Monday, January 24, 2011

Ms Independent looks like Ash isn't just enjoying school, she's becoming more and more independent.

She won't allow me to go up the stairs towards her classroom with her. Instead, she'd shoo me away, whilst telling me "Ashley girl go (her)self. Go mommy". Every time.

Good? Of course! But...

As much as I feel elated with her new found courage, I'm also a wee bit annoyed and can't help but wonder if she's been up to no good at school. And whether, what mischief has she gotten herself into lately. If only I had bought the Nikon binoculars so I can spy-with-my little-eyes.

Alrighty...time for the CSI and Sherlock Holmes in me to get cracking!


mom2ashleyaidan said...

perhaps she just want to be a big girl and go up on her own like the rest of the kids?

ask the teacher if you are suspicious :)

Cynthia said...

have a quick word with her teacher??? mine won't let me leave them!!

Ann said...

hmm....don't know to say good or bad. Guess have to let her be and pray for the best! :)

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