Sunday, July 17, 2011

new cupboard

We got the girls a new clothes cupboard for them a couple of weeks ago. Finally. Their dresser threatened to give way a few times. So we figured that we should get them something else to house all of Ash's princess dresses.

We got the standard issue white colour from Ikea. The cheapest possible. The girls won't know the difference. Besides, it compliments the dresser. I have contemplated painting it over with...oh, I don't know, pink or light lavender for example. I haven't got around to do it yet though. Naturally, hubby rolled his eyes when the painting idea was suggested. I can understand his predicament - he'd have to do the painting! hehhehe. I know he'd much rather be spending his time looking at tech related items such as handphones, stereo systems, or even just looking for toshiba laptops batteries. I can never understand men, but just as how men can never understand why our nail polish needs the colour of our shoes. touché

We'll see how I go in the next few days. I might just ditch the idea altogether. Who knows?!

spring cleaning

The first half of the year has gone. It's time now to start sorting out the files at home. Chuck away unwanted papers or documents. Collate them and file them away. Yeah, I tend to do that only half yearly. I don't do it as often as I should in fact. I'm not sure why but it's been a habit. Possibly a bad habit because I'm not as efficient as I should be. But, nevertheless, the job gets done and by the year end, we throw everything out. hehehhe...

I don't know about you, but there are tons and tons of papers around the house. SOme important, while most are plain nuisance. That is why I love They make everything so easily accessible and so convenient for the masses. What will I do without them?

at the tyre shop

We spent a good part of the afternoon at the tyre shop. We had to change all 4 of my car tyres since all were worn out. If we waited any longer to get new ones, I might just skid off the road one fine rainy day. That can't possibly be good news seeing how I ferry the girls daily up and down PJ.

Guess where we ended up going just to have my tyre fix? KLANG!!! Would you believe it? Apparently, there's this tyre shop in Klang selling cheap tyres. Well, according to hubby, cheaper than the KL or PJ rates. When we finally got there, I don't think it was really significantly cheaper. I think hubby got conned! WHat's worst is, after removing all but the final tyre, they discovered the rims were damaged. Geez!! Then, we had to change the rims as well. All our budget for the car were blown on one single afternoon. Plus we had to wait an extra 45 mins just to get everything done. And, not to mention all the driving home afterwards.

People always asks me what I do on a Saturday afternoon when the girls go to their granny's house. Well, wonder no more, errands such as this really eats up every hour of our free time. If it isn't the tyres, it must be getting something fixed in the house or get something for the house. Before you know it, it's time to head back to granny's house. You know, I am just glad it wasn't a motorhome repair that we had to get done today. *phew*

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a house full of cats

I will tell you now, cats aren't my thing. They can be cute and all but a little scary at times. In fact, most of the times. The way they stare at you. It must be the eyes, I tell you. Gives me the chill down my spine overtime I come face to face with a cat. Kittens are fine though - less scary.

Anyway, yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting a home filled with cats. 15 to be exact. They are...were..all over the place. On the couch, under the bed, on the every nook and corner. Even some strays came in to join in the feeding times. It was the most bizarre experience I've ever had. For a moment there, I imagined being knocked unconscious, smothered by them cats and wake up wearing a cat suit ala Michelle Pfeiffer. Of course, seeing as how I didn't have with me Diet pills that work fast, Catwoman will be slightly different from the movies with bulges here and there. Still, I couldn't help picturing myself with all the cats and just the thought of it made my skin itch and goose-bumped.

I'll never forget the experience...EVER!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

buying for two

We were at 1U yesterday evening to have dinner and because hubby needed to get some new work pants. You know, it was unusually quiet around there. Perhaps it was late in the evening where most day shoppers would've gone home for dinner or the cinema-goers were still chomping down their dinner. Either way, it was a good thing for us too because we had 2 extremely cranky kiddos who threatened to send us to the loonies as soon we got into the car. Thank heavens it was a short ride to our destination.

As soon as we reached, I was hungry but I asked the girls if they wanted to have dinner but Ash said 'no' and Mini was fine as long as hubby carried her. So, we had a walk-about first. The yoga people had their thing going on at the centre of the mall. Ash wanted to walk, so I took Mini with me to M&S. I don't usually shop at M&S because of how expensive their clothes can be but seeing as how they were having sales, I decided to browse. Besides, Ash was busy.

After that, hubby and ASh came in and it was hubby's turn to shop. He found what he wanted right there, of all places, M&S. We didn't even have to venture far at all. We only covered the ground floor and that was it. Super right??!! hehhe..of course, since I am such a lousy shopper. All I could think about was my growling tummy and hurried hubby to finish paying and getting the heck out of there.

Whilst there, the girls wanted me to buy them toys, socks...whatever they could get their hands on. And, they were holding identical pieces. Why? Because what Ash took, Mini took the same. I am telling you, the signs of having to buy-for-2 has started...whether I like it or not. There is no way I can convince Mini to share with her sister because she now wants her own stuff. Only 26 months and she's beginning to demand! In the end, we didn't get them anything. We were not there to shop for them in the first place. We said no, asked them to wave goodbye to whatever they were holding and scooted them off to dinner. You know, if anyone are to be giving us birthday party invites, or Halloween party invitations, they better be giving us 2 separate cards. Also, if you're considering buying them anything, you now have to's 2 or none.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

sweaty and sticky

Let me tell you what happened over the weekend : Ash wants to get married!

She told her parents to get a pumpkin carriage and she wants to go to little boy 1 (next door neighbour's kid) house and get him to be her prince.

So, I asked her what about little boy 2? (another neighbour's kid). She said "no. little boy 2 is sweaty and sticky. Little boy 1 is SHINY.." Couldn't help by laughed out loud. Obviously, my little princess wasn't too pleased with me laughing at her. But seriously...Shiny? How did she come up with him being shiny in the first place? Did he put wax all over his body? Whatever it is, I guess she digs shiny boys.

Oh my dear Princess Ash, all boys are sweaty and sticky!!!

p.s : This is all hubby's fault. He read her the Princess and the Frog story about marriage and all. I am ok with Ash marrying or wanting to get married, it's just worrying him that's all. Great job hubby, just great..heheheh.
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