Monday, January 31, 2011

chatter-box Queen

There was a time when Ash refused to say anything other than the word 'NO'. She won't even mimic Barney or us or anyone. I used to read to her everyday, twice a day or whenever I sit down with her and we can flip through the same books over and over and over again..and yet, not a word. Not even something simple like "ball"..or "sun"..or whatever.

Was I ever worried? A little but I also did remember that (as a comparison and a means to provide self-comfort), hubby's nephew who's 11 now, started speaking proper sentences at 4 and a couple of words here and there at 3. So, "ok"..I thought. No rush. But of course, secretly, I wished she had responded more.

Then, she started saying many more words when she turned 2. Still slow and on a one-word basis but, we made progress. I stopped reading to her so frequently then because Em came along and just threw my schedule overboard. But, she continued to make progress; which is a good sign I believe.

Nowadays, she yaks non stop. Not in perfect sentences with perfect grammar and all. Lets face it, I tend to also get my tenses wrong so...what have I got to say about her? Also, hubby and I, we're guilty of not correcting her each time and instead, even copying her sometimes. I know, it's bad but you know, it won't be long before she finds out the proper way to say things and eventually, she'll learn (from school or well learned friends) so I simply wanted "preserve" her 'baby talk' as long as I can (like, to record all her baby talk onto usb drives). But I can see that, as the days go by, her growing up, she's learning new things, learning new words (like 'shit'...I am so gonna get an earful from the teacher one of these days)....SHe doesn't leave you alone even for a second without asking you something -- what this is, what is that...As much as I like to provide her with all the answers of the universe, sometimes, I just look at her blank and reply "err..mommy don't know wor". WHich is true because most of the time, this mommy really doesn't know O_O.

I really wonder, how long this type of questioning from a toddler will last? I hope not too long because I have another little one and she's likely to be doing the same thing, I reckon?.


lyncpf513 said...

Sometimes my elder do throw me question that i do not have answer myself. I usually tell him mummy doesn't have answer, but we gonna find out together, or we shall ask daddy tonight. I rather not tell him I dunno cause I will drop dead drove up the wall by him if he started copy me and answer me I don't know. Hahahahah
He buy it most of the time. U think he forget after sometimes? Nope. He remember every single word i say. At night I told him we go play ground first thing in the monring. He woke up and tell me:" mummy, Mr sun out already, let's go playground."

sting said...

hahaha! I think Ash is about the same age as Zen right? around 3.5 yo? I get the same fr Zen too... he was "slow" in speaking and I get ppl asking me why isn't he talking properly yet when he was 3!?! now, he would ask me everything and anything and would repeat the same questions again too!!

btw, happy chinese new year in advance :-)

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