Saturday, August 29, 2009

being happy, being grateful

Today, we had the most exhausting day. We were out of the house early, dropped Em with my mom and we just took off..the 3 of us. By the end of the day, we were knackered. I still am to be completely honest.

If you're wondering what we did the whole of today - we went shopping. Not your everyday, ordinary shopping at the malls but shopping for plants, pots, potted plants, furniture. "Shopping" that more often than not isn't very appealing to kids; especially to 2yo toddlers.

But, as I've mentioned before, Ash has changed so much. And, she's still changing. Actually, the precise words we used were that she's grown-up alot. Sometimes, I feel she's like she's like an adult. At times, even adults don't behave like she does.

She was great today. We dragged her all over town, missing her naps while we were doing all the err...dragging. Even when we had our lunch, she ate by herself, not messing too much of her shirt. Not demanding for attention even when we gave her none. I mean, she was as enthusiastic as we were when we saw a couch we liked or a table we fell in love with. Watched attentively when we were at our friend's shop. Waited patiently for us while we finished haggling prices.

Frankly, she's always been like this - being a co-operative kid. Yes, she does have her moods. I mean, she's still a kid whatever it is. But, usually, when it comes to the crunch, when we really needto rely on her to be good, she gets the job done. Like today.

Yes, I am proud, I am happy. Sometimes, when I feel this way, I wish I can tell her how much her good behavior means to me. And how if I can make her understand how thankful I am and how much I appreciate her for that, I an instant.

Also, while at the nursery today, I had a good workout. Chasing a toddler who runs faster than you, beats any diet regime or even downing weight loss pills. Really, this is something I have to thank her for :-D.

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wen said...

tagging along a 2 yr old child for such shopping is very tiring. hope u bought what u wanted!

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