Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sore loser

A couple evenings ago, I played cards with the girls. No, not your Black Jack or Poker, just plain ol' Princess card game.

You see, Ash has this..I think a 24-pair of cards with various Princess pictures on them. They are big cards made out of sturdy cardboards and they come in pairs. Like, you'd have a pair of Snow Whites or a bunch of all of them Princess together, or a pair of Princess Jasmine in her midriffs. So, I figured why not play a certain matching game with the girls. We'd all have jumbled - up cards in equal numbers. Each to take turns taking out a card and if you have the other pair, you bring it out to match it. The pair then goes to the side. Whoever gets their cards finished first - wins. Simple?

It was first. Then, Ash decided she wanted to win - ALL.THE.TIME! OMG, imagine my eyeballs went rolling several rounds, threatening to burst from the socket. We have to keep reminding her that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Or, let someone else win. This reasoning did not go well with her apparently because she burst into tears and ran into the room, in tears, as if her whole world had come crashing down on her. I mean, seriously, dude..there other more tragic happenings than losing a princess card game that I MADE up. A mental malfunction happening here people.

So, anyway, the hubs, decided to join us (?) after cutting up a huge papaya. He gave us a plate each, and promptly sat on the floor with us. Ash was still in the room. Hubby had to get up, cajoled her to rejoin the group. She did eventually, but not before announcing that SHE would be the one to distribute the cards. OK, fine, whatever. She did her magic and strangely, she ended up having all the pairs! We all had odd number of cards, resulting in some of us having less.

No prize for guessing who won. Ash took out all her pairs and ta-da -- she's the winner!

Truly, I have no more words. Not that I had any to begin with. Perhaps for our next session, I should change the rules again. After all, I made the game up, remember? I best get compost bins ready in case she throws another hissy fit the next time around so I can just throw her inside. Girls! 

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