Saturday, February 26, 2011

the BFFs


A couple of days ago, Ash had a play-date with her BFF.

Those 2 really get along like 2 peas in a pod. Her friend absolutely adores her, will follow whatever she does and Ash is like the big sis that she is. You know what the one thing they have in common? - they are both such girlie girls!!! All the barbies (although, the barbies appear to be needing some vitamin supplements - have you see how they make them way too skinny?) the dress up, fairies and all -- I feel there was definitely an overload of sweetness that day. Well, for me at least because I am far far from being a "girl". I honestly have no idea where she gets this portion of her genes from...seriously. Perhaps they skipped a generation..who knows??

Ash had a great time - they both did! They had great fun having tea parties with their dolls, swam, watched tv, played some more. It was great seeing them playing and having fun after being 'separated' for almost 6 months when her pal went off to London for a couple of months. Now that she's back, they instantly picked up where they left off. Minimal fuss. It was great for both the girls. You can never have enough girls I say..

the chili padi of the house

Need I say more?


Mini will soon turn 22 months. I cannot believe how time has flown by. She has definitely grown heaps and bounds.

I can't remember who but someone asked me why we call her "Mini". It's pure coincidence that, in terms of size, she really is a mini but that wasn't the reason. When Ash was a lot younger (they are only 2 years apart), she couldn't pronounce Emily, it was Emini to her. So I just omitted the E and well, hence, Mini -- much cuter and suited her perfectly. After that, the name kind of stuck on and everyone started calling her Mini.

Let me tell you, she's actually far far from being a "mini" where her personality is concerned. She's one tough cookie (or at least, when she's with family) and a feisty one too. It is little wonder why I need more anti wrinkle cream because I am definitely aging far beyond my years...heheh.

But, she's still the little cutie of the family. Caring for her is a lot more easier now. I have cut down on making porridge for her cos she has almost her full set of teeth. Plus, she really prefers eating out of our plates. That definitely is a relief for me seeing how I have very little time these days. She is still clingy, goes where I go but all in all, she's a pretty good baby. Oh and she adores her sister and always wants to be like her, dress like her...even speaks like her. That's what little sisters do, isn't it? - look up to the big sis..

I know I will miss those baby years very soon because they grow up so fast. So am treasuring every single minute of her babyness now. Once it's gone, I can never have it back..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

mess with ma' sister, you mess with ME!!

Well, not exactly her words cos Ash is such a "girl", she'll probably just whack you with her hankie.

What happened this morning is true example of one protective sibling.

I picked Ash up from school as always. But, this afternoon, mini wasn't asleep in the car so I brought Mini down and walked into the school compound with her. WHen Ash saw us, she happily skipped out of her class, turned and said her goodbyes to her friends. Then, 2 of her boy classmates figured it must be funny to strike a Ben 10 pose, as if inviting mini to a duel. They hovered around her ready to strike if she ever made a move. As soon as Ash saw them, she instinctively knew they were trouble and kept telling me to "carry Mini...carry Mini". What did I do? - I ignored her (yeah I know - bad mama!) cos I was busy chatting with the teacher.

They kept going nearer and nearer and naturally, Mini got terrified and that was when Ash stepped in; she literally stepped in front of Mini, stretched her arms wide like a mother hen protecting her young, all the while saying "no no...don't touch Mini...". Them boys..they continued their frightening gangsta poses accompanied by loud roaring noises. I wanted to laugh but when one of them almost toppled Mini over (she is, after all, quite a mini), I broke the 'fight' (hahahah...) and carried Mini away to safety.

The teacher shooed both the boys back into the building as we walked out towards our car and all was well in the end. Phew...what a day at the hoodlums....hehehe.

Friday, February 18, 2011

new stuffs

We were at Ikea a couple of days ago. Actually, I believe it was on a Tuesday. And it was packed to the brim. I usually refrain from going to Ikea on weekends or on public holidays but because the girls were at my mom's place being entertained by her friends so, hubby and I had some time off to sneak out to get some things done. One of which was to scout for a book shelf for the girls and a wardrobe for them since they seem to be outgrowing their chest drawer very soon -- as we speak in fact.

We managed to get the shelf but not the wardrobe. Still haven't found the one I want. It's either the design or the price or both! But, hubby had other plans too cos he was very interested in getting the flat screen lcd tvs hanging bracket as well. I looked at him and I went "up to you." which can be read as "over my dead body". hehehe...:-P.

Monday, February 7, 2011

afraid of dogs


I'm not sure if it is too pre-mature to conclude that lil Em isn't an animal lover. I would like her to be one..towards certain animals of course. I mean, I don't want her to be keeping a pet iguana or help increase the roach population or something to that effect. You know, just love the usual dogs, rabbits, cats .."safe pets" if you'd prefer.

Ash on the other hand, is, without a doubt, a lover of animals; especially dogs. She loves them. She isn't afraid of them. The photo you see above is an example of how fearless she is of dogs. She was only about 20months when that photo was taken and I remember very clearly what happened : we took her to the neighborhood playground on a Sunday morning. Initially we were the only ones there but after a while, this lady with 2 dogs came by. She was walking her dogs and we crossed paths. She pet it (I can't remember if it was a he or she) and hugged it and attempted to carry the dog. The owner was pretty much as amused by the whole incident as we were. Before we knew it, they had to go and we did too. Ash wasn't too happy but luckily, she willingly parted ways with her new found beloved friend.

It's nice to see her bond with the animals. I think lil Em takes after me - I am afraid of dogs. I don't hate them, but I always get geli-fied when the lick my feet. But, if they leave me alone, and not lick me, I'll be ok with them. I can carry them, I can pet them...whatever. Once they start jumping on me and start to lick, that's when I jump too. Pathetic huh?! LOL...oh well, at the moment, Ash has not asked for a pet dog so at the mo, I am safe from doggie saliva :-).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Xin Nian Kuai Le..

Hope you're having a great celebration with your loved ones.

Take care..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last night, Ash got 2 heavy spanking from the father on her buttocks. No, we don't use the cane (we don't have one in the house) nor do we use the belt or ruler or whatever you can use to spank your child. He just gave her 2 slaps on her backside. Needless to say, she cried herself to sleep after.

So...what happened? We usually don't hit them as a form of punishment. Usually, because sometimes we do. Of course, I will confess that I do it more often than hubby does. I think, this is only his 2nd time seriously spanking her for being naughty. To get my hubby really really mad and getting spanked in the process, you must have done something really terribly wrong. That's hubby for you.

Last night, both kids napped so late in the evening and woke up at 7pm. Naturally, they were eyes-wide open. But, Ash complained she was tired so hubby made her milk and sent her to her room at 10.30pm. I was out with Mini then. By the time we came home, Ash was already up in her room but not sleeping. Seeing as how Mini was also tired out, I put her down in her cot, leaving both of them in the room. Nothing unusual because the share the same room.

However, Ash being the cheeky one, started teasing Mini and before you knew it, they were giggling and laughing..doing everything but what they were supposed to which was sleep. So, I went upstairs in an attempt to set them straight and get them to bed. Talked to Ash nicely. She nodded and I left the room. As soon as I left the room, she closed the door and locked it. The nerve!!

After that, I went downstairs and hubby went up to get Ash to open the door. He spoke to her again, telling and reasoned with her not to lock the door. Again, she nodded and pull the covers over her and so we thought she was going to sleep. Oh boy! We were wrong. SHe attempted to do the exact same thing as soon as hubby turned his back and head out the door. But, unfortunately for her, he reacted fast and stopped her in time. He got so angry because it was the 2nd time she did it despite us telling her not to. So, that was when she got the spanking she deserved and was sent to sleep in our room. We carried her over to her room later that night.

You know, I have heard all about the Terrible 2s, or 3s. Could this be Terrible 4? So...not looking forward.
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