Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Energizer bunny

I don't know why but for some reason, I woke up today with boundless energy even though I went to bed pretty late last night (hormones overload). I did crawl into bed earlier but was tossing and turning; I decided to watch tv downstairs till I dozed off on Ash's mattress lying on the floor.

Since the beginning of last week, I contemplated on getting the tickets to watch Federer (again!) but decided not to. For one thing, it was held in Bukit Jalil instead of Shah Alam like last year. Going into town in the evenings will be suicidal. The logical act would be to take the train but with my current state, I don't exactly relish the idea of wrestling with the folks during after-office traffic. Besides, McEnroe and Borg?? Who are they? I may be old but not that old! Although, James Blake could potentially (highly) be a cuci mata specimen but nah...not worth the couple of hundred bucks.

So, I thought perhaps I could go to KLCC for Federer's meet-the-fans-session-cum-sign-autographs where you're almost guaranteed to have your things autographed as long as you queue up. It would've been the perfect agenda to end my day yesterday. In fact I had a conversation with hubby on Monday about the prospect of me going to KLCC and here is how it (conversation) went :

Me : Eh, you know, Federer having this meet fans and sign autograph thingy for about an hour. But must queue up like see Michael Jackson like that.

Hubby : Then...what you waiting for? Go la.

Me : Eh, how to go worr? Look at to sqeeze in and cut line when can? SOme more, I gotta bring the babes. You think she wanna stand in one place for at least 3 hours meh? Also, me no longer 18-22 la...

Hubby : Hmm..maybe, you can ask them if got special line for preggy woman or not? Like the banks..*laughs*

Me : Eh, you think what? No such thing la...*sulks*

Hubby : Who knows..maybe when they see you, they might just do that specially for you. And you maybe appear on tv ..*shows up pretend sign* Diehard pregnant fan...*laughs again*

Me : sot la...*sulks more*

What supportive hubby I have?? *rolls eyes*. I scraped the idea. The fact is, it's not everyday that you have this opportunity. And apparently, Fed isn't known to do this kind of stuff. Well, maybe if the price is right..who knows. But then again, how much can we pay him that he doesn't already have enough of? I mean, the money factor isn't the largest motivating factor here I believe (or want to believe). So, the reason(s) (for agreeing to do this) must be something else which I hope is a good thing.

So, anywho, I ended up not going and opted to read about everything in the news instead. And as luck would have it, it was a good thing I didn't do the KLCC-thingy as well cos people, crazy people (I mean it as in a nice upbeat manner) were queuing up since 8am! And the line was over 100m long and probably blurred the entry and exit signs It's ok la; I think I've passed that stage where I am so so absolutely high strung about events like these. Who knows, when he retires, I might actually get an autographed something from him just like the Pete Sampras-autographed tennis ball hubby "caught" during last year's exhibition match.

OK, I've rambled on, longer than I should have about nothing-ness. This is what happens when you are sleep deprived. No more Coffee Bean for me. I don't know why I took a cup yesterday; I usually abstain from coffee totally when I am preggers. It's part intentional and part err...can't stand the taste of it.

More later when I come back with regularly scheduled postings.


sting said...

hehe... you do seem to have an interesting pregnancy this round ya :-) and your hubby is very supportive *wink*

Tammy said...'re hubby's funny. :o)

mott said...

Don't worry... there'll be a new tennis champ...and by that time, your kids will be all grown up..and you'll have all the time in the world to queue. Who knows...they might even have a senior citizen line...HEH!...

btw..i still owe u an email. Don't know why I had the idea that I already wrote it! Geez! Who's growing old now?

ryeli said...

hey, congrats! sorry, i must have missed some of your posts earlier if u have mentioned about being preggy.

congrats again!

Sandra Carvalho said...

OMG!You're preg???
Geez!I was feeling bad cause like I've mentioned it I've been missing hopping over here...Now I even feel worst!...
Sorry hon...I'm such a dork!...
How many weeks are you?
xoxoxo*big kiss*

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