Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the conversation

I don't remember alot of things lately. I'm especially forgetful like an old woman. But, I do remember specific things like having extreme stomach ache in Penang when I was 6, and damn it, I had to pose for a picture. So, can you imagine, me sitting on the rocks somewhere and having to balance looking all cringed up because I was ready to explode any minute while smiling as if I was having the best time in the world.

Or, blow by blow account of my birth story, what was going on in my head as well as what was happening to me.

And not to mention my hubby's look each time (only twice by the way) I told him I was pregnant after secretly urm..diagnosing the pregnancy myself. So, anyway this is how it went :

Me : I'm pregnant (with Ash)
Hubby : Oh really (with delight in his face) hhug!!

Me : I'm pregnant (with Em)
Hubby : Oh..(like someone told him his dog died)..but group hug was given

Me : So, do you still want a 3rd baby?
Hubby : more...mou kao siew...


ps : no photos. I haven't the slightest idea what happened to good ol' blogger these couple of days. I am not sure if it's just me or it's a universal problem. I haven't been able to upload photos. Neither have I been able to see nor publish comments. I can only view them on my gmail. Arrrggghhh...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

my little helper

Since I don't have a maid, everyone in the house needs to chip in (read : everyone else does the work while momsie sit back and relax).

Also, it doesn't matter how old you are or if you're tall enough, everyone works.

The only one who gets to escape (for now) is miz em. In 2 years, she'll have to chip in as well.

So anyway, in this photo, Ash is helping me to wash up. She's washing (or attempting to) Em's bottle. This event took place last Thursday when she was with me the whole day. After lunch and after washing her hands, she took the liberty of rinsing Em's bottle which was lying on the dish rack because, it was the only thing she could reach. Of course, serious washing only lasted about oh, 2 seconds. After which, 'playing with water' ensued and that lasted for more than 5 minutes. It would've lasted longer had I pry her away from the sink.

Note to self : remember to supply workers with work gloves.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

lil miz boz

Here is a recent photo of Em sitting on her grandpa's lap. He is her favourite. That's only because he carries her all the time...ALL.THE.TIME.

Which brings me to this - how do I do it with 2 kids?

The answer is pretty simple really...I don't. Half of the time, Ash is with her paternal grandparents. I did say how difficult miss em is (much like doing colon cleanse reviews). She really is. She won't sit still and wants to be carried all the time. As such, there is no way in PJ that I can handle 2 kids alone without help.

Yes, I have a sling, a really pretty one I bought from Chin Nee but I hardly use it. Not because it's not nice or anything of that sort, it's because Em wants to be carried upright facing forward. So, the sling is...well, in the closet.

I'm not sure what it is. But this is the only way miz boz will calm down. It's the only method of soothing her. I try not to indulge her too much though but it's hard, she'll bring the house down. I'm serious. The neighbours (the real ones...not on FT) are saying something about it too.

So, there, I can't do it alone. I really need someone to hold my hands. We're thinking about the possibility of a maid. But, the cost factor, the stranger in the house, the I-can't-walk-naked-anymore fear. It's not as easy as 1-2-3. We'll see how it goes.

Oh, and Choong asked me how do I handle jealousy among siblings. Ok, now this is something I want to know as well. Because, fortunately as of now, it's not happening yet in this house. Luckily for us, Ash is pretty good with her sis. So, I'm hoping it'll be this way for a long time to come but you know kids, things changes rather quickly with them.

Ok, gotta stop here. Ash needs to go to bed. Talk to ya later.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a quick one

I am really tired today even though, today was considered a good day in that I shouldn't be tired but I am. Mentally and physically. And, I haven't even begun my weight loss programme.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to those who have followed me on Twitter. I must apologise because I don't twitter no more. I did sign up last year and I found it hard to follow so I stopped. I think I only twit twice. After that, I left it alone. Also, I wanted to delete or remove my account but I forgot my login user and my password *duh*.

So, anyway, I just thought I'd let you know here. Because I should be following you guys back but I can't cos i don't use it anymore. You can remove me from your list or whatever. Thanks though and sorry I won't be reciprocating.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Little monster inc here is now oh..a rough 4 and a half months. I haven't been keeping tabs on her her developments and er..her in general as much as I had on Ash. I've just been plain lazy. However, what I do know is that, this girl, she's one tough cookie. Would you believe it if I tell you that I'm almost at my pre-pregnancy self? And it's taken me less than 6 months to do it. Plus, I did it without the help of crazy diet pills.

You'd probably figure out by now that 1 - taking care of em is no monkey business. 2 - taking care of 2 kids is no monkey business. 3 - I am totally tired out at the end of the day.

Honestly, I don't know how people handle 3, 4, 5 or 20 kids... One thing's for sure, if it were me, I'd raise the white flag and get the hell out of there!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the eyes

one of Ash's favourite things (apart from her torchlight...don't ask me why, how or simply is) is her sunnies. Or, should I say, anyone's sunnies...especially, her aunt's.

She'll wear them, parade around, laugh and then, you'll never see them again. At least until I bring it back for you without her knowledge. I don't know where she gets the fashionista genes from because I can tell you, it won't come from me. And, I seriously doubt it's coming from hubby. Maybe, the genes skipped a generation. Really, really me, this strange phenomenon is like me, trying to figure out what you can get from a disability appeal. And, the best part is, I don't think I'll ever figure it out at all.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

stuffs that are in her bag..

you have no idea..O_O

Friday, September 4, 2009

good news..bad news

very co-operative the girl that night...rarely happens

My little girl, Ash. She did something very very interesting today. She, the girl who can barely string a sentence coherently told me that she had tummy ache. She lifted up her shirt and rubbed her tummy saying "tou thung".

Wow! I am sure, if we are wired in a way that we can smell too, you'd be able to smell my excitement. It's as though I had won a million bucks in ToTo.

You might be wondering "So...what?"...Dude, it's no secret that I'm the laziest mom on earth. I don't cook, I don't do ironing, I can't even take care of 2 kids (but I farm...???). And, my girl will turn 3 next March and she's still on full-time diapers. It's costing a lot of $$ for us but you know, I just..I am just to lazy. I am afraid of spills, the fact that I have to clean up, stuff like that. I don't even want to think.

The strange thing is, I did try...once, to get her to sit on the big people's seat. But she got scared and refused to plant her bum on it even though I was holding her the whole time. So, I didn't want to force her after that. I just let her be.

So, anyway, the fact that she wants to urm, do her business a reason enough for me to celebrate like it's Christmas! I led her to the bathroom, took out her diapers and carried her onto the toilet seat. Of course, I had to continue holding on to her..else she's fall right

The other surprising thing was, she didn't protest. She allowed me to do all that. And she was ok. Well, that's the good news.

The bad news is, she didn't do anything. Nope, she just sat pee, no poo..NOTHING. We err..sat there for about 10 minutes, and finally, she said she wanted to shower instead.

What a let-down; on my part that is. I thought I was going to witness what most people have witnessed already : a big show down the toilet. But I didn't. I honestly thought this was it you know. This was the moment. The end of wiping down smelly and disgusting poo right in front of me.

I probably will have to do more now. I probably will need to start asking her to go to the bathroom everyday now. Or something which I dread - off with the diapers. Not an easy to task to accomplish but I think it's time.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

another header change

The night before, for some reason, as I was lying in bed, I needed to come up with a new header. I'm not sure, but it looks like this changing-thing'll be a periodic thing. Of course, that and provided I have the urge to do so.

Ok, so about the header. It's cropped from a self-portrait I did while the Monster (ok, this will be the last I call her that) was asleep. If you want to view the entire photo, it's on flickr.

You know, actually, this was not the photo I had in mind to upload initially. Nope. It was one rose picture or something like that. But it looked weird and so, I went flipping around for another photo until I came across this one. Not the best but I don't know, I kind of like the mood.

Anyway, let me know...whaddya think? Like it? :-D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the wriggly bunch

Bloggers are very fond of taking photos because they make postings alot more interesting and attractive. And, when you're a mommy blogger like err...yours truly, you take loads and loads of your kids pics.

Again, like yours truly.

Then, you find that your kids don't like taking photos. But, you still snap away regardless. And it gets bad when they move about, laugh...and worst, when you start laughing. No matter what camera you use or the kind of lenses that supposedly helps to stabilise your shaking hands, you'd still get blurry pics. But, maybe a higher end single reflex-lens camera might solve the puzzle, I won't know, I don't own one. Still, it's so difficult capturing the kids in their moment.

This is exactly what happened to the photo above. Yes, the kids were laughing cos I made them laugh. They were wriggly as a result. And I was laughing as well. So in the end, the photo came out extremely blurry. I still love it though.
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