Tuesday, July 5, 2011

sweaty and sticky

Let me tell you what happened over the weekend : Ash wants to get married!

She told her parents to get a pumpkin carriage and she wants to go to little boy 1 (next door neighbour's kid) house and get him to be her prince.

So, I asked her what about little boy 2? (another neighbour's kid). She said "no. little boy 2 is sweaty and sticky. Little boy 1 is SHINY.." Couldn't help by laughed out loud. Obviously, my little princess wasn't too pleased with me laughing at her. But seriously...Shiny? How did she come up with him being shiny in the first place? Did he put wax all over his body? Whatever it is, I guess she digs shiny boys.

Oh my dear Princess Ash, all boys are sweaty and sticky!!!

p.s : This is all hubby's fault. He read her the Princess and the Frog story about marriage and all. I am ok with Ash marrying or wanting to get married, it's just worrying him that's all. Great job hubby, just great..heheheh.


Ann said...

LOL ! Shiny like a frog?

Someone once told me....kids when they are young play so well together....don't worry if they say I like who and who....coz in a year or 2 years time, they won't even want to sit next to another kid of a different gender.

LittleLamb said...

Hope she is not referring to PL's boys?

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