Sunday, July 17, 2011

at the tyre shop

We spent a good part of the afternoon at the tyre shop. We had to change all 4 of my car tyres since all were worn out. If we waited any longer to get new ones, I might just skid off the road one fine rainy day. That can't possibly be good news seeing how I ferry the girls daily up and down PJ.

Guess where we ended up going just to have my tyre fix? KLANG!!! Would you believe it? Apparently, there's this tyre shop in Klang selling cheap tyres. Well, according to hubby, cheaper than the KL or PJ rates. When we finally got there, I don't think it was really significantly cheaper. I think hubby got conned! WHat's worst is, after removing all but the final tyre, they discovered the rims were damaged. Geez!! Then, we had to change the rims as well. All our budget for the car were blown on one single afternoon. Plus we had to wait an extra 45 mins just to get everything done. And, not to mention all the driving home afterwards.

People always asks me what I do on a Saturday afternoon when the girls go to their granny's house. Well, wonder no more, errands such as this really eats up every hour of our free time. If it isn't the tyres, it must be getting something fixed in the house or get something for the house. Before you know it, it's time to head back to granny's house. You know, I am just glad it wasn't a motorhome repair that we had to get done today. *phew*

1 comment:

Ann said...

hahaha..heard alot of things are cheaper in Klang! Its a good 'outing' irregardless. :)

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