Thursday, April 30, 2009

Indeed a surprise

Nope, no photos for this post. Because...I'm talking about bras. Unless you are interested in taking a peek at my 'grand-ma' undergarments, I'd rather leave it to your imagination..:-D.

Surprisingly, with this pregnancy, I didn't need to re-vamp my entire lingerie wardrobe (not as if I have one...just sayin'). Well, I see that as a good sign...err...or is it??

Anyway, if I had to urm, you know, make changes in the first instance, I'd probably be getting those cheap bra sets i.e pasar malam types...hahaah....since I won't be using them for very long (or at least I hope I won't need it on a long term basis), I might as well get those instead of the more durable expensive ones. But, as it turned out, I didn't have to so...lucky me, eh??!! :-D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


with many things...

- tummy

- picking a "nice" date for induction

- and hoping I don't really need to (be induced)

- necessities

- Ashley and the fact that she will not be with me during the daytime for the next 2 weeks or so (to adjust)

- horrible confinement : hot, sweaty, sticky, yucky...I can go on and on

- missing my tennis action (hahah...that is even a concern! IT is..)

- the need for barcode scanners (not sure why but it sure sounds like somebody needs them)

- and you know, just the usual feelings of nervousness, anxiety and cold feet...much like your wedding day but only this time, with physical pain.

If all these didn't get to me months earlier, it sure is getting to me I hate feeling this way..*sigh*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The other side of Ash

Have I ever mentioned that Ash is a really cheeky baby?

Well, she is. And sometimes, urm...make that most of the time, when I am angry or being stern with her, I have to turn my face the other side to laugh (and try to do it as discreetly as possible).

She also seem to know when she has done something wrong and she'll try to distract me by smiling ever so sweetly as if to say "mmm...don't be angry lerr" whilst moving her head slightly from left to right...right to left. It's so hard to keep from laughing at her antics but I try my hardest to keep a straight face. Usually I'd succeed but there were times where I failed and she'd burst out laughing too.

Looks like another parenting lesson for me - to master the art of pretending with my kids..heheh..much easier than deciphering the various Ferrari parts, no?

Alright, below is a sequence of shots I took of Ash being..err...her cheeky self :-D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A quick one

With my days being numbered, I need to get my big butt moving.

Clothes and cloth nappies are still stacked away, washing detergeant not purchased, steamer hasn’t been found, glass or plastic bottles, breast pump hasn’t been collected (I know Mott - I'm guilty as charged!) , baby cot isn’t cleaned, mozzie netting is collecting dust.

What have I been doing during the times when hubby was on leave? PROCRASTINATE that’s for sure. I will have to force it upon hubby one of these days to get all those things ready since I can’t move much (it’s mostly an excuse but you know, sometimes, it’s good to have the men do their bit…after all, in a couple of weeks’ time (and what will be a long time coming) I will be the one having to endure all kinds of pain there is out there.

Besides, did you know, my confinement lady has bailed? Well, she has. Now, I've gotta go find another which will be no easy task. I mean, it isn't impossible, just that I won't be left with a myriad of choices. We'll see how it goes. Otherwise, it's Plan B for me (yeah, I actually did have a Plan B for eventualities like

So, you see, being a mom isn't so easy. You are better off sticking to your programming jobs. I'm just sayin' ;-)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The trip preggie picture..:-D

I finally got my computer back. I mean, it's been here all these while but hubby was profusely hooked on it so that gave me limited time on it. So, if I seemed to be online, it wasn't really me..heheh...sort of an imposter.

Anyway, back to what I wanted to blog about - the trip. You know, it has been so long, that I kinda lost track of what and how I wanted to talk about it. But, I'll give it a try anyway.

Hubby was on his long leave again and wanted a getaway before going back to the grind. He suggested we spend a few days in Pangkor Laut, to which we did. The journey took us about 3 hours on the road and another 30 minutes by boat (without any seat lifts) to the island. There were parts where the ride got a little choppy and I feared that I would go into labour there and then! lol...

We had everything all planned -- leave early, get there early, enjoy the sights a little more. That was before hubby and Ash got sick. In fact, we went to the paed in the morning that we were due to depart. We were this close to abandoning the trip. But we decided to take her instead; hoping that you know, the change would do her some good.

This girl of mine has demonstrated to be quite the realiable little traveller. She didn't make a sound. Granted that she was asleep half of the journey but when she was awake, she sat quietly observing and just basically, handled herself pretty well despite being feverish, coughing and enduring the sniffles.

We had initially booked the hill villa since I thought we would have awesome view of the place. But when we arrived, we were advised against that for safety reasons (what with me being pregnant and a young child...don't think they want to risk being liable if anything untoward were to happen) since the hallway is outdoors and can get pretty slippery plus the room we were booked in was quite a distance from the lift. So, we were given a choice to move to a garden villa instead. Since we weren't that inflexible, we agreed. As it turned out, we made the right choice of switching cos our villa was very near to the pool. Hubby was pleased of course.

Actually, the real excitement by the beach only started the following day when we took a short shuttle ride to Emerald Bay. It's really beautiful. Clear waters and the beach was lovely. But, I didn't get my feet that wet. I'm still not comfortable in baring all, if ya know what I mean. Only hubby and Ash. Even then, since Ash was on the verge of recovering, we didn't put on her swimming gear for her. But, I don't think she minded one bit cos she was happy just playing with some kids she made friends with. Which was a good thing I reckoned.

Hmm...lets see. What else....oh, and the wild animals. Another reason why the resort weren't in favour of us staying at the hill villa was because of the chimps! Yes, live and wild monkeys lurk amongst the bushes and peer through your window. One even dared to mingle with the humans at the place where we were having dinner on the first night. Ash was so taken by it and she thought it was a dog *slaps forehead*.

There were fruit bats hanging from the various coconut trees lining outside our villa. I managed to get quite a close up of them. They are harmless but made a lot of noise in the mornings. Also, colourful peacock roam freely in and around the pool area. Funny how these animals don't seem to care or even seem afraid of the humans. They just go about doing their thing without a care in the world. Amazing...

It was a 3 days 2 nights stay for us. Short but sweet. If you ask me whether it was enough - it wasn't for obvious reasons. However, the experience was lovely and wonderfully relaxing. To a point where they don't even distribute the local daily for you; like how usually you'd get one hanging outside your doorknob every morning. So for 3 days, I didn't know what was happening across the straits or if my house was still intact. Yep, no news, nothing. The only feed we had was via our mobile and with my mom. She was concerned about us, just like how moms are.

Anyway, we came home safely. Of course, not before getting lost at one point. Hubby took the wrong turn and we ended up along a place devoid of human existence. I am not kidding. On both sides, there were only vast vegetation field, not a house or hut in sight. I was nervous, yes. Images of the creeper kept flashing across my mind. It was so so creepy and scary. It took us about 30 minutes before seeing some normalcy. That has to be the longest ride of my life, I am telling you! I kept any negative thoughts to myself of course. Not wanting to disrupt hubby's concentration. I only told him about what I was imagining when we got home and all he did was laugh at me...O_O. But he did confess that he too was a little nervous when going along that stretch...O_o

Alright, I think that is about all. I managed to get some photos on flickr (on the side-bar). You can view them there instead. Thanks for thinking of me, for dropping by :-). I'll talk to you again...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can this get anymore random?


So, I haven't been blogging the past couple of days. No..make that almost a week since my last post.

I'm still here i.e the Bun isn't out yet. She will be (out) in another couple of weeks or so. I. can't exactly say that I feel nothing but excitement because after all, I know what lies ahead : it's not all that pretty. On the other hand, I can't wait. I can't wait to finally meet her. I know both hubby and I are anxious and yes, excited at the same time. At the moment, I am mentally preparing myself for some double trouble. But, frankly though, I don't think anyone can plan ahead when it comes to caring for 2 kids; whether you are doing it full-time or otherwise. There's no predicting what's going to happen on a daily basis. I guess right now, all I am hoping for is that when the time comes, I'll somehow have the wisdom to deal, you know. However, if all else fails, you can find me blogging from the nearest loony-bin (or alternatively, learn the art of rock tumblers) -- hehehhe...

Yes, I am supposed to blog about my trip : where we went, how it was, etc...well, between then and now, I am hardly at my terminal long enough to conjure up a decent sentence. Why? I was sick the very next day that I was back. Then, hubby had this thing with the computer which he started and is still un-finished. So, he's literally glued to the screen every chance he gets.

I will have to say that this is the first time, the whole family fell ill. It started with hubby. After which, Ash got the bug. Incidentally, she was still nursing a cold when we went for our vaca. I went with a heavy heart because for the life of me, I won't know if the trip was going to be bad or good for her. Of course, I was desperately hoping it will be the latter. As a precaution, we took her to see her paed just before we left last Monday morning. Apart from everything else, we were given this gimongous bottle of antibiotics (augmentin) and was told to finish the damn thing! I told hubby “Dude..we are not giving her that!

We didn't. I am glad we didn't either because as soon as we reached our destination, Ash instantly felt a whole lot better. She was able to sleep throughout that night too; something she wasn't able to do the night before and it pained me having to watch her in that state. I know it wasn't anything major and I am sure many moms out there have encountered worst but it was my first time with Ash being this ill. Naturally, I got worried and I felt kind of helpless. The whole time, all I wanted was for her to get well..that very instant. Ha..funny isn't kids can make you feel and do things you never imagine doing (and feeling) in your lifetime. I don't suppose this will be the last of the many firsts I'll be experiencing, will it?

Opps...there I go again. I've bla-ed away for far too long. I'll be back with some accounts of my trip in another post. Besides, I am still mulling over the idea of how I will post the photos up. I'll figure something out...hopefully! :-)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good to be back!!!

Hey, we are back from our very short vaca!

Even though, it does feel like it's never enough but frankly, I'm glad to be home. Nothing like the traffic jam driving home from my in-laws (we sort of had to make a pit-stop before touch-down), the rain, the heat (it was breezy where we came from) and not forgetting - home cooked meal!

I am absolutely zonked. So, I'm leaving you with just one pic for now. And, just for kicks - Natalie Cole's number :-)

More later.
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