Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Changeling

No, no child has been taken or swap-ed for fairies. Nothing.

It's just we've been changing the look of the girls' room...yet..again. This time, they took our sofa-bed.

The girls have been sleeping in their own room for quite some time now; with Ash in her single bed and Mini in her cot. It served everyone's purpose at the time and no one complained.

Until recently.

Ash complained about her bed. I mean, not literally but she would come over to our bed in the middle of the night frequently the past month or so. As for little Mini, the cot is too small now for a girl who's turning 3 soon. Even though she has short legs, the cot's still too small for her so she struggles to get comfy. Worst of all, every time she sees her sister lying in our bed, she'll cry. Possibly from assuming that we left her behind. We didn't of course.

Anyway, we initially thought to get 2 single beds. But, we didn't know how 2 single beds would fit into their tiny room without crowding it. Then, we were also worried that Mini might fall off. So, we needed to get beds which are fairly low in height. ANd worst of all, bed frames aren't cheap. Not to mention the mattresses. WTH?

In the end, we decided to part with our sofa-bed. We had one initially for our study-room/guest room downstairs. It folds out into a double bed if we ever needed it. Pretty good for afternoon nap. But, we've taken it upstairs since and it's been sitting in our bedroom.

We got to work last weekend. We moved Mini's cot to our room. Dismantled Ash's single bed. Pull the sofa-bed across. Got new sheets for said bed. Moved the drawer around. And they now have a new bed. Well, technically an old but new bed. Win-win for all.

They've been liking it for now. No more coming to our room...for now. But, we've lost our sofa and probably in need of a new one. Looking at daybeds for now. A nice, comfy daybed with daybed covers at Anyone with ideas on where to get them?

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