Saturday, July 28, 2012

Understanding the British monarchy

So, who isn't watching the Olympics? Was watching the Opening Ceremony with the girls. Hubby was fast asleep. You know, watching anything on tv with the Ash means having to answer her queries every 5 seconds : what are they doing mommy? why are they standing like that? wah, the man go up so high, on and so forth. Never a peaceful journey through the screening. 

Anyway, when we got to the part with Daniel Craig accompanying the Queen for her ride, I told her :

Me : That's the Queen, Ash. 

Ash : la...she's just an old lady. 

Me : It's true. She's the Queen of England. 

Ash : **shooting me with suspicious look** But, she's kind of old uh. I told you she's old. 

Me : She's a very old Queen

Ash : ~silence~ **ignore-Mommy-and-Mommy-must-have-some-loose-screws-up-her-head mode**

Well. So much for international school. O_o. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pink Friends

Is it only us or do you guys also have this I-wanna-be-the-first situation goin' on in your household? Especially if you have more than 1 kid? I don't know but this has plagued us since sushi. The girls are constantly fighting to be first in everything : first to brush teeth, first to get their bowl of soup or rice, first to poo. The only time I remember them not ever fighting for the spotlight is if either are busy watching their favourite show/movie on tv. They'd gladly give up their spot for whoever in case they miss the part where JR gets shot. When that happens, my grandmother can be the first for all is cared for in the world. 

Last night was just like any other night. But, for some reason, I was actually listening to their conversation - usually, I'd be cleaning up in the kitchen - and last night's amusing "fight" took place (this is only just an extract) :

Ash and Em : Yadda...yadda...yadda

Ash : No!!! Me first!!

Em : No..I (go) first!!

Ash : Daddy said I go first!!!

Em : NO!! Your friends (are) ugly; my friends (are) PINK!! **shows finger face**

p.s : for the life of me, I have absolutely no idea why or what prompted Em to hit back with the friends thing. Maybe she spoke too fast? Or, just wanted to confuse Ash? Whatever is it (or was), I burst out laughing...silently in the kitchen. I don't know how hubby can stand there with a poker..waiting for them to finish their duel. He must've been really really tired

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ikea Sale

I was at Ikea last Friday. Had some time off so I went. It's always an advantage going to the stores on a weekday : less traffic (human and otherwise). I had wanted to get an extension to our existing wardrobe. It has been on our to-do list like...forever! We were always procrastinating because we haven't found the the right one. At times we toyed with the idea of getting a whole new wardrobe altogether and throw out the old one. But then, we'd get sentimental because the existing wardrobe in our home has been with us ever since we got married. It still works so, not exactly any reason to throw it out unless we have a real reason to. Saving money that's what we're aiming with this.

The other matter we have to constantly battle with is the incessant questions coming from a 5-year old's mouth. I don't know about other kids (but, I have been told they are all the same), but, I am always hurled these difficult questions. Difficult ones like : hey, that uncle's hair is grey; like yeh yeh. Why his hair is grey? or Why is the boy crying? or What is that one the girl's arm shoulder braces). It is not that bad if she whispered sweet questions to my ear but no, she will point whilst asking..very loudly at that. I don't want her to be rude. On the other hand, I also don't want her to stop inquiring because they are after all fair questions. She's just curious. Looks like the best way around it would be to 'train' her to ask  all she wants behind people's back. Oh My!! Am I raising my daughter how to be a gossiper? 0_0.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sore loser

A couple evenings ago, I played cards with the girls. No, not your Black Jack or Poker, just plain ol' Princess card game.

You see, Ash has this..I think a 24-pair of cards with various Princess pictures on them. They are big cards made out of sturdy cardboards and they come in pairs. Like, you'd have a pair of Snow Whites or a bunch of all of them Princess together, or a pair of Princess Jasmine in her midriffs. So, I figured why not play a certain matching game with the girls. We'd all have jumbled - up cards in equal numbers. Each to take turns taking out a card and if you have the other pair, you bring it out to match it. The pair then goes to the side. Whoever gets their cards finished first - wins. Simple?

It was first. Then, Ash decided she wanted to win - ALL.THE.TIME! OMG, imagine my eyeballs went rolling several rounds, threatening to burst from the socket. We have to keep reminding her that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Or, let someone else win. This reasoning did not go well with her apparently because she burst into tears and ran into the room, in tears, as if her whole world had come crashing down on her. I mean, seriously, dude..there other more tragic happenings than losing a princess card game that I MADE up. A mental malfunction happening here people.

So, anyway, the hubs, decided to join us (?) after cutting up a huge papaya. He gave us a plate each, and promptly sat on the floor with us. Ash was still in the room. Hubby had to get up, cajoled her to rejoin the group. She did eventually, but not before announcing that SHE would be the one to distribute the cards. OK, fine, whatever. She did her magic and strangely, she ended up having all the pairs! We all had odd number of cards, resulting in some of us having less.

No prize for guessing who won. Ash took out all her pairs and ta-da -- she's the winner!

Truly, I have no more words. Not that I had any to begin with. Perhaps for our next session, I should change the rules again. After all, I made the game up, remember? I best get compost bins ready in case she throws another hissy fit the next time around so I can just throw her inside. Girls! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Having fun with the mozzie zapper

Continuing with the effects of our crazy weather. July makes me think of 3 years ago where I was away on my 2nd honeymoon to Swiss with hubby. There were a couple of posts about it but since I am kind of lazy to look for it, you'll just have to search for it yourself. But yes, it was a nice getaway, lovely weather during the summer. I love it when the sun sets at 9pm. Makes you feel like you can accomplish a whole lot more. You can just go on and on and...on. Did I mention I was basking in glorious weather for 10 days? 

The crazy weather. We had been having problems with mozzies. Nothing worked. Not the mun heong, not the light bulb that traps the mozzies, not the window netting, not the shut windows, not the closed doors. Nothing. Zilch. HUbby was pissed. If anything, he has a thing for the mozzies : he hates them!

He was getting desperate and went out on a mission to get the racquet-like mozzie zapper. He got 2. RM15 each. He felt like Thor of the house, zapping those buggers dead. He figured he'd made the best purchase of his life until I showed him the ones they were selling in Summit for RM9.90 each. hehhee...

But I must say, nothing works better than the mozzie zapper. It's handy. It can also be used as a weapon against intruders. Having it placed under your bed will invariably provide you with the sense of security you need in the wake of increased crime rate lately. Another tip someone sent me via email was to have your car keys with you when you sleep. I mean, not with you but having it on the bedside table or something. If you hear anything untoward, press the alarm. That'll get the whole neighbourhood up at 3am in the morning. See -- plenty of useful tips. 

Crazy weather

It has been crazy hot the past month or so. If you were on confinement, I hope it wasn't bad. Anyway, because of the weather (I kind of blame it on the weather), the kids were just falling in and out of illness. The last being Mini getting the pox. I hope that is it for us. Can't say the same for a friend's kid who was hospitalised 2 weekends ago due to a mysterious viral infection. It caused her fever to spike and last for several days, plus enlarged kidneys. Just then, hubby's friend's daughter was also hospitalised for similar illness. As it turned out, this strange Mycoplasma virus (just google) is on the loose. Kidney and blood infected due to the virus. Had to take 2 types of antibiotics to clear it. I wish it's just a fancy name for rustic bedroom furniture but it's not! So, just keep vigilant, keep your bags to yourself and stay alert when walking. Make sure your kids are hydrated and pump up their immune system. It's crazy times we're living these days. 
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