Saturday, August 13, 2011

the new Mini


At 2 years and 3 months, don't you think she looks uber cool??

Remember she had the cut-your-own-hair event happening a while back? This is the result of that. We had to chop off the sides, and hence, the pixie look. I was crying when her hair was cut. I mean, I was definitely not used to her looking like a 'boy'. But, oh, MIL was happiest. She was never fond of me keeping the girls' hair long anyways. And her version of "long" goes as far as a bob cut. I know!! She has no idea exactly what "long hair" means and looks like. But, Mini's new do certainly made her dance the tango.

Anyways, this shot was taken on the boat ride to begin our unforgettable time at Pangkor Laut. The last time Mini went on this boat ride was when I carried her in my belly. This time, she experienced it live with the wind in her hair, the bumpy ride, the sea water beneath our feet and her cheap sunglasses. Lovely, ain't it??!!


Mamapumpkin said...

Fuah! Totally Uber COOL!!!!

BoeyJoey said...

Whoo... she looks wayyyyyy too cool for a 2 year old! *whistle*
My parents also the same la, always nagging me to cut my girl's hair. sigh... to them, it's only about convenience... tsk tsk.

mom2ashleyaidan said... happened to ashley as well. My dear MIL decided one day to cut her hair - the sides included like your Mini's. I was super pissed. SUPER PISSED!

chinnee said...

she looks just as great with her new hair style :)

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