Saturday, June 23, 2012

Extended holiday

I feel like I've been on an extended holiday with the girls. It's been 4 weeks of no school for Ash. For most kids, that's like being in the North Pole with Santa and the gifting elves. Oh, she will like that. She's been talking about Christmas all day long yesterday and how long more do we have before it's Christmas. If she could have her way, it should be Christmas everyday.

The girls are ok being at home. When the have school, they'll want to be home. But, when they're home for an extended period of time, they get a little antsy. OK, alot antsy! I suppose it doesn't help that we're not allowed to go venture elsewhere either. Well, not that we are an adventurous lot, but going out even to the shops nearby is satisfactory enough for them.

Anyway, since I've been home, no one knows I am home except for family members and friends whom I moan to. But, other than that, am super glad my insurer doesn't know. Because he just called hubby and told him about this excellent new plan they've come up with and he'd like to share with us. I am so not in the mood to listen to term insurance quotes right now. I might just fall asleep. hubby said to use him to our advantage : get him to babysit our kids and then we'll listen to his jabberings. Hmm...I might just do that. I won't tell him we have the pox and I can go for a 2-hour massage. Win-win?! **evils**

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You can run, but you can't hide..

The day I dread has arrived. Mini got the chicken pox.

She escaped HFMD but couldn't quite run away from the chicken. It had to happen sooner or later. I was only hoping against hope but it didn't do me any good. Fortunately, I got Mini vaccinated immediately after we discovered it on Ash. So, hopefully, it won't be a full-blown thing on Mini unlike Ash.

Speaking of Ash, she's at the tail-end of this dreaded thing. All blisters have popped and she is all cleared to go back to school on Monday. I took her to the dr yesterday to just see if she could go back to school sooner because they're having a school trip coming up this week. The teachers prepped the kids before the holidays so Ash knew about the trip. And she was all excited about it. I was all ready to let her go too know what happened. 

So, anyway, to cut the long story short - she will have to skip it this time. She was pretty disappointed but, I did my best. The teacher even held on booking the ticket for her till after we got the doctor's clearance. As it is, she's totally bored at home. Exhausted all her toys. Of course, I will not just go and buy her or them more toys la. Siow! I will just bring them to people's house to play with other people's toys. **evil**. Easier on the pocket and I get my ME time. Win-win I say. 

Oh..where was I? she has to skip school, totally miss out on a potentially exciting field trip...Yadda...yadda...but, all will come to an end by this week. I think I am more excited at the prospect of her going back to school. I would have liked Mini to do the same but as it is, she skipped school today and depending on the outbreak, I will be home bound for another 2 weeks! *kicking legs and thumping hands* Life's not fair!! 

OK, now that I have the 3 year-old out of my system, time to make dinner. Cherio!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

3 weeks...1 more week to go

I don't know about you but having kids at home 24/7 for so long is tough. I can't have them separated, I can't get them to sleep, I can't do anything. It's literally impossible to fully function when you have to be referee constantly or answer their never ending questions about the universe. I really don't know why Snow-White's hair is black and not blonde (yellow). I really don't. And honestly, I don't really care. Maybe she needed her own identity. Or maybe her mom decided "enough with them blondies, you're gonna be black"..I haven't a clue.

Anyway, these are the things I have to deal with. Clearly, having the pox has not affected them too much. As much as I'd like to isolate the 2, it's not possible. I sent Mini to MIL's for 2 days and she was homesick. Ash kept asking what she was up to and how she was and when she's coming back. So I said "stuff it! If Mini's gonna get it, she's gonna get it..No 2 ways about it".

So far, there's been nothing on Mini (*touch wood*). At least she's gone to school as scheduled. Ash on the other hand has missed school for 3 weeks now and will come a full circle next week. I wonder if she remembers her ABC. Opps...have I been too lazy to do any work with her? Well, yeah, I kinda have been. My friend said "haih...anak sakit, kita sibuk". My reply was "yeah...sibuk tengok TV"...then we burst out laughing. Seriously, what do you expect me to do? It's tough as it is being stuck at home. Going to grandma's house feels like vacation for them LOL...

Yeah we have plenty of quiet moments....on the royal dung throne. That's my secret hide-out. I will take whatever extra minute I can get - even if it's just sitting. At least I can concentrate, gather my train of thoughts and sent them on their rightful path. It's there that I think of things to do; things like on my next visit to the hospital, I am going to go up to my ObGyn and attempt to poke fun : "wah...dr...kam hou sang yi ah kam leen?" (so good business ah this year?). And then, smile to myself thinking of what he might say, what his reaction'll be. Oh, if you don't know, my gynea is a no nonsense fella. He's like Chairman Mao of Malaysia. He might call security on me. ekkk..

Or, I could read my camera how-to manual. It's an ongoing process since yonks ago. I could think about what I wanna do when the kids turn 21, when I get my life back. A professional photographer perhaps? A photographer with photographer liability insurance. See? Lots of things can flow through your mind for that millisecond you're in there. 

I will emerge from my rabbit hole of course. It's not forever. But, it's nice to have that little reprieve albeit in a very strange place to have it. Being a mom, you'd just take anything. You'll end up eating anything and doing everything. So..hooray for mommies out there..Even father's day is your day..heheh :-). 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here we go again..

I am not which is worse : getting chicken pox during the school holidays or as school starts? It totally sucks either way.

Ash, for some reason, got the pox just last weekend; the weekend before starting school. She'll be out for at least 2 weeks. It's a bummer really because she's totally bummed out staying home. As it is, we totally didn't do anything during the second week of the holidays except to a friend's place for a swim. Even then, it is not as though we did anything significant during the first week either.

Our school holidays for the past 2 weeks have been extremely subdued. The only major event was hopping by Pavilion to watch the Penguin show on a Saturday. That was it. No traveling, no adventure-type outing, zilch. So where and how did she get it? I was told not to ponder, wonder..because, we all have to get it at least once in our lifetime. So, ok, I shall stop the wondering process this instant.

After the bout of HFMD tragedy, I'm just taking it easy. Well, 'easy' as in after the initial shock that is because apart from the spotty look on her now, she seems pretty chirpy. Perhaps the itchy feeling hasn't settle in yet, i am not sure. But, as of right now, she's bored out of her mind. I've sent Mini over to the inlaws. I am not sure how much that'll spare Mini from getting the chicken pox since they were inseparable. But...whatever, lets hope she will be (spared).

Ash totally misses her sister whenever they are apart. She even got me to call Mini just to check on her. Mini also got her grandma to call us. They just can't stand being apart. It's truly heartwarming to see them together and to have that sisterly connection between them. It's nice...when they are not trying to chop each other's head off...:-D.

Honestly, what on earth am I going to do for 2 weeks? I can already see cobwebs on her head and on mine. I should start counting sheeps or look for backyard cabanas. May God help us!! 

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