Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the wriggly bunch

Bloggers are very fond of taking photos because they make postings alot more interesting and attractive. And, when you're a mommy blogger like err...yours truly, you take loads and loads of your kids pics.

Again, like yours truly.

Then, you find that your kids don't like taking photos. But, you still snap away regardless. And it gets bad when they move about, laugh...and worst, when you start laughing. No matter what camera you use or the kind of lenses that supposedly helps to stabilise your shaking hands, you'd still get blurry pics. But, maybe a higher end single reflex-lens camera might solve the puzzle, I won't know, I don't own one. Still, it's so difficult capturing the kids in their moment.

This is exactly what happened to the photo above. Yes, the kids were laughing cos I made them laugh. They were wriggly as a result. And I was laughing as well. So in the end, the photo came out extremely blurry. I still love it though.


Ann said...

Awww....sweet. Blur or not, laughing kids are a sight to behold!!

mommy to chumsy said...

ahh..very nice photo :D

wen said...

doesnt matter blur or not, as long as u get to capture that moment and get to remember for the rest of ur life, so its worth it!

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