Wednesday, March 10, 2010

life isn't all black and white

it isn't -- it's more colourful than you can imagine.

I know for a fact that mine is (colourful).

There were initial struggles for sure especially when lil Em was little-ler. But, it seems that lately, the girls entertain themselves without me having to do that for them. Of course, I still watch over a hawk because Em is still aftter all, just a baby. It's nice and heartwarming to see them being what they are..

Just this evening, Ash refused to go to bed without Em. Regardless of what we told her (that Em wasn't ready for bed just yet), Ash insisted. So, hubby had to carry lil' monster inc up to accompany the sister.

To me, these are positive signs when I am about to embark on this 'huge project' of mine. I just hope that when the real test comes, they'll pass with flying colors (or without aiming too high, just pass will do lar..)


Ann said...

hahaa....I also hope they will pass. Really so sweet to see big sister want to do stuff with the little sister!

mommy to chumsy said...

i like how you always refer Em as lil monster inc...heheheeheh.

sting said...

good luck and I do hope the huge project will be a huge success :-)

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