Friday, July 13, 2012

Having fun with the mozzie zapper

Continuing with the effects of our crazy weather. July makes me think of 3 years ago where I was away on my 2nd honeymoon to Swiss with hubby. There were a couple of posts about it but since I am kind of lazy to look for it, you'll just have to search for it yourself. But yes, it was a nice getaway, lovely weather during the summer. I love it when the sun sets at 9pm. Makes you feel like you can accomplish a whole lot more. You can just go on and on and...on. Did I mention I was basking in glorious weather for 10 days? 

The crazy weather. We had been having problems with mozzies. Nothing worked. Not the mun heong, not the light bulb that traps the mozzies, not the window netting, not the shut windows, not the closed doors. Nothing. Zilch. HUbby was pissed. If anything, he has a thing for the mozzies : he hates them!

He was getting desperate and went out on a mission to get the racquet-like mozzie zapper. He got 2. RM15 each. He felt like Thor of the house, zapping those buggers dead. He figured he'd made the best purchase of his life until I showed him the ones they were selling in Summit for RM9.90 each. hehhee...

But I must say, nothing works better than the mozzie zapper. It's handy. It can also be used as a weapon against intruders. Having it placed under your bed will invariably provide you with the sense of security you need in the wake of increased crime rate lately. Another tip someone sent me via email was to have your car keys with you when you sleep. I mean, not with you but having it on the bedside table or something. If you hear anything untoward, press the alarm. That'll get the whole neighbourhood up at 3am in the morning. See -- plenty of useful tips. 

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