Thursday, June 23, 2011

children's game

I wouldn't say Ash is tech savvy. Well, not as savvy as some kids I know. I was told that even a 2 year old knows how to play games on the Ipad. Huh? Seriously? Maybe la.

Anyway, the only computer games or technology related games that Ash knows are the ones on the Iphone and her 'children's game'. She tried the wii at her aunt's place but gave up. Too confusing for her.

You're probably wondering what's this children's game I'm talking about here. It's actually the mickey mouse site and it's interactive games. heheheh..She calls them Children's Game. At one stage, she was really hooked on them. But, these days, she's asking for it less. Oh, I don't know, got bored perhaps.

However, she still love her Iphone games though, much thanks to her aunties. Thank God she only gets to play with the Iphone once a week and that is also, provided, she sees her aunt. Mommy (and Daddy) don't own one you see..:-). Nope, and no intention of getting one for this very reason. I'd much rather get the Xbox together with the xbox kinect. Cool stuffs huh?

Ah well...who am I kidding? The PS2 is now sitting there collecting dust and the hubby has only ever played ONE game. We still have the redemption voucher for the remaining games we have yet to..err...redeem. From the looks of it, I think the redemption expired eons ago..geezzz.

Now you can see why Ash will have to be contented with her "children's game" and her once-a-week froggy game on the Iphone.

btw, I can't hack the sharks attack, P!!!

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Ann said...

Actually Christopher is not that great with computer or ipod games either.

It's not a bad thing right? :) maybe we can try board games and playing cards?

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