Sunday, July 17, 2011

new cupboard

We got the girls a new clothes cupboard for them a couple of weeks ago. Finally. Their dresser threatened to give way a few times. So we figured that we should get them something else to house all of Ash's princess dresses.

We got the standard issue white colour from Ikea. The cheapest possible. The girls won't know the difference. Besides, it compliments the dresser. I have contemplated painting it over with...oh, I don't know, pink or light lavender for example. I haven't got around to do it yet though. Naturally, hubby rolled his eyes when the painting idea was suggested. I can understand his predicament - he'd have to do the painting! hehhehe. I know he'd much rather be spending his time looking at tech related items such as handphones, stereo systems, or even just looking for toshiba laptops batteries. I can never understand men, but just as how men can never understand why our nail polish needs the colour of our shoes. touché

We'll see how I go in the next few days. I might just ditch the idea altogether. Who knows?!

1 comment:

Ann said...

oh...I love your painting idea. Good thing we don't stay together else....:)

Are your kids proud of their new cupboard and keeping their own clothes properly?

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