Thursday, April 19, 2012

Colours of the season

Been obsessed with the following colours : crimson, teal (depends on what), nude and a little coral here and there. Oh, and white..yeah white. 

And trends? Vintage for sure. But, not hardcore vintag-ey but more modern vintage (if there's such a thing). Still loving that faded look. I don't think my preference have changed much in this respect. Just haven't gone around to taking much photos lately.

Hair? Well, I've been keeping it long this time. Someone actually said I looked younger with long hair. No second guessing how I'll wear my hair from now on right...hahhaha. This is what they call 'cheap thrill' in the past. Past. Past because I'd rather not mention the decade. Because I'll sound like a grandmother for some reason..I don't know why. So, yeah, guess I'll be keeping my locks..urm...long? from now on. 

TV? Smurfs and Barney win hands down! LOL. That's my kids. They've been watching the ol' smurf cartoons. Favourite character (apart from Smurfette) Gargamel without a shadow of a doubt...:-). Who doesn't love the wrinkly peev looking has-been wizard? (Someone should ask the question : does ageless male work?). 

For me it's gotta be Criminal Minds and The Voice. What would my nights be without them? Boring I reckon. Hubby isn't into them. He says they are boring. He'd much rather fall asleep on the couch, read his Selangor Times or argue politics. I am married to a 65 year old man! urrgghh..

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