Thursday, June 23, 2011

children's game

I wouldn't say Ash is tech savvy. Well, not as savvy as some kids I know. I was told that even a 2 year old knows how to play games on the Ipad. Huh? Seriously? Maybe la.

Anyway, the only computer games or technology related games that Ash knows are the ones on the Iphone and her 'children's game'. She tried the wii at her aunt's place but gave up. Too confusing for her.

You're probably wondering what's this children's game I'm talking about here. It's actually the mickey mouse site and it's interactive games. heheheh..She calls them Children's Game. At one stage, she was really hooked on them. But, these days, she's asking for it less. Oh, I don't know, got bored perhaps.

However, she still love her Iphone games though, much thanks to her aunties. Thank God she only gets to play with the Iphone once a week and that is also, provided, she sees her aunt. Mommy (and Daddy) don't own one you see..:-). Nope, and no intention of getting one for this very reason. I'd much rather get the Xbox together with the xbox kinect. Cool stuffs huh?

Ah well...who am I kidding? The PS2 is now sitting there collecting dust and the hubby has only ever played ONE game. We still have the redemption voucher for the remaining games we have yet to..err...redeem. From the looks of it, I think the redemption expired eons ago..geezzz.

Now you can see why Ash will have to be contented with her "children's game" and her once-a-week froggy game on the Iphone.

btw, I can't hack the sharks attack, P!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mini - the grown up


She wants to be just like her sister. She wants to have what her sister has. She does what her sister does. She's a walking mini-Ash. Just yesterday evening, she took a photo of her sister, pointed to it and said "Mimi!!" (she calls herself Mimi).

On turning 24 months, she's started calling me "mommy". Sweet but not so at the same time. And she's beginning to pick out her own clothes. She can't wear them herself but she sure knows what she wants. But, ultimately, this mom's managed to con her daughter into wearing what the mom wants. hehhe.

Also, she gave herself a haircut -- TWICE!!! The first time it happened, thankfully, the cut wasn't obvious. But, the 2nd time was a whole different ballgame altogether. I was (am) surprised at how calm I was seeing all the hair on the floor. I was only concerned about her cutting her ears off!! What possessed her to do such a thing? I mean, Ash had no desire whatsoever to cut her own hair. Perhaps Mini wasn't happy with what her hair-dresser did. Or, was it because a haircut for her is long overdue and she couldn't wait any longer. Sometimes, I just have to do it myself. Nothing moves around here!!

So, anyway, whatever it is, no more scissors from now onwards even if she promised not to do it again. Consequently, she got the naughty corner..for being urm...naughty. Cruella? Well, she had it coming.

Mini's one heck of a chili padi. And, her personality is so true to the zodiac year she's born in - a real bull. I better start 'taming of the bull" before the bull gets into trouble. I mean, what's worst than people start calling you and tell you your daughter's a big bully? I don't know, I would break out into cold sweat if that ever happens. Or what if detention at school means chilling with her boyfriend? EEkkkkk!!!

OK..this mommy's getting carried away. But, believe me when I tell you I have my hands full!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day weekend

Apparently, Father's Day was last Sunday. Did you know? Gosh, I must have been living under a rock or something. Even the uncle at the shop wished hubby Happy Father's Day, only then, I knew what day it was.

Father's Day...Mother's's so commercialized. Everyday is or should be Father's Day or Mother's Day. And, if I am not wrong, I celebrated the eve (or was it on the actual day?) of Mother's Day at the hospital 2 years ago after delivering Mini. Ohhhh...those were killer days. Not nearly as bad as when I had to deliver Ash but still...killer. I remembered calling my sis after midnight telling her I had delivered Mini and she didn't believe me. She asked me if I as still having contractions. I said "NO!!! She's OUT!!" (in my groggy self..from the gas and that...that...injection-thingy. What is it called?). So, yeah, killer days.

Since it was a special weekend, how did you spend it? We went about doing our usual, but never enough. The weekend's just too short. Especially trying to fulfill ALL of Ash's special orders. We've done the swimming, kai-kai, 2 down and 2 more to go. The other 2 being a train ride and a bus ride. Do we have to? Going on the free Ikea bus ride isn't the same as being on a Mini Bus. Oh man!! If you haven't been on one of those, you seriously don't know what you're missing. Hanging on to dear life (literally if you were me once when I had to stand at the bottomest steps cos the bus was packed) when the bus makes a sharp corner..if you live to see another day, consider yourself very very lucky.

Oh yes, and we visited my sister at her new place. She and her man got themselves a swanking new no-kids-chelor pad. Very spacious, very modern, very chic and a whole load of floors to clean..heheh..Perhaps I should've gotten them endless supply of floor cleaners as housewarming gifts..or possibly the less popular mrs fields gifts? In the end, we got them a blender/juicer instead.

"I want my Pina Colada, K!!!"

Monday, June 20, 2011

board games for father and daughter


Snakes and Ladders.

Strawberry shortcakes figurines as pawns. You can't see it here so clearly but, believe me when I tell you that they're playing on a Barbie-inspired board (with the works!). Only the dice is decent-looking.

No wonder the hubby yearns for a boy...;-).

Friday, June 17, 2011

why I love the school holidays?


It's back to school folks.'s been a week already since they're back. You know what I've discovered? I really love the school holidays!!! I'd imagined all the havoc that was going to greet me for 2 whole weeks, I started getting cold sweat and began to feel the stress.

But, I must say, the holidays actually gave me much a much needed break. Especially from all the driving. I am on the road for an hour at least just to bring Ash home. Then, there's playgroup with Mini. And, not to mention the cooking. I cook twice a day at least because there isn't just enough time to cook everything in the morning. I wished I had but I just don't. No, I don't cook in batches and freeze my food; just not used to the 'ang mo' way of freezing food and taking them out as and when needed.

I am also lucky Ash only has 1 extra curricular activity because when she has more when she's older, and when Mini starts going to nursery, I think I'll just disappear into thin air (physically and metaphorically). Maybe I should look into the possibility of freezing batches of food to save time. I am ok with it...because well, we moms, we just wallop whatever that's left over anyways. Well, at least I've learned to ever since the kids came along. But, I'm not too sure about the hubs though. He's really chinese through and through -- loves his freshly prepared warm food and soups. As for the girls, they won't know the difference between the frozen ones and the fresh ones isn't it? Mini eats anything and as long as Ash as her dose of chinese dishes, she's a happy camper. Ash will have no problems whatsoever at the Chinese Open.

See how much I absolutely relished the school holidays despite both kids being at home 24/7. I think the girls had fun on the days they were actually home although Ash did ask about school and when she was going to see her teacher again. I guess those were when she was stuck at home...with me...hehhe.

But, I would say the girls had their equal dose of fun during the hols. Not that we went anywhere during the hols because the hubby's been busy at work. We hung around with friends, had a couple of playdates, went for a picnic, to the Club (my first time...). Indeed, it turned out to be a pretty fun 2 weeks and look how fast it went and now, we're back to the regimented routine of sending, dropping, cooking, cleaning, washing etc.. I simply can't wait for the next (school hols).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

what is wholesale insurance?

I've been told that, if you want to know prices of types of insurances, search them on Wholesale Insurance. I was like "huh?". Then, I got curious and since I knew I'd meet an aunty who's an insurance agent at a wedding luncheon yesterday, I made a mental note to ask her all about this wholesale insurance thingy.

So, apparently what this wholesale insurance does is it's merely a term life insurance database. Their website quote engine instantly compares pricing from all of the best insurance companies on one screen. This in turn, makes it easy for you to search the entire market for the best life insurance quotes and rates available today. Cool eh? The only downside is, these quotes are estimates and you'd still have to get hold of your insurance agents to get you accurate rates. Bummer eh? And I thought, it was really an "all-in-one" solution to all my insurance queries.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Ash : Mommy, look (down) on the floor? All the mess..(bits and pieces of play-dough under their writing table)

Me : Yeah. Who made all the mess?

Ash : Emily and Ashley ah.

Me : So, who is going to clean it up?

Ash : Erm...mommy ah.

Me : Why mommy need to clean? Mommy didn't make a mess also.

Ash : Erm...because mommy can clean faster..faster (along with action)..with a broom. Use the broom and clean fast fast.

Me : Oh. but Ashley can take the broom and clean faster faster also.

Ash : *smiling*

Me : Why not?

Ash : Erm...because Ashley is so small. It's too hard. Ashley can't do it *smiling again*

Me : Are you sure you are too small? It's not hard. You can do it..

Ash :, the broom is too tall(er). It's too hard. Ashley can't do it..

Me : we shall see..(**walks out to watch tv** because this mommy knows she's not going anywhere with this conversation).

Ash : *continues with her drawing*

So...who taught her that huh?.

ps : I was just telling a mummy friend that it will be so nice if we can all fast track the kids but stop time when they are 5 or 6, that'll be just perfect..heheh. But, looks like I better stop time at 4..
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