Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Blog Venture

I am in wanton need of cash. So yes, I have joined the elite in blogging society. I can't help it. The allure was too difficult to resist..heheh.

I randomly joined Bloggerwave. Well, since my blog is new and has a PRO, there isn't much out there for me to choose from are there? So, I decided, why not give it a go? The buzz word has been "paid post" on almost every blog I hop to.

My application was approved quite fast I must say. At one stage I was worried if I got the correct website..hahha..paranoia I know. I can't help it when you hear stories about spammy websites and all.

I was quite nervous actually. The payout is only $10 and I was shaking like hell while writing earlier..LOL...Imagine if it was $100, I think my fingers would have frozen. Had to type 50 words. I actually counted every word and stopped counting at 50! Sorry la, been a while since I have to write essay you know.

Wanna know how nervous I was? When counting the words, I actually counted letters instead. I said "wah, why only 3 lines and I already reached 50 words ah?" I had to *slap forhead twice* to realise its WORDS not LETTERS. And when I was done typing, I copied the codes to the "Sponsored by Bloggerwave" and paste onto "insert link". When I clicked "Preview", a whole lot of mumbo jumbo came out. Actually, all I had to do was paste the damn codes onto this blox directly (people with blogspot would know what I am talking about).

Now that I have done the initial step with paid post, I have a little more confidence to go scout for other companies. Then I will have yet another problem, my blog ain't 90 days old yet...Dang..Oh well, we'll see how it goes. I may scout around later tonight.


cbenc12 said...

Woo.. first time.. gambateh and hope u have fun ~

Helen said...

Nice going!! lol

Like you say, another few more days and your blog will get to pick the crop of paid post companies out there! :-)

Yeah, in the beginning I do count my words too.. but now not as much. lol In all honesty, if I am passionate about something, churning out 100-150 is sapsap sooi. It's just the grammar... I always go over and over again. :-P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahaha...well done. Your post is very well written :D Good luck to you and may you make lots of moolah!! ;D

adrian said...

Wah... congrats, congrats. I look forward to ur paid posts. May u be successful and pocket more $$$ from ur blog.

Shireen Loh said...

cbenc12 : Yeah I do hope I will have fun and thanks heaps for dropping by.

Helen : Me not pro la. Think I will use Words to count from now on..LOL..

Mum2Chum : You always the nicest things *hugz*...thanks :)

Adrian : Woah, me still wanna fly below radar la..Me feel like pre-schooler learning ABC hehe..thanks for your support and wishes, appreciate it :)

zewt said...

sigh... money.... money...

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