Tuesday, November 26, 2013


For the most part, our family celebrates Christmas and Chinese New Year. When the occasion calls for it..we will include Deepavali and Hari Raya. Just the way it is.

Before the kids came along, the celebration I look forward to is the CNY. Without fail. The new clothes, new knickers, new everything. Life just couldn't get any better. I feel as though life for me for the year is just to wait for CNY and nothing more.

Then I had kids. Having them didn't change my sentiments towards CNY. I loved (and still do) CNY regardless. But, once they grew up and wanted their own celebration of some sort, it was Christmas. Perhaps, it's the pressies that sealed the deal for them. I mean, who needs a red packet stuffed with pieces of paper I have no use for and no nothing of the value it bears. All I want is that darn Barbie - or in Mini's case, a blue truck. So, Christmas is the party of the year where my kids are concerned.

So, nowadays, I honestly feel stressed come the end of the year. Not only I have to think of gifts for the kids, but also, I have to think of gifts for other people's kids. I will not lie. This year, in particular, have been absolute madness. I am still living through the madness as I type. I am not sure how to survive another year to be quite honest.

The one thing that I haven't done is to draw up my to-do list for Christmas. I am sure thankful that I am not hosting any kind of parties for the kids. Instead we will be attending some. Nothing high end. Just good ol' fashion PG-type of parties. Those that don't involve elaborately custom printed table runner or fine China. Nah....But, it does involve having to pull Ash out of school for one of them (yikes!). We'll see. I am feeling overwhelmed. And, I will admit that this sensation is due to my lack of planning. It's all me and my own doing. I will just have to somehow get everything all sorted out...in time...soon.

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