Thursday, March 11, 2010

good things

The weekend is looming once again. Time seems to run by mighty quickly lately. Then again, they always have, haven't they? :-)

It's always nice to focus on the good things we are blessed with. And, what's more lovely is when you hear the many good things happening around you. It's like the positive vibe and energy is all around. It can be simple things like friends getting married (finally!!), or your best bud's got a promotion. Or, perhaps, even hearing someone finally selling their house. A retiring couple finally decided on a place they can call home.

I know for a fact, my little Ash will have good things come her way this weekend. We will be celebrating her birthday early this year. Again, I hadn't plan on doing anything for her other than getting her a cake and some candles and let her blow them out. But, as usual, my mom would hear nothing of it -- she insisted on a mini celebration for her. So, I told her that it'll just be amongst family and she agreed.

So, we'll be kind of busy this weekend. In fact, I've gotta go shopping tomorrow. Hope to get some cute party stuff and I might just throw in netbooks as lucky draws!! heheh...I'm kidding.

Anyway, you guys have a fun weekend.


mommy to chumsy said...

Happy Birthday Dear Ashley :) Have a blast on your birthday :)

Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Ashley! Hope you all have a small blasting time!

Shireen Loh said...

Thanks dear Aunty Barb and Aunty Ann!! :-)

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