Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mickey mouse bread

Thank God for digital cameras!! They are so easy to use and can be quite handy when you want to capture everyday stuffs like the one you see above.

I made this today. As a matter of fact, I make them almost every day thanks to Ash. These are actually mickey mouse-shaped french toasts and choc milk for her mid-morning snack. She loves mickey mouse EVERYTHING. If I can get a mickey mouse-shaped vege, I think she'll just whack them like crazy too..heheh...

Ash's been eating on her own since she was a year plus. I don't feed her. Yes, she makes a mess and it was tough when I had to get down to clean up after her when I was pregnant with Em. But still I persevered because if there's anything I lack is patience. I can't be arse-d spending hours on end feeding her. So, I figured, short term pain for long term gain :-).

It worked beautifully.....until she became a somewhat lazy smarty pants. These days, she'll look at her plate, pick out the things that she likes and leave the rest. Then, she'll take her own sweet time, giving me a smile or two but still, she just won't touch her food.

So, these days, in order to get her to eat the "rest" on her plate, I'd feed her. Oh the thing I hated most and I have to do it now. But, thankfully, she chomps down her food pretty quickly. Otherwise, I'll get more headache than I planned to!

How about you? Do you still have to feed your toddler or is your toddler a champ?

Monday, March 29, 2010

too much fairy tales

Momsie to Ash : Come here Ashley,..kiss mommy.

Ash to Momsie : No, no....Ashy gurl kiss a-frog!!

evidence of watching too much Princess and the Frog. Personally, I didn't enjoy it as much as the original..hehhehe...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

good news on Em

Em's stool sample results came back negative for any bacteria contamination so which means she's not allergic to any food or that swallowed a bird. The doc mentioned that it's likely to be a viral infection of some sort and that this will pass in a week or so.

I'm certainly glad. At least I don't have to look for a specific hard-to-find formula or change her diet. It will be a totally different story if I was say, looking for the best treatment for hemorrhoids but I'm not.

However, I will let her stay on milk and instant cereal for now. No fresh foods or whatever until she is better. I don't want to risk her stomach from getting any worst. Will this help at all? I honestly don't know. I'll have to give it a try for now, at least till the end of the week. After that, I will gradually re-introduce her to her usual solids. No fish. I think I will take her off fish for now. Even though she's been ok with fish but at times, it's after she has had her fish, she's unwell. So, no fish at this time.

I am relieved and I'm sure her bum is too. Lets hope there won't be another repeat..**crossing fingers**

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

time for a holiday

Oh yes, it's time. Lil monster is almost a year old now. Gosh, how time flies? Yes she is -- an almost 12 month old baby. And I won't be able to call her baby anymore because she'll be moving on to toddler-hood. Despite her difficult-ness, she's a real darling.

Speaking of Em, she's better today. Her poo-ing is improv-ing...hehehe...did I just say that? LOL..yep, it has and I am certainly glad. I hope to get positive news from the paed tomorrow for the stool sample she took.

Ok, so back to the beginning. We need a holiday. Or rather, I need a holiday. But, traveling with 2 kids below the ages of 5 isn't exactly what I call a 'holiday'. So, in order to soften the energy sapping blow, we'll invite PIL along hehhehhe...**evil grin**.

But, first and foremost, we need to get some things ready if we're really going away. Oh, things like making sure I get rid of the kangaroo pouch I've been lugging around for the past year. Doesn't look like it's leaving anytime soon but I hope to do something about it and do it soon too.

I will start by searching for every fat burner reviews out there that I can get my hands into. And then, I am going to sieve through the good and not so good and pick the best. After that, I am going to put them into practice. So far so good? Well, we shall see...won't we? ;-)

Monday, March 22, 2010

lil' monster down

Poor Em...she's not feeling well. She's got a bad case of diarrhoea.

Went to the paed this afternoon and since she presented the paed with samples of her stool, we will only know the outcome of the lab test on Wednesday the earliest. According to the paed, she either has an infection or allergic reaction or even indigestion. Em's doc asked us to stop feeding her with her regular milk and prescribed a lactose-free formula instead plus some pro-biotic i.e . colon and body cleansers.

The good thing is that she's still her bubbly self. Other than her constant purging, she has appetite to eat and the will to fight with her sis :-). So, lets hope that she'll get over this soon...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday randomness

I did mention in one of my other posts that I bumped into an old couple friend while looking for acne products? I did. Since its been ages since we've met, she was naturally surprised that I am a SAHM aka housewife.

"So who is taking care of your kids?"


"Wow...no way! I totally salute you. I can't do it. If I had to stay at home with my kids anymore than the weekends, I'd tear my head off!!"

Yes, my lovely friend has a wicked sense of humour.

It's not the first time I have had such a response to err..my "occupation". One thing's for sure, it's nearly impossible these days for city-folks to live on a single income. It's true. Being a single-income family means we have to sacrificed certain luxuries which we could otherwise enjoy if both were working.

Plus, it's not highly advisable to put all your eggs in one basket (so to speak) because no one knows what lies in the future; there are no guarantees in jobs or businesses.

The other reason why some women may gasp at such a situation is the fact that it really isn't easy having to care for kids 24/7. Most of the time, it's more difficult than closing a multi-million dollar business deal. But, the funny thing about nature is that for some strange reason, you can do it. No one can do it better or worst than the other -- it's possible for everyone. It's a matter of how much you're willing to give it a try. Nurturing your child is nothing but nature's job. If that made any sense at all. But, I'm sure you get what I mean.

Don't get my wrong, I'm not saying that all moms should stay at home and those who don't aren't moms at all. Certainly not. All I am saying is that, it's ok to work but don't be "afraid" of being at home if you need to because if you're a mom, chances are you'll do fine.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some updates

Ash had a good time during her bday celebration last Sunday. So good that she fell ill. LOL..It was my fault really, she went on and on for 48 hours straight with little rest and plenty of exercise. So, she started having her sniffles on Saturday but since we already called all the relatives, we didn't want to disappoint.

It was good but of course, we wished she hadn't been sick. But she's better today. I'm keeping her indoors for the past couple of days. Besides, no playgroup this week since its the school holidays. We'll just let her rest and recuperate at home.

Hubby's work schedule's been pretty tight the past weeks. It will continue till the end of the month. So, we haven't done much to the girls' room as yet. We have called the 'air-con' man to come fix one this weekend. Hope he gets it done. I have cleaned up the room and now, it looks at least presentable. By that, I mean you can see the floors finally..heheh...Ash got a set of bedsheet and matching curtains as a birthday gift which is absolutely perfect. So, let me work on that a little bit more and then I can snap some pics :-).

Ash has her own single bed which we will move over together with Em's cot. But first thing's first -- we need to shift our wardrobe and chest-drawer out. Things seems very simple on paper but trust me, it isn't.

I'll update more later when err...more is done. :-D

Monday, March 15, 2010

musical theatre for kids..

Hey guys, I know the school hols are here and if you're wondering what to do or you want to do something fun with your kids, check this out :

Perfect for kids from 4 to 8 yo.

I will confess that I've not seen it but I was contemplating on it when I saw the adverts at the mall recently. And as luck will have it, one of the volunteer moms at Ash's playgroup swore that it's really good. Her son loved it to bits!!

If you're interested, you can check out the details here..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

good things

The weekend is looming once again. Time seems to run by mighty quickly lately. Then again, they always have, haven't they? :-)

It's always nice to focus on the good things we are blessed with. And, what's more lovely is when you hear the many good things happening around you. It's like the positive vibe and energy is all around. It can be simple things like friends getting married (finally!!), or your best bud's got a promotion. Or, perhaps, even hearing someone finally selling their house. A retiring couple finally decided on a place they can call home.

I know for a fact, my little Ash will have good things come her way this weekend. We will be celebrating her birthday early this year. Again, I hadn't plan on doing anything for her other than getting her a cake and some candles and let her blow them out. But, as usual, my mom would hear nothing of it -- she insisted on a mini celebration for her. So, I told her that it'll just be amongst family and she agreed.

So, we'll be kind of busy this weekend. In fact, I've gotta go shopping tomorrow. Hope to get some cute party stuff and I might just throw in netbooks as lucky draws!! heheh...I'm kidding.

Anyway, you guys have a fun weekend.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

life isn't all black and white

it isn't -- it's more colourful than you can imagine.

I know for a fact that mine is (colourful).

There were initial struggles for sure especially when lil Em was little-ler. But, it seems that lately, the girls entertain themselves without me having to do that for them. Of course, I still watch over them...like a hawk because Em is still aftter all, just a baby. It's nice and heartwarming to see them being what they are..

Just this evening, Ash refused to go to bed without Em. Regardless of what we told her (that Em wasn't ready for bed just yet), Ash insisted. So, hubby had to carry lil' monster inc up to accompany the sister.

To me, these are positive signs when I am about to embark on this 'huge project' of mine. I just hope that when the real test comes, they'll pass with flying colors (or without aiming too high, just pass will do lar..)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

post CNY project

It's funny when you think about it -- most would've at least embarked on a household project before CNY and possibly finished it by CNY. But not us, we have decided to wait and get it done after..heheh...

Just to let you know, the delay was on purpose because it involves the girls. We intend on shipping them out of our room into their own. Yes, lil Em included. It will be tough I anticipate but we just have to stick to our guns and get them out by this year at the very least.

That will inevitably mean their room will have to be cleaned up firstly because we've been using it as our store, keeping all our junks and our 'walk-in' wardrobe. Now, we have to move our stuff out and to do that, we have to first get rid of them. You know what that means don't you -- lots of work to be done!

I'll keep you posted on our little project and how 'successful' we are/will be...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

back to the grind

CNy ended last Sunday. It was a pretty hectic but fun 2 weeks. Hubby worked a total of 3 days throughout thanks largely to the many public holidays we were accorded. Of course, there was also the not-so fun part where BIL and family had the flu. My FIL included, he couldn't breathe very well and all. Luckily, there was no need for an emergency medical assistance from the docs. Thankfully, everyone recovered. BIL and family have gone back home and FIL is as good as new.

Now, we've been back to our old routine for the past couple of days. Ash resumed her playgroup session on Monday. She was happy. So am I actually because the kids are more settled. You'll know what I mean when you have kids -- the more unpredictable they are, the less you enjoy your days. With kids around, you have this desperate need to know what's coming up next...and next...and next..

Oh and I bumped into an old couple friend the other day. They also have 2 kids, 2 boys to be exact. The mom looked fab while I, urm...lets just say no one's gonna hand me the 'hot mama' award anytime soon. And so, you know, we went off on how when you have kids, you suddenly have the ability to move faster and your reflexes tend to be top notch as well (if it wasn't the case before...like mine).

It is really amazing how having kids can really change you. If you were one who couldn't care about anything in the world, you miraculously do now. And, if you are to leave this earth now (I know...choy choy choy!), it'll be ok because nothing else matters except your kids. Strange but true.

Plus, I am reflecting on today's joy -- the girls having fun together. Finally. Still a little rusty but little monster inc sure is getting there. I give them another 6 months or so and they'll be able to play (and fight) together. We'll see..
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