Friday, April 20, 2012



How do you like the treatment to the image above? 

I'm still trying to figure that one out. I'm not sure if I am entirely satisfied with it. I'm not sure. Oh, that's Ash by the way. And I've got the camera all wrongly focused. I could tell you that "I was aiming for her neck, collar, hair below the ear...". Yeah, right! I was aiming at the flower but for some reason, the camera wasn't reading it. 

The photo is fine in itself as in I am ok with it. Just needs a little boost.'s Friday and I am allowed to ramble on pure nonsense a bit. SPent the morning with Mini. Her weekends begins earlier than most people. SHe only goes to school 3 times a week. Won't you working folks love a 3-day work week? Work 3 days, get paid for 5? Now that's what I call a dream job! :-D.

As much as not fancying Djokovic, he really grows on you. He does. I mean, it's literally impossible to hate him, you know. He's so generous, yet sneaky; he shows a lot on court. He gives out a lot too. He's like your first taste of alcohol : bitter...but as you drink more, it becomes..a habit. Oh, the tennis season has just started. The 'real' tennis season that is. So, if you know me, I won't be much use to anyone right now...hehehe :-P.

What else? Ah..yes. Sister's wedding looming near. I've got almost everything I need for the occasion (except for, maybe, leather briefcases heheh). Just maybe still a little tentative on the day-time outfit. I am still undecided. The girls have their frocks ready and Ash can't wait to wear hers. She even thinks she is also getting married. You know what, I am going to leave that section of the parenting rulebook to hubby. I am going to sit this one out.

Ok. I am off. Lots to do this weekend. Have a great one!

Mini in school

Mini survived the 1st term of school. That means, we have to pay for 2nd term school fees soon. Drats! Hopeless mommy!

Anyway, I am glad because a couple of hours free of kids, tantamount to a couple of hours of sanity. Yeah! 

I'm glad she loves going to school. Maybe the fact that she's familiar with the people and the place helps a great deal. So too early to judge if she likes the concept of school. Plus, she likes to think she's much older than her real age. She's always saying she's 5 and that she is a big girl and she can do many things. Oh, how I wish mommy wishes!

Oh, and she's quite the social butterfly too. she's the kind who'll go "where's the party dude? I'll be there" Yeah, like that. WOrrying? Naturally! But, not so much me but more so MIL and hubby..hahhaha. I am like "hey, whatever. you only live once". I'll get killed if MIL reads this. I am supposed to be their protector, keep them safe...not turn them into some meth loving party animal! 

OK, I say 'relax', "chill". SHe's only 3 (not even 3 but soon), who knows her future. If I can read into the future, I'd be a billionaire by now. Most importantly, I say, embrace her now. Don't limit her abilities. Give her space to grow. She's doing fine. A bull no doubt but she's just fine. Besides, I've discovered she's actually a very good shopping partner. Win-win I say! And yes, don't tell MIL I take her out shopping - I will get the axe!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keeping up with Ash

Ash loves to draw...and colour..and paint...and do crafty things. 

I don't. I have neither the patience nor the inclination for such handy-work. Most of the time, my cow looks like a dog. Or my elephant will look like a dog. Either way, all animals look the same in my 'artistic' world. Don't even go where the stick figures go. 

Plus, doing all of these stuffs, they can get pretty messy. I hate messy because not only I have to clean them up, I have to clean up the mess. Mess + I = ^%&^%$%$%$^!! Not that I am a very neat person, nor am I an OCD..I just don't really need to add another JD to my work, if ya know what I mean. 

So, I dread it every time she says I want to paint. or can I make a soldier hat. I mean, seriously, what happened to easy and fun computer games or mess-less tv? 

Again..not that she doesn't watch tv nor play computer games. OK, quite hardly does she play computer games cos...oh I don't know, she prefers not to sit in front of the computer for too long. Besides, haven't introduced her to the gaming world as yet. 

I don't know where she gets her drive from. I am definitely not an artistic person. I don't think hubby is either but at least, he's better than me at drawing things. I don't know. I cannot think of anyone in the family who's remotely artistic. So, why does she like art so much? Is it industry standard for 5 year olds? 

Honestly, I have zero problems with her wanting to be Picaso. My ONLY problem is (oh, and you should check out the walls of my house...yep, I feel like the ghetto's in ma' houzzzz yo!) I cannot keep up with her...her...arti-facts. I have limited storage spaces and they are coming faster than I can sort to store. See my problem? 

Hubby and I, we are glad to see that she's passionate about something and we do everything we can to encourage her - even if her passion isn't academically related. You know la, being a Chinese in Malaysia, there's this certain pressure for kids to be of a certain kind : creative and smart i.e do well in school bla bla bla...maths and science bla bla bla...So, does this mean she's smart? I mean, we are regular people, doing our thing...we don't expect our kids to be exceptional. If they are, well and good. If they aren't, it's fine too. What's most important for us is - we need storage space first and foremost; and for our kids to be good people. 

Colours of the season

Been obsessed with the following colours : crimson, teal (depends on what), nude and a little coral here and there. Oh, and white..yeah white. 

And trends? Vintage for sure. But, not hardcore vintag-ey but more modern vintage (if there's such a thing). Still loving that faded look. I don't think my preference have changed much in this respect. Just haven't gone around to taking much photos lately.

Hair? Well, I've been keeping it long this time. Someone actually said I looked younger with long hair. No second guessing how I'll wear my hair from now on right...hahhaha. This is what they call 'cheap thrill' in the past. Past. Past because I'd rather not mention the decade. Because I'll sound like a grandmother for some reason..I don't know why. So, yeah, guess I'll be keeping my locks..urm...long? from now on. 

TV? Smurfs and Barney win hands down! LOL. That's my kids. They've been watching the ol' smurf cartoons. Favourite character (apart from Smurfette) Gargamel without a shadow of a doubt...:-). Who doesn't love the wrinkly peev looking has-been wizard? (Someone should ask the question : does ageless male work?). 

For me it's gotta be Criminal Minds and The Voice. What would my nights be without them? Boring I reckon. Hubby isn't into them. He says they are boring. He'd much rather fall asleep on the couch, read his Selangor Times or argue politics. I am married to a 65 year old man! urrgghh..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Changeling

No, no child has been taken or swap-ed for fairies. Nothing.

It's just we've been changing the look of the girls' room...yet..again. This time, they took our sofa-bed.

The girls have been sleeping in their own room for quite some time now; with Ash in her single bed and Mini in her cot. It served everyone's purpose at the time and no one complained.

Until recently.

Ash complained about her bed. I mean, not literally but she would come over to our bed in the middle of the night frequently the past month or so. As for little Mini, the cot is too small now for a girl who's turning 3 soon. Even though she has short legs, the cot's still too small for her so she struggles to get comfy. Worst of all, every time she sees her sister lying in our bed, she'll cry. Possibly from assuming that we left her behind. We didn't of course.

Anyway, we initially thought to get 2 single beds. But, we didn't know how 2 single beds would fit into their tiny room without crowding it. Then, we were also worried that Mini might fall off. So, we needed to get beds which are fairly low in height. ANd worst of all, bed frames aren't cheap. Not to mention the mattresses. WTH?

In the end, we decided to part with our sofa-bed. We had one initially for our study-room/guest room downstairs. It folds out into a double bed if we ever needed it. Pretty good for afternoon nap. But, we've taken it upstairs since and it's been sitting in our bedroom.

We got to work last weekend. We moved Mini's cot to our room. Dismantled Ash's single bed. Pull the sofa-bed across. Got new sheets for said bed. Moved the drawer around. And they now have a new bed. Well, technically an old but new bed. Win-win for all.

They've been liking it for now. No more coming to our room...for now. But, we've lost our sofa and probably in need of a new one. Looking at daybeds for now. A nice, comfy daybed with daybed covers at Anyone with ideas on where to get them?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are ENGAGED

SInce CNN considers this as a piece of 'breaking news', I might as well report it also. 

Apparently, the relationship of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has reached a new milestone : they are ENGAGED!!

Wow. And what are we mere mortals concerend about? Oh, nothing much, just earthquakes, civil unrest, bankruptcy, Bersih and road-blocks. So so boring right? I mean, who cares if lives are lost or that our roads are no longer smooth-sailing anymore on the weekends. Who does care?

I think, we should all dedicate tonight to the famous couple and observe a moment's silence for them..don't you think? 


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ash's birthday present

We got her a new bike. She's outgrown hers and it was the bike that she wanted. With a white basket in front, pink handles. Pink everything. Urrgghh!!

Mini wouldn't have wanted to go near it at all. Although, she's slowly being influenced on the Barbie, the Princess and the pink. But, not entirely (THank you God!).

When will they get out of this Princess phase? ANytime soon?

Anyway, she's thrilled because now she can cycle with ease. Mini will inherit her old bike. Sorry Mini but it's still in good working condition so just take it for the time-being. Even though now that Mini has her own bike, her legs can't work the pedals yet. Still no strength in that department. We will have to push her along more often than not. But, she's getting the idea. And who knows, before long you'd find us at the Tour De Langkawi (I wish!!).

Anyway, now that Ash has got her bike, for Mini's 3rd, we'll get her a tablet pc so she can play her angry birds all day and night...heheh. Score!

Numero Cinco

Ash turned 5 last month. Biggest and huge-st celebration for her. Well, in terms of the number of times she celebrated her birthday that is. 

First, we had her friends from way back wee toddlerhood come and a mini playgroup session ensued. She's been missing them since she started her new school this year. Plus, we missed the last gathering they had at one of the kids' home. So, I figured why not just have a gathering and birthday celebration all at the same time? Smart thinking eh? :-D.

That was that. Yeah she had a blast. What was supposed to have been just an afternoon thingy, turned out to continue till 10pm. We are all beat to the bone. The kids didn't nap before. Plus, we just recovered from our flu. So yeah, no more repeats. 

The next day we had another celebration at school with her friends. Thought she's be like jumping up and down excitedly but she was cool as a cucumber. Cheh!! Berlagak only. She was supposed to have her birthday walk but because I was late in sending the teacher her photos, she didn't get to do it. Oh well, there's always next year. 

Lastly, that night itself, we had the 3rd and final round of candle-blowing with just us and her grandparents. I tell you, even I had never had such many celebrations. All in the name of making our kids happy. Besides, turning 5 is a huge thing. For me at least. And then, she'll turn 6 and then 7....then 16...then 21..Gosh. I can't wait actually hahha..go on, grow up, flap your wings and fly, just don't send the grandkids over...muahhaha :-P. 

She's a sweetie. It's been a pleasure having her in our lives..just maybe not so much the giving birth part for me :-P. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ponytail for Ash

This morning Ash and I created a family history. OK, as embarrassing as it sounds, I will tell you about the little historical event that happened just before school. 

Ash wore a ponytail to school.

How? how how can this even be anything significant at all? Well, my dear friends, Ash has never wanted anything on her hair for the 5 years of her life. Ok, so, maybe that hairpin or 2 occasionally. Or even that hairband but they didn't last very long on her head. She'd take it off after 15 minutes of having/wearing them (if them pins are lucky cos usually it's like 5 mins!). 

So, to have her asked me this morning to tie her hair ponytail style, my hands and fingers thought for a moment. Because, I haven't done anyone's hair since Std 5 when I not only had to do my hair but my cousin's hair as well. She had hair like the thickest bush in Kalahari. It was so difficult doing her hair and I dread it every time before school. EVERYTIME. It was such a pain. 

Ok nevermind. Back to Ash. So she wanted a simple ponnytail and my fingers sort of stopped functioning momentarily. Coupled with the fact she was late and the dad was again shooting me his dagger stare. I quickly did it. Stray hairs everywhere because she has short hair and when you have short hair, it's a little tricky. Esp for us Asians. Not as fluffy as those Ang mo.

Oh and the other very logical reason why Ash has never had her hair put up is because we always kept her hair short. Always. Never once the length fell below the shoulders, it's always been above. Why? I don't know why. I mean, aesthetically, having her hair long just will not go with her skinny frame. It will only make her looking gaunt and even skinnier. Some looks just great with long lushes flowy hair that goes right to the bum. But, not my Ash, she looks great with her short locks.

Of course, if you know me, I am truly a lazy bum true and true. I cannot be arsed getting the right hairpins, the fashionable bands, and to mix n match the 2 or worst, match the outfits. Oh no no no...never. Honestly, it's just too much work for me to looking good. I just about had it looking neat and clean but throw the looking good out the window, I just can't hack it. 

But...all that's changed this morning. Even then, it was only because she snitched a gorgeously sweet scrunchie off from her aunt yesterday...hehehe..So, it wasn't truly my effort 100%. 

I truly wonder how long she'd wear her hair today. Getting abit anxious. I hope she remembers to put the scrunchie in her bag if she decides she'd had enough of it. Otherwise, her aunt will not let her snitch anymore and that only means more pain for mommy O_O. We'll see...keep you posted..on the sequel.
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