea with aging parents and a new toddler in tow. But, there were plenty to shoot; plenty. I must've taken over 200 images! For someone like me, I can assure you, its a darn feat.

I won't start that an-image-a-day-till-I-finish-my-collection trend here, that'll be completely insane and you'd probably be bored to pieces. I'll post some here and there, when the mood warrants for a photo or 2.

Last but not least, if I don't catch you around these couple of days, you have a great weekend. I'll be back here again sooner than you think considering that there won't be any Vegas vacations for me *smile*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bonus shot : Scrappin' fun

The sun is out and boy, that's a relief!

If you're having loads of stuff in your hands today, do me a favor will ya? Make yourself a cup of coffee (or another), sit back and just savor the moment; cherish it will all your might.

And funnily enough, the stuffs may not be that big a deal after all.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bills, bills and more bills...

You know, the one thing great about being a kid is that you don't have to think about (amongst others) financial commitments. I just spent half a day yesterday sorting through the pile of papers sitting on my study desk. Making sure we didn't miss anything out when we made some payments. And guess what? There are more bills to be paid as I found out last night. Hubby waved his auto insurance premium at me, indicating that more cash is to be spent. Sigh...see what I mean, don't you just wish you were a kid again? I, make that ALL.THE.TIME!!! LOL..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Miss Raggedy-Ann

Perhaps...not exactly but...close.

I got Ash her very first rag doll. I never had one myself as a child and I always felt that every girl or little girl should have least. So, not wanting Ash to miss out on any of her childhood must-haves, I went and got her one from Marks & Spencer last Saturday while at The Gardens.

Raggedy came in 2 sizes; the smaller of the 2, snuggled fittingly into Ash's arms while the larger one was a life-sized doll! So large that it even towers above Ash by half it's head. I thought it looked a little too scary to have.

Ash was taken in by the smaller of the 2 initially; holding on to it as I brought it down from the rack. I wasn't sure then if I wanted to get it; I sort of left it as that and just went about observing Ash. She continued holding on to it until something else distracted her and she flung it down on the floor before running towards...err, whatever that she was after. Several minutes later, hubby brought her to where I was and reminded me that we had to leave since it was getting late. And so, I reacted in such an impromptu manner (not the first time) – I turned to hubby, smiled and said “I'm getting it”. He was like “ sure it's for Ash or do you want it for yourself?”. I responded with a girly giggle “it's for me...”

True to my words or in this case, hubby's : ever since we brought Raggedy home, she has been lying and tossed everywhere else in the house but next or with Ash. She even became my un-likely photography subject when I ran out of things to shoot.

Ah...and so...there lies the fate of our little girl's only rag doll. Will she ever be loved by this rather fickle 20-something month old or is she just merely an object; existing only at her beck and call or to never be acknowledged...ever?

Come a couple of months (or years, depending on how quick Ash warms up to it) to find out; I just hope I remember to update. O_O..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PL & M : The Newly-weds

I don't have permission to publicy publish their images so you'll just have to contend with the one above.

Last weekend, (in fact, it started Friday evening) we attended one of my closest cousin, PL's wedding.

The evening session on Friday was held at my aunt's house. It's the more conservative version of a “Bachelorette party” in view of the fact that there were plenty of senior and junior citizens in attendance. I'm not sure if she had a 'real' one earlier on : God I hope she did! LOL..

It was nice, chatting with my extended families and some of whom I've not seen in years. A great time to catch up if I do say so myself. PL showed us her wedding photos which were compiled in 3 albums! I don't re-call having that many variety in my day. Then again, my day was way way baaaaccckkk then!

The next day, that's when the actual ceremony began. First, they had the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. I am quite sad to say that I missed that. It's some old folks' abstinence for the preggers. Fortunately, I'm kinda superstitious and acceptable to things like these so I stayed home. Actually, we all stayed home and waited till it was time to head out for the church ceremony later in the morning held at St. Paul's Anglican church in PJ.

We missed quite a number of things that morning. One was the Chinese Tea Ceremony as I mentioned and we also missed the bridal procession at church. In fact, we or rather, I missed quite a fair bit of the church ceremony as Ash fell asleep on the way to church and since we didn't intend on waking her, we let her nap in the car with me accompanying her. I only went out every now and then to catch bits and pieces of the event when hubby came out. Oh, he was the de facto photographer that morning. Most images on camera were in fact taken by him.

I must admit, it was indeed a beautiful church wedding. The only qualm I had was when both PL and M were exchanging vows, I felt that the priest was standing a wee bit too close to the couple. I had this sense of eagerness to say this to him “hey man! You've already got the best seat in the house for sure so could you like, move back a know, give them some room...”. Of course, I did no such thing but somehow, that kept playing in my mind even as I left the place after lunch. Oh, we were treated to a scrumptious buffet lunch after the event by the church; that was lovely!

Although, I could tell that the entire affair was extremely exhausting for the young couple. To add to last week's occasion, they are in Ipoh going through another celebration session as I type this. M's family is from Ipoh. And I bet the parents are equally exhausted but overwhelmed with joy at the same time too.

So am I.

PL has always been like a kid sister to me. Especially during the years before my sisters arrived. Three of us (PL's older sister included) were taken care of by our grandmother. Now, to personally witness her growing up, the obstacles she faced, the challenges before's a feeling I can't even comprehend myself or even find the right words for it. I feel an immense joy for her and during the wedding dinner on Sunday, while watching the video of the tea ceremony played for the benefit of those who didn't attend, I started to tear. Not cry buckets but tears started to well. I just felt so so happy for her. And I pray that she together with her new hubby, will have the kind of happiness that they truly deserve.

PL&M, If you are reading this :
Justify Full
“Congratulations once again. May God bless the both of you as you embark on your journey as husband and wife”.


For some reason, I love visiting showhouses. They are often tastefully decorated; except for maybe one or two where I suspect the designer was 'sleeping' or had no idea what he was doing. Other than that, most were wonderfully spruce up. It gives you that I-want-to-jump-into-bed-and-under-the-covers-kind-of-feeling.

I usually visit them to get some decor ideas for my home. I know, why don't I just get a magazine. Let me tell you, it's nothing like actually feeling them. The wood, the table cloth, the chair, the curtains - heavenly! I have been dying to get the exact same bar stools I witnessed at one of the showhouses I went to a couple of weeks back. I sure hope Santa is reading this or hubby -- depending on who ends up getting them for me first *smile*.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Energizer bunny

I don't know why but for some reason, I woke up today with boundless energy even though I went to bed pretty late last night (hormones overload). I did crawl into bed earlier but was tossing and turning; I decided to watch tv downstairs till I dozed off on Ash's mattress lying on the floor.

Since the beginning of last week, I contemplated on getting the tickets to watch Federer (again!) but decided not to. For one thing, it was held in Bukit Jalil instead of Shah Alam like last year. Going into town in the evenings will be suicidal. The logical act would be to take the train but with my current state, I don't exactly relish the idea of wrestling with the folks during after-office traffic. Besides, McEnroe and Borg?? Who are they? I may be old but not that old! Although, James Blake could potentially (highly) be a cuci mata specimen but nah...not worth the couple of hundred bucks.

So, I thought perhaps I could go to KLCC for Federer's meet-the-fans-session-cum-sign-autographs where you're almost guaranteed to have your things autographed as long as you queue up. It would've been the perfect agenda to end my day yesterday. In fact I had a conversation with hubby on Monday about the prospect of me going to KLCC and here is how it (conversation) went :

Me : Eh, you know, Federer having this meet fans and sign autograph thingy for about an hour. But must queue up like see Michael Jackson like that.

Hubby : Then...what you waiting for? Go la.

Me : Eh, how to go worr? Look at to sqeeze in and cut line when can? SOme more, I gotta bring the babes. You think she wanna stand in one place for at least 3 hours meh? Also, me no longer 18-22 la...

Hubby : Hmm..maybe, you can ask them if got special line for preggy woman or not? Like the banks..*laughs*

Me : Eh, you think what? No such thing la...*sulks*

Hubby : Who knows..maybe when they see you, they might just do that specially for you. And you maybe appear on tv ..*shows up pretend sign* Diehard pregnant fan...*laughs again*

Me : sot la...*sulks more*

What supportive hubby I have?? *rolls eyes*. I scraped the idea. The fact is, it's not everyday that you have this opportunity. And apparently, Fed isn't known to do this kind of stuff. Well, maybe if the price is right..who knows. But then again, how much can we pay him that he doesn't already have enough of? I mean, the money factor isn't the largest motivating factor here I believe (or want to believe). So, the reason(s) (for agreeing to do this) must be something else which I hope is a good thing.

So, anywho, I ended up not going and opted to read about everything in the news instead. And as luck would have it, it was a good thing I didn't do the KLCC-thingy as well cos people, crazy people (I mean it as in a nice upbeat manner) were queuing up since 8am! And the line was over 100m long and probably blurred the entry and exit signs It's ok la; I think I've passed that stage where I am so so absolutely high strung about events like these. Who knows, when he retires, I might actually get an autographed something from him just like the Pete Sampras-autographed tennis ball hubby "caught" during last year's exhibition match.

OK, I've rambled on, longer than I should have about nothing-ness. This is what happens when you are sleep deprived. No more Coffee Bean for me. I don't know why I took a cup yesterday; I usually abstain from coffee totally when I am preggers. It's part intentional and part err...can't stand the taste of it.

More later when I come back with regularly scheduled postings.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Early morning rain-drops

It was suppose to start out great today but guess not - it's been raining cats and dogs since the wee hours of the morning. Besides, we were abruptly woken up by Ash crying and refusing to sleep. I had no idea what was bothering the poor lass but when hubby brought her downstairs with her bottle of milk, she calmed down. He then brought her back upstairs to catch her remaining sleep time; so did we actually.

I usually relish the weekends. I don't make a whole lot of plans for it but you know, just the family being together -- it's like there is never enough. I'm not sure what we will be doing today but when hubby gets home, we'd think of something. However, the one thing I know we won't be doing - making any las vegas hotel reservations. Not this year at least, it's a little too late for that.

Till then, here's hoping you and your family will have a great time planning and enjoying your weekend. Have a great one!

Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm always having trouble with titles...

Hmm, if you're in my part of the world, have you noticed that they (Astro) have been screening plenty of sitcoms re-runs lately? There's this Seinfeld and Friends back-to-back in the evenings. Swell isn't it??? I just love them! Don't you? I mean, sitcoms? They are so hilarious and entertaining and funny (hey, isn't that the same thing?) and relaxing; it certainly beats having to sit down and decipher what retail pos systems actually do.

At this stage, I need all the relaxation I can get and muster. I realised I don't talk about my pregnancy as much as some people do. You know, the everyday or every month run down. For starters, I didn't talk about it earlier because like I mentioned, me being superstitious and me finding it difficult to sit in front of the computer for a long period of time. This round of pregnancy, the experience is totally different - I get tired easily and less happy. Possible reasons - I'm older now and at the back of my mind, I'm constantly worrying and stressing about Ash.

Ash gets bored easily. I suppose all kids do, and especially so at her age. And I feel bad for not being able to entertain or play with her as much as I'd like to. It's as though I'm hindering her wanting to explore and discover by not being an active participant, to guide her and to lead her to discover more. Plus, I'm constantly thinking about what happens when the baby is born. What will happen then?

You know what, I think I think too much (oh and this is just one my many thoughts;there are more :-D ). I know many would say that. And I will be asked to stop thinking and just take things one day at a time. Really, I'm trying but I can't help it; I want to be mentally prepared to handle these things when, you know, the time comes. Then again, will there be a time when you are ever prepared...about things like these?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The truth is - there aren't any rabbits! Nor did we bumped into any. It's just that I was staring blankly at my computer screen for 5 minutes just thinking of a title; an appropriate title to this post. Unfortunately, nothing came to mind. I glanced over at one of Ash's flash-cards and there was this picture of a rabbit. So, I just 'borrowed' the word and typed it. ;-) When was my last post? Alright, the weekend was filled with eating resulting in me possibly needing an orovo detox. I kid, I KID! Anyway, on Friday, my mom, sis, Ash and I went to 1U Chilis for dinner. For some funny reason, I had a sudden craving attack for nachos. Half-way through dinner, I realised it was a huge mistake cos Ash wouldn't sit still and she didn't want the high-chair. Each of us had to take turns taking her outside for some entertainment. She was particularly grumpy and irritable that night. Then again, she's been a little grumpy and irritable lately so, I've just gotta wait it out.

Then on Sunday (Sat was rest day), my mom made her to-die-for prawn noodle/mee!. It's so good, there should be a tv show for it. I am serious! Once you've tasted it, you never want to taste another prawn noodle...EVER...:-D. I had, oh, I don't know, I think in total 5 bowls! Not at once, just at 3 hour interval..LOL. But it was good. By the time we reached MIL's place, I almost felt like puking cos I could hardly breathe. And not to mention, the gas! Plus, I couldn't sleep that night cos my stomach was extremely bloated and I think I might have had a minor bout of heartburn. I had that once when I was pregnant with Ash and it was bad. I felt as if my chest was about to explode. So, this time, I told myself "go easy on the food"....But, as usual, I never listen, even to ME. Luckily, it was minor. I must remember : eat less, eat frequent..

Then, on Monday evening (which incidentally was my BIG day!!! *grins*), we all went to Arisu for a dose of Korean BBQ. I am telling you, that place rocks. We had the pork, chicken, beef, Kimchi soup, kimchi pie, steamed egg. And it was as if I had gone to heaven and back again...hehehe...OK, I am exaggerating but it was close. And Dad came along (he's usually not that adventurous). He paid the bill (pai seh). Everyone dug in and finished everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I on the other hand, was trying incredibly hard to stay focus and abstain from chow-ing down too much. It wasn't easy I am telling you. It wasn't easy at all!

So, that was my "Deepavali"; hope you had a fab time feasting too!

Friday, October 24, 2008

What I crave for now as I am typing this...

That, ladies and gents, would have to be 'nasi lemak'. I know, it's funny. And the spicier the better cos I think it's cos of the urge to kick-start the taste-buds in my mouth. Oh it does work; only temporary. After the fire is gone, everything goes back to normal - bland and un-appetizing.

I'm not officially back at home yet. Blogging from my mom's house. Been there since last night. Hubby will be home tomorrow. I hope he is able to get the lens that I've asked for. Otherwise, I would have to wait till next year when MIL gets home. Then again, it's fine cos I haven't been photographing much either. Yeah, another aversion. I don't know, this time, it just feels worst. I don't think I am having the best feeling. Of course, branded MP3 players might just do the trick. But...nah...I doubt it!

The lil person that I feel for the most is Ash. I haven't been goofying around much with her. Come to think of it, I haven't written much about her either. I hope this phase will pass soon. I feel Ash may be a little detached from me since I've not been carrying her much and playing with her. Everytime, she wants me to get my butt moving, I just decline and she gets fed-up of asking and just leaves me alone. Terrible huh! And I've been sending her to MIL's place more these days in the afternoon so I can take my nap (sleep/nap is so elusive at my house).

Hey, you know what, I did tell myself to start a cheerful post. Just look at where is heading towards?! Anyway, before I bore you with more sorry bits about my boring self, I better end here.

You guys have a good weekend. I'll talk to ya next week.

P.S : Oh, before I go, a little rant: The other day, I was at the post-office to get my driver's license renewed. The guy at the counter asked if I wanted to renew it for a year. I said "no, 5 years" while lifting up my palm with 5 fingers wide open so he could have a visual as well in case he hadn't heard me. When all is done, he gave me the license and when I checked, it was only renewed for a year! I really don't know what else to say....I honestly take my hat off to these people. I asked him if he could un-do what he did but ended up giving me all kinds of excuses that made no sense whatsoever. Plus, I really didn't have the time to listen to more nonsense, I just left it as that.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Carol!!!

My baby's sister celebrates her 21st birthday today. She's now officially an 'adult' and can be married off without our parents' consent (hint hint to the one who's been patiently waiting..:-P).

We're not having any big celebration today cos we already had one on Tuesday. And I've already given her her present. So, I'm good...

Apart from that - nothing much's been happening. Except that my absence from the blogosphere was largely due to the fact that I haven't been home for the past couple of days. Ash and I have been a nomad moving from one house to another for sleep-overs. Hubby isn't around so I didn't want to be alone with Ash at home...with my urm..situation.

OK, I think it is time I come clean - yes, you guys are right! I am in the final stages of the 1st trimester. I didn't want to officially say anything at first because firstly, I am highly superstitious (and it isn't this one thing that I'm superstitious about either) and secondly, my pregnancy aversions actually includes going online. It's true, I'm not even joking. Every time, I look at my lappie - I want to throw up. And it gets worst in the evenings and nights. At times, I would even tell my hubby "Don't go online. I might just puke!" It's crazy I tell ya!

Apart from that, I'm doing ok. The only thing that gets me going is shopping. I'm looking for more baby stuff since I've not had the complete infant system for Ash the last time. At that time, I wasn't sure if I actually needed some stuff but realised later that I really do. SO, I'm not taking any chances this time. Of course, there are also somethings that I don't mind having again; just to have that feeling of new-ness like new crib bedding for instance. But I know what hubby would say "Don't waste money". Oh well...I probably won't tell him if that's the case..*wink*...

Alright, I'm off now. No, it's not the aversion but Ash is awake and she wants something...ttyl!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't mind me...

Ooooo...just read online (I can only go online during the day cos by night-time, I'm like a zombie) that our petrol prices have reduced (yet again). But doesn't make much of a difference to me cos firstly, I don't travel far. In fact, on some days, I don't travel at all. Am I so arrogant that the little savings counts to nothing? No, it's not that. If you knew how much I use in a week or a month for that matter, you'd realise that it's not the petrol that saves me money but prices of tangible things.

Ever since the petrol prices sky-rocketed recently, so has my bowl of noddle at a nearby kopitiam. What used to costs RM3.50, now it's RM4.00. Worst is, even if the petrol prices were and will be reduced in the last month or so, the cost of my bowl of noodle won't! So will the new transportation charges the newspaper-man levied on my FIL last month (they still prefer the old fashion way of reading the newspaper. Frankly, so do I).

I just find it so redundant with the reduction now. It's not as if I can now suddenly afford those fancy Sector watches with the savings.

To quote my MIL on her conversation with the market lady:

"When you increase your price, you say it's petrol. Now, petrol price drop, you pretend to be dumb and ignorant la".

P.S : Oh yes, don't mess with MIL when she's at the market ok...

P.S.S : Notice there are no photos today? I'm just not up to it; just too lazy to switch the other computer on and upload bla bla bla...long story. Besides, my hormones has gone a little haywire lately -- hence, the tone of this post. So, don't mind me...while I let some of it off...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Many many thoughts...

Ash thought this baby looked like someone she'd like to get to know

Firstly – there are endless Christmas presents to buy. I could ignore them since even if I'd bought them, I would not be the one delivering to the recipients and seeing their faces (hopefully in glee) light up when they finished unwrapping them. Yeah, I am funny like that – the joy (for me) is seeing happy and surprised faces more than shopping for the gifts itself. I thought about it and since sending Christmas Cards or Holiday cards is so impersonal, I decided to get the gifts in any case even if we are not there sharing the gift-giving and gift-receiving season.

OK now--what on earth am I talking about here? Well, that, incidentally, brings me to “secondly”. You see, I'm not sure if you remember me talking about getting flight tickets for our year-end trip. I believe it was a short one and offered no explanation whatsoever. My apologies; explanation coming right here – we were supposed to spend Christmas in sunny Australia (it would be sunny by the time we went there). Hubby was able to secure a one month long vacation leave and we thought it appropriate to spend the holidays with the rest of his family in Aust.

We were particularly excited about this trip simply because this will be the first time, in a LONG time, the ENTIRE family gets together and just be a family. His family is kind of split up in that we and his parents are here while his siblings are over there. There was never a right time for everyone to be at one place because of work commitments. And so, we thought this would be it taking into consideration that Christmas is a time where in Aust, people are on long vacation so there will be no need to inconvenience anyone into taking unscheduled leaves to accommodate us. Sounds like a plan doesn't it? That's what we thought too until...

Due to some recent developments, which unfortunately I can only blog about a little later (sorry again!), we had to cancel our flights. Luckily there were some change in the dates and we hadn't paid for it at the time when we canceled. But, my in laws will continue with the original plan of going and to my envy – will get a taste of the infamous turkey that my BIL makes and raves about every year!

Oh how I was really looking forward to this trip. I had plans of what we would be doing; like camping for instance. I know, the summer heat and insects but unless you've done it like I have, it's actually very fun. Not forgetting the After-Christmas sale. It's not the States but for what I intend to look for, it's enough. Ah..just thinking about it makes me a little sad. But, the cancellation is due to a very good reason, so, I shouldn't beat myself up anymore. Besides, I will get my therapy from shopping for pressies for my MIL to bring over..:-D

So, other than that, I'm feeling better. Not entirely but better. I went for my monthly quick fix yesterday; my feet feels great after a soothing massage and pedi. I've gotta say that I am quite lucky in that I get to indulge in some kind of comfort every month – my facial and pedi. To just take away the routine and all. And they don't costs a lot either cos I don't go to swanky upmarket over-the-top beauty centres to have my face and nails done up. In fact, in total, my facial and pedi combined doesn't even cost more than RM150. I would think that is a steal for some sort of pampering, no?

We have got quite a bit going on this weekend and next. The Raya feasting is far from over for one thing. Plus, full-moon and birthday celebrations. So, am bracing myself for a busy weekend and not the usual sedated ones I have been having lately. Really, with my mood and condition – sometimes, even eating can be a problem.

Oh dear, I didn't realise what a long and winding post this has become. Hope you didn't fall asleep at mid-point...heheheh...I'll stop here, more later!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rare occasion

This morning is one of those rare occasion where we are (or rather, I am) awake before Ash. She's been so exhausted from yesterday's activities that even until now, as I am typing this, she's still asleep! I'll let her sleep in a little before checking on her.

I haven't much planned for today except maybe, get some new furniture; like a proper chest drawer for Ash. I have been using this plastic-container type drawer for her clothes since she was born. Initially, they were meant for her toys and other non-clothing type of things but since we had another bigger box for her toys, I decided to use it for her clothes before getting her a proper one. I figured, since her clothes were tiny, they didn't require much space so I left it as that. But, as you would've guessed by now that I procrastinated..for too long and now, the drawer is over-flowing and I seriously need to get her a proper (and bigger) chest drawer.

Plus, I've also had my eye on this really comfortable one seater which I am hoping that with a little coaxing, hubby will get it for me..LOL..Oh, and I also want those ultra expensive, wallet breaking and chic- looking kitchen faucets for my "wet" and "dry" kitchen. But I think, I shouldn't push my luck that far if ya' know what I mean! ;-)

Alrighty, I'll get a pic up for you when I get my couch; in the meantime, you have a Sunday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thoughts from a mind that is a little clearer today

I haven't been myself lately. I bet you've noticed that too! It will pass soon enough..I hope.

Oh, before I forget; let me give thanks to the wonderful people who commented and wished me on my 7th Anniversary. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And as to the present - I'll post about it soon.

We didn't do anything in particular that day. We're sort of past that "celebration mode" many years ago so it has been a pretty much ordinary day for us since then. In fact, hubby even forgot about it when I told him about it. Years ago, I would've beaned him if he forgets important dates but you know, after a while, these things become less and less important. Another significant sign of old-age I guess..:-) must be wondering (if you are) why it took us so long to have kids. We've been asked that question, I think, a gazillion times. Most people wondered if we were having some kind of infertility problem. Thankfully, that wasn't the case and the reason was a simple one really; we just weren't ready to be parents. Being responsible for someone's life was huge..too huge for us even though we weren't 19 or 20 when we got married. We were 26. But still, that fear just put us off having kids for a while. That's it really.

As to how many kids we want to have -- it's still an ongoing debate because for me, 1 or 2 would be more than enough whereas the great hubby wants a football team! Go figure who wins at the end of this round!

Uh-uh..I'm late. I need to get Ashley's lunch cooked and get ready cos we are going out for our Raya lunch. I, for one, do not intend to miss out on ANY of the yummy appetizers!

Talk to you soon.. And if you're celebrating - Selamat Hari Raya!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Happy 7th Anniversary dear!

Love ya lots...

p.s : Now...can I have my present?? *snigger*

Friday, September 26, 2008

Going places

Out in the sun drying after stepping into a puddle

A while back, Barb of Little Chumsy's Blog, tagged me with a shoe tag. The tag requires me to state my shoe size and my favorite pair.

Well, I actually have had quite a few but lately and possibly, ever since I stopped working - heels are definitely out! I prefer low heels or better yet, flat. It's alot easier on the feet when you have to carry a 10kg baby!

Lately, I've developed a fond-ness for the pair in the above photo. I have a couple of other casual flip-flops cos they are simply the "easier" shoes. But, I love this particular pair cos they are so comfortable. And, they make great vacation shoes; perfect for the sun, the sand and the cruises and once, I even slipped them on by accident whilst rushing out the door to a dinner function. Thankfully, hubby saved the day by laughing at me in the car. Well, I suppose it's "lucky" me!

Ok you guys, have fun trotting around town with your favourite pair this weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movie weekend

We watched 2 silly movies over the weekend - an Isreali "kou sau" with a inner desire to make people's hair "silky smooth" and a rock star who looks the part of a rock star on and off screen but in reality, he's really just a comedian. A very funny one too. I think I'm in love..LOL

I haven't been up to anything lately. No, I'm not on some crash diet or religiously swallowing diet pills. I'm just...not on. are probably sick of me whining cos frankly, I am too. So, lets make this post less morbid, shall we? Just for laughs, I'll share with you a clip of Russell Brand appearing on Craig Ferguson :

Friday, September 19, 2008

Eggy love

A typical Sunday morning would be - me, in the kitchen and the other 2, in the living-room; either playing with Ash's toys, watching Barney (the purple thing is pretty popular I believe) or Ash watching Daddy work his playstation 3. It can be pretty intense..LOL

So, last Sunday morning was no different. And, I wanted to make us some French toasts. I took out some eggs from the refrigerator, cracked open one of em' and the photo above was what I got. Now you know, I am no expert at egg cracking.

Well, but I thought it was kinda cool how it shaped itself into a 'heart' because frankly, I had nothing to do with it. Even if I did, I did it unconsciously. Before I destroyed my work *ahem* of art by dousing it with milk and ferociously whisking it, I thought I should take a picture for all to see.

Anyhow, until I find another interesting photo to share with you, here's wishing you a happy 'eggy love' weekend. May you have great fun with your loved ones!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's cookin'?

My favorite print on our kitchen wall..

I'm not a good cook; there, I said it! In fact, I can hardly be labeled a “cook”. However, if you consider whipping up simple stir-fries and occasional steaming – cooking, ok then, I'll gladly accept :-)

I don't know, the worst is I can't cook when I am unhappy or simply not-into-it. I have to be in that right mood for me to stay in the kitchen longer than usual. And, I can't do the everyday cooking thing either. So, God help me when Ash is ready for her full-fledged adult meals! I guess I'm not exactly a “model” mom.

Today, however, the “mood” caught up with me. Plus, I would have to say that, hubby was home early too. I can't help it but it feels sort of cosmic; as if he knew I was in my "funky cooking mood" and decided to leave work early. In addition, the mystical connection didn't end there either; we both said we wanted seafood -- simultaneously! More specifically – oysters! By then, my brains were already ticking with our dinner menu.

As soon as he reached home, huffing and puffing, we went looking for oysters but couldn't find any at the store nearby. Strangely, we did find clams and scallops. Well..clams and scallops will have to do since we were running out of time.

So, in the end and after 2 hours of quality time behind the stove (with plenty to spare if you want to squeeze in Boston resumes), our dinner comprised of the following :

  1. rice (staple - can't do without em')

  2. chili sauteed clams

  3. steamed scallops with chopped garlic and ginger

  4. stir-fry vege

  5. potato and fish cake – something all 3 of us could enjoy

I must confess that presentation wise - terrible. We were so hungry, we would've eaten them straight from the wok! LOL...Although our dinner wasn't what you might call a 'gourmet' meal but was good enough.

Finally, if you don't mind sharing with me; what did you have for dinner?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Now and Then

Hey guys, I'm sorry for the delay in posting but...I'm back!

We had been busy puttering around the house as well as paying particularly close attention to Ash since she received her booster jab on Friday. This, incidentally, is her last until she goes to Std1 (1st grade). Frankly, I am more than relieved because that effectively means 'no more mandatory visits to the paed' *knock on wood*. Which brings me to this; the paed has Plantar Fasciitis - painful foot condition in the heel and arch area.

"Huh? Is that it?" say. Well, the thing is, Ash's paed has been the hospital-assigned paed at the time when she was born and frankly, I was never really keen on taking Ash to the hospital each time but, we still did. Thankfully though, *knock on wood again*, Ash has really only seen her for all the scheduled vaccination save for minor sniffles that one time; which is why we didn't bother changing and given that the current one has all her medical records..Now that Ash has done her last, we probably might change later when the need arises but at the moment, we are fine with the one we visit.

I am happy to state that apart from the slight reaction to the jab (fever), she was strong throughout the process; wincing only a little. However, I can't say the same about her mood; she was most irritable the whole of Saturday. But, luckily for us, she slept early that night after our weekly shopping and dinner.

Apart from that, I've come to realise...about year ago, when I posted this, Ash was just a tiny little 4 month old, learning to turn over. It took her a few tries but once she got the hang of it, she was on a roll!!

Now, fast forward many months, she's an inquisitive toddler who happens to love curtains. Strangely, she's taken a real fancy to the drapes and I am not entirely sure what the attraction is though. I'm thinking, it's either they look pretty ; which I doubt. Or, they are simply the perfect hiding place! Well, at least, that's what I think she thinks; know what I mean?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Upside Down

I'm feeling pretty beat today.

So, I'm going to bed early tonight.

Before I do that, I thought I'd share with you this photo which taken shortly after Ash's bath on Monday. She was tickled and kissed to death before being rendered the above position. The person responsible - the ever doting Daddy. And, she didn't seem to mind, not one bit!

Alright, I'm to you soon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Giving Thanks!

This photo was taken at the Japanese Garden in Bkt Tinggi

Today, I'd like to give my sincere thanks to the friends who have given me awards recently. I must apologize for the delay in acknowledging this. Please know however that I do appreciate your kind thoughts and I truly am grateful for your friendship. So, without further ado, I'd like to thank Tina, Super Mae and Dominique : you gals rock!

Also, if any of you gals are thinking of what to do for summer next year, try Orlando vacations. Heard it's fun! And, you are always welcomed to bring me along *wink*...LOL

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Hi dear friends!

I can't believe that my weekend is over. And, while it is true that that shouldn't make much of a difference since I am 'off' on a daily basis anyway but, let me tell you -- it does (make a difference)! When hubby is around and I can sleep in a little..heheheh...:-)

You might remember me telling you about my looking forward to the holidays but not so much at the same time because of the horridly erratic weather we've been having. Well, all of it came true...until this morning..

I woke up to the sun's greeting instead of a horrible storm which was such a wonderful welcome. I was elated naturally. So, I happily woke the 'half-dead' hubby and told him that we needed to do "something" since today was the last day of his holiday. But, to my disappointment, he mumbled about having an overseas conference call in the morning.

Alright, so that pretty much ruined everything. However, knowing me, I will not be upset by a mere 'conference call' : I told him that we could spend the morning at our neighborhood play-ground instead. Also. to save time, we would drive instead of walking like we normally do. He reluctantly agreed and got up. We quickly had breakfast, changed and out the door faster than you can say "GO!".

And, so we spent a good hour hanging around. I know, it wasn't what I had in mind but under the circumstances, it was the best we could do. I took some photos too since, after all, I am in charge of capturing Ash's childhood on digital. As usual, here are some of my favorites that I'd like to share with you :

I think I've gone on enough about us. How was your weekend holiday? I certainly do hope that you had loads of fun as well!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Malaysia

this shot was taken by the hubby..

On Sunday, we celebrate our nation's 51st Independence Day. Yes, we are in fact that young.

The hype and the impending celebration this year feels a little subdued - we all know why. For our family, regardless of the current state of affairs, our hearts remain here, our birthplace. We are proud to be Malaysians nevertheless. Our only hope is that our nation remains strong to face any adversities that may come our way.

Since this is a long weekend holiday, like I mentioned, we'd probably take advantage of it by doing something fun together. God willing and if the weather permits; because we've had crappy weather all week. From the looks of it, I am really not thoroughly optimistic to say the least.

However, should all things go as planned, I'll have some nice photos for you next week. So, in the meantime, you take care now..Enjoy yourselves, be nice and most of all, be kind!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


You can't see it from here but there was in fact a little yellow butterfly fluttering around outside our living-room window. It landed just on the window grill at where Ash was standing and the only thing that stood between the both of them was the glass door. I have not been opening the glass door for a while now due to the pesky mozzies.

The butterfly caught Ash's attention and all she did for a good 5 minutes was stand there, watching the light-winged creature. She saw it wriggle a little, seemingly unsettled as if the spot wasn't as comfortable as it thought. As soon as Ash tried to make a gesture, like poking the glass, the butterfly flew away into the leaves and soon, away from our premises.

From that moment, an idea hit me like a bolt of lightning - I probably will utilize this long weekend holiday to introduce Ash to more butterflies. Would be great, wouldn't it? :-)

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