Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last night, Ash got 2 heavy spanking from the father on her buttocks. No, we don't use the cane (we don't have one in the house) nor do we use the belt or ruler or whatever you can use to spank your child. He just gave her 2 slaps on her backside. Needless to say, she cried herself to sleep after.

So...what happened? We usually don't hit them as a form of punishment. Usually, because sometimes we do. Of course, I will confess that I do it more often than hubby does. I think, this is only his 2nd time seriously spanking her for being naughty. To get my hubby really really mad and getting spanked in the process, you must have done something really terribly wrong. That's hubby for you.

Last night, both kids napped so late in the evening and woke up at 7pm. Naturally, they were eyes-wide open. But, Ash complained she was tired so hubby made her milk and sent her to her room at 10.30pm. I was out with Mini then. By the time we came home, Ash was already up in her room but not sleeping. Seeing as how Mini was also tired out, I put her down in her cot, leaving both of them in the room. Nothing unusual because the share the same room.

However, Ash being the cheeky one, started teasing Mini and before you knew it, they were giggling and laughing..doing everything but what they were supposed to which was sleep. So, I went upstairs in an attempt to set them straight and get them to bed. Talked to Ash nicely. She nodded and I left the room. As soon as I left the room, she closed the door and locked it. The nerve!!

After that, I went downstairs and hubby went up to get Ash to open the door. He spoke to her again, telling and reasoned with her not to lock the door. Again, she nodded and pull the covers over her and so we thought she was going to sleep. Oh boy! We were wrong. SHe attempted to do the exact same thing as soon as hubby turned his back and head out the door. But, unfortunately for her, he reacted fast and stopped her in time. He got so angry because it was the 2nd time she did it despite us telling her not to. So, that was when she got the spanking she deserved and was sent to sleep in our room. We carried her over to her room later that night.

You know, I have heard all about the Terrible 2s, or 3s. Could this be Terrible 4? So...not looking forward.

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Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wahhhhhhh quite fiery yah, Ashley. She looks sooooooo innocent. Was she regretful the following day?

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