Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mini - the grown up


She wants to be just like her sister. She wants to have what her sister has. She does what her sister does. She's a walking mini-Ash. Just yesterday evening, she took a photo of her sister, pointed to it and said "Mimi!!" (she calls herself Mimi).

On turning 24 months, she's started calling me "mommy". Sweet but not so at the same time. And she's beginning to pick out her own clothes. She can't wear them herself but she sure knows what she wants. But, ultimately, this mom's managed to con her daughter into wearing what the mom wants. hehhe.

Also, she gave herself a haircut -- TWICE!!! The first time it happened, thankfully, the cut wasn't obvious. But, the 2nd time was a whole different ballgame altogether. I was (am) surprised at how calm I was seeing all the hair on the floor. I was only concerned about her cutting her ears off!! What possessed her to do such a thing? I mean, Ash had no desire whatsoever to cut her own hair. Perhaps Mini wasn't happy with what her hair-dresser did. Or, was it because a haircut for her is long overdue and she couldn't wait any longer. Sometimes, I just have to do it myself. Nothing moves around here!!

So, anyway, whatever it is, no more scissors from now onwards even if she promised not to do it again. Consequently, she got the naughty corner..for being urm...naughty. Cruella? Well, she had it coming.

Mini's one heck of a chili padi. And, her personality is so true to the zodiac year she's born in - a real bull. I better start 'taming of the bull" before the bull gets into trouble. I mean, what's worst than people start calling you and tell you your daughter's a big bully? I don't know, I would break out into cold sweat if that ever happens. Or what if detention at school means chilling with her boyfriend? EEkkkkk!!!

OK..this mommy's getting carried away. But, believe me when I tell you I have my hands full!!


chinnee said...

hehe...Shireen, at least u can be very well assured that she won't be bullied in school eh...

BoeyJoey said...

your little cili padi sounds like a strong-willed independant and fun-to-be-with little girl :-). cute picture there (as usual)!

Ann said...

You have a bull (western zodiac)....I have a tiger (chinese zodiac)!

I can imagine my girl also cutting her own hair, or even her brothers. These kids....they are always keeping us on our toes.

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