Thursday, January 27, 2011

the girls' playroom

girls play room

I always liked to have a room where I can just stuff all their toys and whatnots so that, when they play, they only mess up the room and no where else because if you leave the toys in the living-room, chances are they'll end up under the couch, under the coffee table, under God-knows what. So, to clean one room, is easier than cleaning oh, I don't know - the entire living-room.

My problem is, I don't have a house with that many rooms to spare. We have only 2 rooms upstairs of which are occupied by us (the master-bedroom) and the girls' room. We have only 1 room downstairs which we've since turned it into a study. There used to be a gigantic sofa-bed but we've since moved it up to our room when the girls moved out. So, there's slightly more space in our study for me to put in their mickey mouse study (it comes with 2 chairs and is super cute) table and some of their favorite toys. Unfortunately, the room isn't big enough for all of their toys and books; it'll have to do for now.

So far, the arrangement served it's purpose especially when they are playing with their masak-masak. Plus, I can keep an eye on them when I'm on my lappie which turned out to be another advantage having them in the study. Everybody wins in this situation, don't you think? I am hoping of course that one fine day, when we can eventually afford a much larger house (with more rooms), we can then have a room specially for them but for now, it remains just a dream for me.


mom2ashleyaidan said...

I so know what you mean about the space. We have very limited space too! But this looks like a nice place for the kids to do whatever they want.

Ann said...

Sigh...I am in the same boat as you. Not so much that the kids have a special room to play but we also have only 2 rooms upstairs.

And now with 1 boy and 1 Cannot even share room for long.

My downstairs more like a store room. Not as nice as yours.

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