Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Gods Must Be Crazy, NOT

Remember this movie? Simply hilarious. Loved it to bits. Remember the coke bottle which fell from the sky? Everyone at the tribe was using it but to find it later to be 'evil' so Xi had to travel far to discard it? Yeah la, that's the movie I am talking about.

Yesterday and today, I did feel that the Gods Must Be Crazy but in a "Happy" sort of way. For one thing, the sky is simply divine today. Clear blue and sunny but not too hot. Just nice for a tub of Haagen Dazs caramel ice-cream (ok, I shall settle for Walls la cos thats what's in my fridge).

Then, Helen and Barbara had both their "high end" posts approved by PPP. PPP is one of the most sought after (and difficult to please) paid post companies by bloggers. Since there are so many bloggers around that are registered with them, its not easy to grab offers listed on their website, especially those high paying ones (think that's how it works, please correct me if I am wrong.) From what I've gathered, it has often been quite a disappointing affair writing for PPP as the offers gets snapped up pretty quickly. But these 2 stuck it out and managed to grab some big ones, which was no small feat I must add. I've already congratulated them at their respective blogs. I just wanted to share their happy moments here on my blog cos I now know what it feels like. Perhaps not at their level but pretty close.

As for me, well, today is my ANNIVERSARY!!! So, happy anniversary to me heheh..Why am I jumping for joy? The hubby will only leave for his trip this Sunday night so that means, we get to spend some quality "lou por" and "lou kong" time tonight (may involve some X-rated moves..;D). So, if I am not logged on tonight to scout for some more paid post or blog hop, you all know la what is keeping me occupied.


keeyit said...

I remember this guy.. BUT long long time ago... BUT I forgot who other actors in this movie..

Mommy to Chumsy said...

haaha...writing about me? thanks *blush*

Happy Belated Anniversary to you. So how was the celebration?

Helen said...

Hey, happy belated anniversary. I was half hoping you'll blog about your anniversary 'date'with lou kong! :-P

PPP has plenty of ops. But then I'm not ambitious. I try not to be. SOmetimes when I get greedy, I always try to hold myself back. I dun know if it's a good thing or not, but it's a personal choice.... it's more to do with self discipline. I just try not to be consumed with any one thing. :-)

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