Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just the two of us..Me and you..Just the...

Ashley and I are home alone. Hubby went off to Moscow this evening. Told him to get the Stalin hat and coat but he refused. Thankfully, I will have you guys to keep me company during those long lonely nights hehehe..

Last Friday, Hubby and I went out to dinner. It was our belated Anniversary. I think it was the first time since Ashley was born that we actually went out for dinner. Not only alone but for DINNER. It was at a nice Italian restaurant in TTDI. I pass by it everytime and I used to tell my hubby "you see that restaurant there? One day we should go and try out". Yep, that one day we did.

The restaurant was quite empty. Well, with the exception of a few ladies at the back who were laughing and talking real loud. They were drinking as well. Suddenly, I got hesitant. You know what they say about empty restaurants? Food lousy. I was a wee bit scared and wondered if we had made the right choice.

Since it was quite late and we were already there, we just ordered. Ok so we ordered a salad, calamari rings and pasta. I didn't want to order more just in case the portion is big and I can't finish. The salad and rings were appetizers so they came first. After we finished the appetizers, the waitress came over to hand us 2 small shot glasses of orange liquid. I asked her what they were for since I didn't recall ordering them and being so "kiam", didn't want to pay extra for it. The waitress said "mouh wash". I was like "huh"? Not wanting to sound like a complete idiot, I said thanks. I turned to my hubby and asked "Mat yeh lei keh? Hui kong hai mouth wash, yam jor thun takk ke mou or yiu hey chi sor pui"? My hubby was as blur, he said "Ngo em zhi err..Mou yum la".

Knowing me I can't just look at the thing on the table and not find out whether it is drink-able or not. I know if I'd just left like that, I would not be able to sleep later at night. I waited until I finished my pasta and even though reputation was at stake, I asked the lady "Can we drink this?" She replied "Yes, its juice". *slaps forhead*

Editor's Note : The food was good and price was reasonable. Came up to less than RM100 for both of us and we also ordered 2 juices on top of the "juice". The "juice" was FOC. I can't remember the name of the restaurant but will update this post later when I find out.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Can you tell?

Apart from my paid post venture, this has been a glum week for me at the home front. Its Ashley. She's beginning to know what she wants, likes, don't like, don't want. What happened to eat, sleep, poo, eat, sleep...repeat cycle a few times a day? She is now a whinny lil girl who wants to be carried all the time.

Lately, she discovered the joy of bathing. She will sit in her tub, one hand holding onto the side, the other, palm-down at the bottom of the tub for support. She likes to sit in that position just looking at her feet under the water. I think she's not yet brave enough to let go of her hands so she just sits there, moving a little. She seems intrigued and wants to play with the water somewhat but not up to it yet. Am I making any sense?

Anyway, my MIL gave me 2 rubber duckies. I wanted to let her have her bath with them. Thought she might enjoy it. I changed my mind though. She has been having too much fun that lately, everytime I pick her up from the tub, she would cry. She would cry again when I lay her down to put on her clothes. She would continue crying even though I would try singing minus the actions since the only action I have been capable of doing is to dress her as fast as possible so she could stop crying.

The worst thing is if I bathe her prior to her milk or before her nap. Grr..she will wail like someone in the torture chamber. What to do? I still have to dress her up isn't it? Put on her diaper and all. Even though I try to pick her up, soothe her a little and then put her down so I can put her pants on, she would start again...arrrgghh dressing her up takes forever nowadays.

I think I have developed a phobia of bathing her. Seriously. Everyday, when its time for her bath, I cringe. I feel like packing her bags and tub and head over to my mom's or in laws so they can decide among themselves who should bathe her. I mean, they can have a round table discussion or whatever, I don't care.

What should I do? Ah, I need help. No, I need to be saved...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Gods Must Be Crazy, NOT

Remember this movie? Simply hilarious. Loved it to bits. Remember the coke bottle which fell from the sky? Everyone at the tribe was using it but to find it later to be 'evil' so Xi had to travel far to discard it? Yeah la, that's the movie I am talking about.

Yesterday and today, I did feel that the Gods Must Be Crazy but in a "Happy" sort of way. For one thing, the sky is simply divine today. Clear blue and sunny but not too hot. Just nice for a tub of Haagen Dazs caramel ice-cream (ok, I shall settle for Walls la cos thats what's in my fridge).

Then, Helen and Barbara had both their "high end" posts approved by PPP. PPP is one of the most sought after (and difficult to please) paid post companies by bloggers. Since there are so many bloggers around that are registered with them, its not easy to grab offers listed on their website, especially those high paying ones (think that's how it works, please correct me if I am wrong.) From what I've gathered, it has often been quite a disappointing affair writing for PPP as the offers gets snapped up pretty quickly. But these 2 stuck it out and managed to grab some big ones, which was no small feat I must add. I've already congratulated them at their respective blogs. I just wanted to share their happy moments here on my blog cos I now know what it feels like. Perhaps not at their level but pretty close.

As for me, well, today is my ANNIVERSARY!!! So, happy anniversary to me heheh..Why am I jumping for joy? The hubby will only leave for his trip this Sunday night so that means, we get to spend some quality "lou por" and "lou kong" time tonight (may involve some X-rated moves..;D). So, if I am not logged on tonight to scout for some more paid post or blog hop, you all know la what is keeping me occupied.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Blog Venture

I am in wanton need of cash. So yes, I have joined the elite in blogging society. I can't help it. The allure was too difficult to resist..heheh.

I randomly joined Bloggerwave. Well, since my blog is new and has a PRO, there isn't much out there for me to choose from are there? So, I decided, why not give it a go? The buzz word has been "paid post" on almost every blog I hop to.

My application was approved quite fast I must say. At one stage I was worried if I got the correct website..hahha..paranoia I know. I can't help it when you hear stories about spammy websites and all.

I was quite nervous actually. The payout is only $10 and I was shaking like hell while writing earlier..LOL...Imagine if it was $100, I think my fingers would have frozen. Had to type 50 words. I actually counted every word and stopped counting at 50! Sorry la, been a while since I have to write essay you know.

Wanna know how nervous I was? When counting the words, I actually counted letters instead. I said "wah, why only 3 lines and I already reached 50 words ah?" I had to *slap forhead twice* to realise its WORDS not LETTERS. And when I was done typing, I copied the codes to the "Sponsored by Bloggerwave" and paste onto "insert link". When I clicked "Preview", a whole lot of mumbo jumbo came out. Actually, all I had to do was paste the damn codes onto this blox directly (people with blogspot would know what I am talking about).

Now that I have done the initial step with paid post, I have a little more confidence to go scout for other companies. Then I will have yet another problem, my blog ain't 90 days old yet...Dang..Oh well, we'll see how it goes. I may scout around later tonight.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Special Request

This is a post dedicated to my sister, Karen who requested for me to write about the dangers of computer games.

Karen is super free and rejoicing. See, she has just quit her job to work for her future mother in law in 2 months time. In the meantime, she is currently playing computer games at home when she should be studying for her last 2 CPA papers.

Initially, I thought "What a topic? It doesn't fit into my blog genre at all." Then I suddenly felt that I DO indeed have something to say.

I just want to say....


Karen, the danger of computer games is that YOU MAY FAIL YOUR EXAMS. So, DON'T WASTE AH KEN'S MONEY AND HIT THE BOOKS!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Another day

We took Ashley for her 3rd Triple Antigen, Hepatitis B and Polio jab on Saturday. We also had the Rotavirus vaccine administered to her. So, needless to say, she wasn’t a happy camper during the weekend. However, I am happy to report that all is fine with my lil darling.

I’d have to say, we were not exactly thrilled to bits either. We left the house at 8.30 am even though her appointment wasn’t till 9.30am. We are not too fond of allowing Ashley to spend too much time at the hospital or doctors, we wanted to be there as early as possible, get it over with and ship out.

As it turned out, we waited for an hour or so before Ashley’s turn was up. There were just so many people and I couldn’t help but asked the doctor “Did the hospital close for 1 week? Why are there so many people around”. She said “no, just that for today, people decided to pop in before 9”. Damn, we were already late and I thought I was going to be early.

Ashley wasn’t too happy cos according to her doctor, she is now experiencing ‘stranger anxiety”. She winced more than usual in the room. Can I blame her? She had to wait so long to see the doctor. Poor her. I was getting restless myself. Anyway, all in all, she cried for a bit and we got out of there in a jiffy.

I suppose we didn’t help the situation either as we left Ashley to spent the night with her grandparents. Well, Hubby and I went for a wedding dinner that night. We didn’t want to bring Ashley along for obvious reasons. Since these dinners do not end early, we thought it would be better for her to spend the night at the grandparents rather than us disturbing her sleep by lugging her back close to midnight.

True enough, the dinner didn’t start and end promptly. Much has been said about our ‘respect’ for other people’s time so I shall not dwell on it here. I may have to start another topic on it.

I’d have to say, the food was scrumptious. Had a feast. Something I haven’t had in ages. Well, it feels like ages for me. I only have one complain though. The karaoke!! They had the machine for some enthusiasts out there. Fine. I am not a fan but ok, I do enjoy some live music once in a while.

The first few Malaysian Idol wannabe was damn good. I mean, they could win hands down in my books any time. I thoroughly enjoyed their singing. However, as more started to relax (probably due to the booze) and joined the bandwagon, the quality deteriorated. Really, it did. Even the 4 year-old boy sitting at the table next to ours had both hands covering his ears. He was so cute and I should’ve taken a picture. Darn!!

I casually said that perhaps they should screen the singers before letting them go on stage. Seriously, those who do not make the cut, please step aside not on stage.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ashley says...

Hi! My name is Ashley Loong. I am six months old. Tomorrow, I am going for my jab. Since it’s too complicated for me to tell you the type of jabs I will be getting, my Mommy will tell you all about it when we come home. I only hope that I won’t get fever at night. Also, I want to tell you that when I grow up, I am going to be a pilot and fly planes. I already have the outfit for it.

Hope you enjoyed my post. Thank you to all for reading. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

News Flash

When I read this, I was sick to my stomach. The little girl has since been identified. A tragedy indeed. Then again, these stories are nothing new. There have been such reports and cases of little children everywhere, all the time.

I can go on to pour my sympathies for the family and wish that the monster who did this gets caught and gets what he deserves (which is never to walk on the face of this planet). Of course I sympathize with her family and yes, I am shocked, angry, mad, outraged when I read such news. I also wish that the beast gets his due punishment. Especially now that I am a parent, these things are a lot more pertinent on my mind.

So folks, take precaution.

I don’t mean to lock your kids in the house 24/7 and not go anywhere. You can but you have to be extra careful especially when you are out with your kids at the malls or anywhere for that matter. Make sure they are with you at all times. I’m sure all parents know this but yet, I’ve seen children running around in shopping malls by themselves along the aisles or kids crying wandering in the shopping malls looking for their parents. Seriously, isn’t this a tragedy waiting to happen?

Also, if you need to grab something real quick from the shops, do not leave your child alone in the car even if its only for a mere 2 minutes. Take your child with you even if it’s just to get a newspaper or something. I did that yesterday. I parked my car and carried Ashley with me even though I went into the shop to grab a newspaper. I could’ve left her in the car, strapped to the car seat and lock the car doors while I run in quickly. I chose not to and neither should anyone attempt something like this thinking that it will be safe.

For those parents whose children are old enough to communicate, it is not a bad idea to continuously educate them that they shouldn’t talk to strangers, accept rides from strangers or accept food from strangers.

These precautionary measures are not new. Even to me. Therefore, knowing is one thing but putting it to practice is another. At times though, I even overlook these steps myself when for example, I am going through some clothes at the mall and left Ashley’s stroller a rack away from me. I know these things and yet, I am negligent. Even for a minute, I felt that I’ve neglected to be careful. Am I being too hard on myself? Not really. It is definitely better to be safe than sorry.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Good Laugh

Had one yesterday…on me actually.

We had a busy day yesterday. Hubby took a day off from work so we could run some errands. By lunchtime we were out the door. We shipped Ashley off to the grandmother’s place so we could do what we set out doing without having to fuss about her.

Ok, so yadda yadda, we were done by 4.30pm. “So, what now?” Hubby asked. “Go for your hair-cut la, remember?” I replied. Then, off we went to our family hairdresser, Ah Teng. To be more precise, she’s actually my hubby’s hairdresser. No, I’m not kidding. You see, not many people know how to cut his hair and he didn't like many of the hairdressers in town until he found Ah Teng. It’s not the hair-style or anything like that…it’s just…his hair.

We sat down. Well, I sat on the bench they provide for their “guests” who are either waiting to get their hair done or just simply waiting. I must say, the bench, its teak with no cushion whatsoever. Therefore, you can just imagine, I was there, tired from waking up so early and walking from one place to another, all I wanted was a comfy place to sit and relax while I wait for the hubs right? No such thing, sit on wood m’ dear!!

Ah Teng came over once she was done with another lady’s hair. We were there, chit-chatting with her. You know, the usual about the weather? Why we came today instead of the weekend? Did my hubby want a similar hair-cut as Ashley? Etc…

Then, my mobile rang. My sisters wanted to come over for a visit to see Ashley and to also pass me some fresh chicken my mom got from the morning market. But I had to tell them to meet me at Ah Teng’s place and that Ashley was not with us. They were naturally disappointed but still came to pass me the chicken.

So, they came, my chopstick sisters and my cousin. They too go to Ah Teng for their hair-cuts (damn, I think I should get some kind of discount or commission from Ah Teng since my entire family goes to her). You can imagine the ruckus we caused at the salon. They were laughing at my sandals. Said my sandals looked so “auntie” (old fashion) and with a strap some more, like school shoes. I do forgive them (my sisters), after all I am a decade older than them and they will have their day soon enough *evil smile*.

Finally, my hubby was done and we were all talking (very loudly) while walking out the door. Suddenly “Ei, lei em moi lei ge kai ah???” (Hey, don’t you want your chicken?) shouted Ah Teng from the background. OMG, you could have heard a pin drop and suddenly, a burst of laughter not only from my family members but also from the people in the salon!! What happened was I left the bag of chicken hanging at the tall magazine rack and forgot about it while walking out. Malu-nya !!(so embarrassing!!)

Since I've talked quite a fair bit about Ah Teng, thought I should post a pic of her, so, here is Ah Teng and Ashley after her hair-cut

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2 Things About Moi

Alright people, wanna know a lil' something about me? Here goes..the Two's about me :

Two names you go by:
1. Shireen
2. SL

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. Nightie
2. err...that's all :P

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:
1. Love
2. Romping sessions

Two things you like to do:
1. Sleep
2. Eat
(yes, I am a pig with a capital P)

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. Go to the loo
2. More moolahs :D

Two things you did last night:
1. Went to in laws for dinner
2. Fed Ashley

Two things you ate today:
1. Breakfast consisting of Coffee, Hash Browns, Baked Beans and Egg
2. I am full now *burp*

Two people you last talked to:
1. Ashley
2. Hubby

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:
1. Clean certain small section of house
2. Take care of Ashley

Favorite day of the week:

Two favorite holidays:
1. When hubby is on holiday
2. Err..all holidays

Two favorite beverages:
1. Coffee
2. Ice cream soda

Two things things you may not have known:
1. I’m fussy
2. I'm 'perasaan'

Two jobs I have had in my life:
1. Receptionist
2. Telemarketer
(Yes, I love yakking on the phone)

Two movies I would watch over and over: (and do)
1. A Few Good Men (Amazing casts and acting. One of the best of Tom Cruise even though people have told me he was better in Born on the 4th of July but I haven't seen it, so cannot comment)
2. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Hindi movie, Shah Rukh Khan...brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch it)

Two places I have lived:
1. Kedah (where I was born)
2. Selangor (where I grew up)

Two of my favorite foods:
1. Beefy Ball Noodles (in KL)
2. My mom's prawn mee (d best in the world!!)

Two places I’d rather be right now:
1. Go for a massage
2. Go for a movie at the cinema (haven't been for the longest time)

Hope this mommy is feeling better today. Her bubbly personality shines through her blog and she is realy cute too :D. Ok, maybe I am bias cos our daughters are named Ashley. So, Barb, thanks for the tag and have a great week ahead :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

What a weekend

Phew! I think I am more flat out during the weekends than weekdays. Ashley is one famous baby. We ferry her to in-laws’, my parents’ place and occasionally, to my grandmother’s place. She’s a mini celebrity in her own right.

At my parents’ yesterday is a ritual ever since I got married. Plus, to feast on my mom’s cooking. She’s a real good cook (fact 1) but she didn’t used to be until she got married. In fact, during her early years of marriage, it was my dad who taught her a thing or 2 about cooking. I guess now the “student” has become the “master”.

My mom, she loves to cook. Not only for the family but also for her friends. Yesterday, while we were having our lunch, she was still busy at the back of the kitchen. When I asked her why she didn’t want to join us for lunch, she said “Oh, I am still not hungry. I want to finish this tom yam mee hoon for Chris (her friend) cos she wants to eat”. She can never say “no”. She’s just too nice (fact 2).

We had some chit-chat as usual. Gossip and nagging more like it. My mom is a health freak (fact 3). She has all kinds of vitamins in her cupboard. She is the one to tell me what to eat, what is good. She even got me to buy this food sterilizer thingy for sterilizing meat and vegetables before cooking cos she said “Soon, Ashley will need some solids, so you better get this to sterilize her food before cooking”.

I did get a breather though. Took a short nap. It was nice to have my sisters playing with Ashley for a change. I was already drained out in the afternoon, probably due to the hearty lunch. My mom? Well, after she finished cooking for her friend, she went out with my dad to fetch my grandmother. She is a real energizer bunny (fact 4) I tell ya. She is usually up at the break of dawn and will not stop until the sun is down, way down.

My mom once quipped “I am still young. See I can do so many things. Unlike all you youngsters, do a little bit, complain tired already”. It’s quite true actually. Even though my mom is 60, she doesn’t look a day older (fact 5).

Then, my grandma arrived. So naturally Ashley was all excited cos she loves spending time with her great grand mother. My mom asked my grandma “Lai, ai chiak boh?” (Mother, want to eat?). She is the only one who speaks in Hokkien with my grandmother (fact 6). Back in those days when my parents first got married, my mom can’t speak a word of Cantonese and my grandmother can’t speak a word of Hainanese (my mom is Hainanese). The only common dialect between them was Hokkien and as they say, old habits die hard, they both speak to each other in Hokkien till this very day. My mom has since learnt Cantonese but still a little “broken”.

However, don’t be mistaken, my mom can be one feisty woman (fact 7). She doesn’t like people who smoke. “Bad for health” she would say. So, she told us that when my dad proposed, she gave him a conditional “yes”. On the condition that he stops smoking. You can never get my dad to do anything but that he did, stopped smoking for my mom.

Speaking of my mom when she got married, my mom used to be very fashionable in her younger days (fact 8). She would wear the hippi-est clothes and mini-est skirts. In fact, my aunties used to seek her fashion advice and even used to borrow her clothes.

My mom is the epitome of what a mom is and should be. Well, to me at least. I would be very happy if I can be half as good as her. She works hard for the family, is a devoted mother, wife, daughter and daughter-in law.

There! I thought I’d never finished. I struggled. I struggled because there’s just too many things to say, too many to write. To sum my mom up to just 8 facts after all these years, being there for me during my childhood, growing up, adult years and now, as a mother myself, I found it difficult. Thanks to this Mommy for the tag, it was a pleasure reading yours.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Good News and Bad News

For starters, its the weekend and I am drained. Left early to 1Utama this morning (to avoid heavy traffic and to get a good parking spot) for some grocery shopping. Ashley was well behaved. I was worried she would get cranky but she didn't so it was good. We were only there for an hour tops. You all know how I "love" shopping right.

Had lunch, did laundry and since the lil one is asleep, thought I'd post something up before I continue with some other chores around the house.


I have some good and bad news. Lets start with the Bad News first.

Bad news
Hubby has to travel in 2 weeks time. He is scheduled for a week's meeting but have set a buffer for 2 weeks (just in case). I know I should be used to this, being on my own with Ashley but honestly, I'd like him to be around. Knowing my hubby, he will not be at ease with me being alone so Ashley and I will most probably get shipped to my in-laws place. On top of that, he won't be around for our 6th marriage anniversary..Boo hoo..:(

Good news
I guess to make up for that, he bought tickets to the exhibition tennis match in Nov 22 between my tennis idol and Pete Sampras!!! Yiippiiee-kai-yay!!! I am a happy camper. Doesn't take much to make me happy now does it? :) So, please please, frens and family...pray that I get to go and that the match won't be cancelled at the last minute.

Alright. I think I've said enough for a Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What have I learned?

That I will never look like Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives no matter what I do

That what they say about men not being able to handle labour pains, its true and its not even a joke

That sleep deprivation has a new meaning altogether

That there’s no use in planning your day, its pointless

That a little baby can accumulate stuff and generate poo more than an average adult

That multi-tasking is up at a whole new level

That going out takes a lot more effort, A LOT

That I can transform into a singer and dancer when my child beckons

That I have successfully morphed into my mom

That I can do things I never thought I could do

That a mother’s job isn’t at all glamorous but it is indeed fulfilling

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Look what I found

I don’t know why but this morning when I woke up, I craved for a sardine sandwich. No, it’s not a pregnancy craving, just felt like having one since it has been quite a while. Besides, I remembered my MIL passing me a small tin of sardines some days ago.

So, downstairs I went and found my tin nicely tucked away in my little cupboard full of other canned food (I know, I am so not healthy. I vow to change). Ha! What luck!! Ok, I shall make my sardine sandwich later for lunch.

Seeing as how my culinary skills are nothing to shout about, I decided not to take and post any pictures of my step-by-step making of the sandwich. However, I will tell you (briefly else you might be bored to tears) how I prepare “my version” of a sardine sandwich though.

I will normally cut up some onions and some red chillis. Drop a tiny bit of oil onto the frying-pan, fry the onions and chillis for a wee bit. Then, in goes the sardines. Mix it all up and voila!! My sardines are done. Slap some butter on your bread, scoop some of the hot yummy blob onto your buttered bread and you’re ready to go.

Before I started frying, I sort of had a hunch I had run out of red chillis but I knew somewhere in my fridge, I had some chili padi lurking around. It works as well, only spicier. I rummaged through my fridge. Couldn’t find it. I searched high and low, still nothing. In the midst of all the searching, I realized at that moment, what a clutter my fridge was and still is. You know how at the inside of the fridge’s door, there are 2 small trays at the top and one big one at the bottom? Well, this is what I found splattered on the second-top tray…

Get a load of that!! I didn’t realize how many tomato and chili sauce packets we accumulated over the past year or so since we moved into our own place. See, my hubby is not the type who likes to throw stuff like these away. He will say “Still can eat mah, no need to buy chili or tomato sauce”. The thing is, we hardly ever use chili or tomato sauce so that is why la. I think I can sell them back to McD, KFC or Burger King, wouldn't you agree?

Ok, back to my chili padi. I finally found them. Have a look.

I am not sure if it is clear enough but if you look REAL close its all shrivelled up. Why? I found it under the pile of chili and tomato sauce packets.

Sigh…its high time I start cleaning the fridge to see what else is underneath what.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Look

We took Ashley for a haircut 2 weeks ago. I know, what haircut? She barely has any hair on her tiny head. True but she sweats a lot so we thought it best to shave her head *gasp*

I can’t remember when I had my first haircut or what it felt like. What I do remember though, was every time my mom “tried” to cut my hair (yeah, my mom cut my hair when I was little, no hairdresser), I would run around the house screaming and yelling, refusing to let the scissors come within 2 inches from me. I would climb up and down the bed, sofa, if I had been any taller (and faster) I would’ve opened the gate and run away from the house. I hate having my hair cut when I was little. It was utter torture for me.

We went into the salon, sat Ashley down on hubby’s lap. My hairdresser, Ah Teng was kind enough to attend to us straightaway. She placed a towel around Ashley’s neck. Should’ve taken some pictures but I was busy helping Ah Teng by holding Ashley’s head steady while she ran the razor over her head. Was such a pitiful sight as Ashley went from head almost full of hair to really short crew cut (we decided not to go Yul Brynner on her, poor thing).

So while Ah Teng was doing her stuff, then came 2 little kids. Curious and excited little kids. They were about 6 and 2 I think. The 2 year old was simply fascinated with Ashley, touching her hands, feet, face. Ashley didn’t seem to mind at all. Then suddenly!! Piak!!! Right there on Ashley’s face!!! The 2 year old smacked my baby’s face thankfully missing her eyes. WTF??? Immediately I turned into a lioness, roaring at that lil monster, pounced and tore that mongrel into pieces with my claws and ate her alive. Nobody smacks my baby and get away with it, you twirt.

Ok that was slightly exaggerated. I didn’t roar neither did I tear anyone apart with my finely manicured nails. I gently pulled the lil one away and glared at the mother sitting down just 1 feet away seemingly amused by the entire fiasco.

Then, Piak!! Again, Ashley’s face got smacked into. I swear, this time there shall be no mercy as my fangs were in full view. Not at the lil girl but at the mother! *rolls eyes*. She was there again, sitting pretty, not even moving an inch while her daughter goes on a rampage, abusing little babies. Even Ah Teng got a little worked up and screamed “Diana!! Stop it!! Go away!!”.

I sensed that the lil girl will not stop, I scooped her up and spoke with her gently not to smack Ashley. She was ok after that and damn, she’s heavy. What on earth does the mother feed her? She weighs a ton.

Ah Teng quickly wrapped things up, brush the remnants of hair off from Ashley’s neck area and shirt. My hubby got up and handed her to me while he grabbed Ashley change of clothes. As for Ashley, well, she sat still most of the time. Probably thought that lil girl was playing with her even though she got 2 slaps on her face. Surprisingly, Ashley didn’t wince or cry during the haircut and the unpleasant encounter.

MIL was pleased that we finally gave Ashley her haircut. I only managed to take the before and after shot.

"Before" Shot :

"After" Shot :

Monday, September 10, 2007


Have you ever been in this situation before? I have, countless times and now I am in it (this situation).

See, I couldn’t decide what to write today. I have a serious one and one, well…not so serious but both, I shoved down the toilet bowl cos I’ve decided on an impromptu post (again).

Inspiration for this post…none other than my tennis idol, Roger Federer, who won his 12th Grand Slam in the wee hours of the morning (my time). A match I didn’t watch because when I woke up around 4 this morning, it was raining heavily and there was no signal on the dum-dum Astro. So, I went back to bed thinking I would wake up again an hour later to catch a glimpse of him holding the trophy. Nope, that didn’t happen either cos I over-slept and only woke up at 8. By the time I went downstairs, delayed telecast of football was on…Damnit!!!

So, how much was his prize money? A whopping USD2.2 mil!! That is equivalent to…a lot of Ringgit Malaysia (sorry la, I am not so good in math and conversion). Needless to say that’s a whole lot of Nasi Briyani I can buy to eat in my lifetime ok. I can even bring back the damn cook who used to make the prawn and nasi dish I used to like at the restaurant I used to frequent ever so often before I got pregnant. I can even take over the damn restaurant and make sure they don’t go changing my favourite dishes as and when they like.

A millionaire at 26, not bad eh? In fact he was already a millionaire at 20 if I am not mistaken when he won his first grand slam at Wimbledon. Now, if I were the parent, I would feel that all my years of investment (in terms of $$) did not go to waste and he actually did earn back the money (and more) I spent on the tennis lessons I gave him, wouldn’t you think so?

And so, I have decided. Actually I decided a long time ago that Ashley will be groomed to be the next “Roger Federer”. Well, the female version. In fact, I had wanted to name her “Rogena” after the great man himself if it weren’t for my hubby who stepped in with his big foot to say “NO, not in this lifetime honey”. Ok nevermind, its just a name. I will contend with Ashley.

Just go along with me and my ideology here for a wee minute. Just think, all of us (average income earner parents) are saving up for our kids’ education in the future. Overseas education since that seems to be the trend. Parents were seen to sell their houses, cars and what not to fund the kids education since its not cheap you know. Of course, parents these days are smarter. They invest in education insurance plans for their kids. A newborn baby, barely even crawling already has an insurance plan to his/her name.

Why overseas education? Better job prospects because ‘cham ko ham sui fan lei hou tit keh” (loosely translated to “Having soaked in salt water before coming back is always better”). You can also negotiate for better entry pay since you have Masters and PhD. Increment also better since you are overseas graduate. You also don’t have to do your own photocopying, get to travel to meet with high end customers, order people around at your first year in the working world.

Is this ultimately true? Yes and No. Yes, there are some selected people who have “made” it in the working world and are earning mega bucks. No because the majority are still hanging around, working hard, waiting for the person on top to vacate their seat so they might have 1/10 chance of planting their bum on that coveted seat but that person is not going to leave anytime soon cos he/she is only 30 and if the person above that person is only 35, well…enuff said. Your salary is nothing to shout about either since you have to share the increment pool with 7 others in your department. You get frustrated, jaded, de-motivated and you hate your job.

Your parents? Seems like the $$ spent all went down the drain isn’t it because you can’t even buy your own Merc with your first pay check or better still, the parents will have to supplement your monthly salary and put a down payment for you to purchase your dream Honda Civic even after 3 years of working.

Roger Federer, on the other hand, do not have this problem. Neither do his parents I am very sure. You see, while all you graduates still have to learn how to use the photocopy machine or how to work the coffee machine (since you are not “big” enough to get the tea lady to serve you coffee) at the age of 23 or 24, Roger has done all the fundamentals in his career at the age of 9 or 10 as a ball boy. By the time he is 17, he already turned professional and probably with his first pay-check, was able to buy himself a S-Class. At the age of 25, while most of you are lucky enough to get promoted to “Senior” because all the seniors have left the company, Roger is already flying to the next tournament in his private jet. Did I also mention that he can already retire at the age of 30, have kids, take a back seat and enjoy life. If he is smart, he can set up his own tennis academy just to have something to do during retirement and keep the $$ rolling in.

So, don’t you think that THAT is the kind of life you want for your kid(s)? I sure as hell do and that’s exactly what I am going to do. Yep, my lil Ashley will be the next tennis sensation. And I will be up on the stands cheering my lil girl on, wearing oversized sunglasses and with my hair dyed blonde.

Before I get all excited, I must first wake up from this fabulously perfect DREAM and make sure she has the talent la. If she is anything like me, she can just resort to playing badminton with her father on the grandmother’s lawn :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm Not A Plastic Bag

You know how most people will plan for a short trip out somewhere when there is a looming long weekend ahead. Either that or throng the malls. Yes, we Malaysians love our malls. We go to the mall every weekend, birthday, anniversary, first date. For every occasion, there’s the mall for it.

Not wanting to be left out, I too had my fair share of gallivanting at the “Mall”. On Saturday, I went to…

Yup, I went to Jaya Supermarket. Why? Less people, no need to drive round, looking for parking space, no need to tail people coming out to the car park so that I can get their parking spot when they leave.

Those days, Jaya Supermarket was the only “happening” shopping mall in PJ when I was little. I used to jump for joy every time my Dad (sounding like the captain at boot camp) says “We are going to Jaya tonight. Hurry up, eat your dinner.”. As we are about to enter the parking lot of Jaya, I would hope and pray that my Dad would park at the basement cos see, there’s a fish pond at the foot of the spiral staircase leading up to the main floor of the shopping complex and I love to look at the fishes as I walk past and up the stairs. When and if I am at the 4th floor (I think that is the highest), I would lean over the railing to look down at the fish pond but my Dad would go (again, with his stern demeanor) “Shireen, get down from there!!”.

Well, I went to Jaya cos I wanted to get my magazine and some last minute groceries. There’s a bookstore up on the 2nd floor. As I was walked up, I passed this stall selling bags. Guess what? I’m Not a Plastic Bag, bag was up on the rack. Haha..I couldn’t resist getting it after this mommy posted her catch from Petaling Street. The bag is supposedly an ‘in thing’ to own. The original Anya Hindmarch looks like this :

And this is mine :

I rationalized that since I hadn’t bought a bag in ages and I needed one, that isn’t fading or lost its shape, to put all my womanly stuff, what the heck, just get it la right? Some retail therapy could actually do some good.

I brought it home and my 18 year old-knows-everything-and-anything-current sister said “Omg, you got THAT bag ah?! How much did you pay for it? Of course I proudly said (while swinging the bag left and right) “Only RM40” *snigger*. Then she retorted “Omg, the Curve flea market selling for RM38 la !!!”…Shik-zzzennn!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm Back

First of all, thank you all for your kind wishes. I managed to get some rest on Sunday night and the whole of Monday cos I shipped my baby and hubby off to MIL’s place.

Now that I am up and about, I actually have a few things I wanted to write but I shall start with a 3 answer to 13 questions tag from dear Helen. Initially, I thought aiyah so simple, can do with my eyes closed. Then, not even half-way through, I was already stumped! It took me a lot longer to complete than I'd expected (minus the other activities I had lined up before me i.e laundry, poo cleaning, diaper changing, feeding, etc…)

1. Three things that scare me
a) Ghost, Ghost stories
b) Losing my sanity
c) That I’m not a good enough mom to Ashley

2. Three people who make me laugh
a) Ashley
b) My hubby when he says “resistance is futile” (with “yum” look)
c) My sisters

3) Three things I love (apart from my family cos it goes without saying)
a) Bags and purses
b) Money (so I can buy more bags and purses)
c) Good food

4) Three things I hate
a) My ‘aunty flo’ who comes for a monthly visit
b) Discrimination
c) Poo

5) Three things I don't understand
a) Why there isn’t more than 24 hours in a day
b) Why good-looking men are usually gay
c) How come Rafael Nadal is still in the US Open

6) Three things on my desk
a) Computer
b) Modem
c) Coffee mug

7) Three things I'm doing right now
a) Posting
b) Reading my post
c) Edit my post

8) Three things I want to do before I die
a) Whale watching
b) Visit the Greek Islands
c) Learn to ride a ‘kapchai’

9) Three things I can do
a) Fishing and expert at it too (each time my hubby cleans the fish pond, I will volunteer to ‘fish’ out the fishes for him)
b) Sleep, sleep and sleep
c) Do french pleats with my hair in under 1 min

10) Three things I can't do
a) Shop for more than 3 hours at a time, I get restless
b) Remember directions
c) Assemble DIY stuffs

11) Three things I should listen to
a) Mommy’s wise words
b) My instincts
c) My stomach growling right now (I’m hungry!!)

12) Three things you should never listen to
a) Show-Offs
b) Get-rich-quick schemes
c) Celebrities who announce that they don’t do plastic surgery

13) Three shows I watched as a kid
a) Fantasy Island
b) Knight Rider
c) MacGyver

Will not be tagging anyone at the mo. I need to go eat now cos I am super hungry, plus Ashley is sleeping so better munch away before she wakes up.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I've caught the flu-bug!!! Hate it. It happened this morning. Since I'm under the weather, its only advisable that I continue blogging when I am well. Sorry for this and wish me well...:(
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