Tuesday, August 9, 2011

latest - Part 2

A continuation from earlier posting...

So, hubby got better. No more throwing up. But, aches and pain from internal muscles aggravation. And, tired and weak from not having enough food and lack of sleep/rest. He took 2 days to recover and the weekend was approaching. Hurrah!!

NOT! That Saturday morning (make that 3am!!), mini decided to do a little throwing up of her own. She got up, with vomit all over her, the cot..it was disgusting. The last thing hubby ever thought he'd be doing after cleaning up his own vomit, was to clean up someone else's (vomit).

We cleaned her, threw her pjs away and the bed-sheet as well. Surprisingly, Ash slept right through the commotion. Most would call pig. She was, just oblivious to all and in deep slumber. She would've been the last person on earth to have such deep sleep because unlike me, she and hubby have similar sleeping patterns in that they are both very light sleeper. So, her not waking up with Mini crying and us going in and out of the room, room lights all switched on, windows also opened - was indeed a revelation. But, in the next couple of days, we found out why...

So, anyway, Mini not only threw up once, she threw up again after her milk. **oh-oh!!** This time, her vomit found my shirt. **double oh-oh!!**. I must say that through the years I've been a mom, this was the worst throwing up session...EVER. Guess it had to happen someday, right? We had hardly any sleep before the break of dawn and before you know it, we scooted everyone off to the paed.

The doc concluded Mini's condition to be a bug infection, possibly from hubby. She gave Mini tons of meds. And we scooted home. Mini stopped vomiting. COndition better? - or so we thought.

That night, it was Ash started; she threw up her dinner. Every bite she took, she threw up. Oh man, don't they give you a break? I guess not. It was her turn. Then, we gave her Mini's meds. Then, she refused to eat or go to the toilet. Then, Mini started her "lau sai"..many many times. I tell you, strike lottery also not so ngam!

It was truly round the clock washing, cleaning...more washing and cleaning...endless meds feeding....extremely clingy, whinny and cranky toddler and kid. It was only after the 3rd day that all of this stopped. Hubby had no time to recover, even if he did feel remotely unwell, I wouldn't have the energy nor the mental capacity to deal with it.

No worries, that was about a week and a half ago, and thank God everyone's all better now. I am glad I didn't have to go through it for if I had, I probably would have just slept in the toilet because I was so exhausted from simply cleaning and washing. Not to mention the cooking. Speaking about cooking, when the kids got better, I told them I was still gonna make porridge for them and both of them, in unison, yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!". Poor things had no real food to eat for at least 5 days. If it wasn't porridge, it was bland soupy noodles. Even the soy milk we bought for them (because they couldn't take their usual milk), they only took 2 oz despite being super duper hungry.

It was really sad seeing them not in their best of health. I mean, the day they got better, we decided to take them out to the bookstore. Although happy at the prospect of going out, they didn't fare very well. They were weak from the ordeal and Ash kept wanting us to push her on the stroller as every 5 minutes walk tired her out. Mini was also super cranky, kept wanting to be carried.

It took a couple of days before they regained their strength. The day they both started their monkey climb on the front door grill (to greet their father), was the day I knew they were back...100% :-).


BoeyJoey said...

oh, poor you! and of course your darlings as well! but should also thank the lucky starts you didn't catch it as well... glad that everyone is alright now :-)

Mamapumpkin said...

Gosh! Vomiting is the worst and very stressful. Glad to know they're now better, hope they stay healthy and happy from here on! Take care, you.

Ann said...

Gosh...this tummy flu big is the WORST! But got to say that lately everyone seems to be having this kind of vomitting spells very often.

Take care.

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