Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keeping up with Ash

Ash loves to draw...and colour..and paint...and do crafty things. 

I don't. I have neither the patience nor the inclination for such handy-work. Most of the time, my cow looks like a dog. Or my elephant will look like a dog. Either way, all animals look the same in my 'artistic' world. Don't even go where the stick figures go. 

Plus, doing all of these stuffs, they can get pretty messy. I hate messy because not only I have to clean them up, I have to clean up the mess. Mess + I = ^%&^%$%$%$^!! Not that I am a very neat person, nor am I an OCD..I just don't really need to add another JD to my work, if ya know what I mean. 

So, I dread it every time she says I want to paint. or can I make a soldier hat. I mean, seriously, what happened to easy and fun computer games or mess-less tv? 

Again..not that she doesn't watch tv nor play computer games. OK, quite hardly does she play computer games cos...oh I don't know, she prefers not to sit in front of the computer for too long. Besides, haven't introduced her to the gaming world as yet. 

I don't know where she gets her drive from. I am definitely not an artistic person. I don't think hubby is either but at least, he's better than me at drawing things. I don't know. I cannot think of anyone in the family who's remotely artistic. So, why does she like art so much? Is it industry standard for 5 year olds? 

Honestly, I have zero problems with her wanting to be Picaso. My ONLY problem is (oh, and you should check out the walls of my house...yep, I feel like the ghetto's in ma' houzzzz yo!) I cannot keep up with her...her...arti-facts. I have limited storage spaces and they are coming faster than I can sort to store. See my problem? 

Hubby and I, we are glad to see that she's passionate about something and we do everything we can to encourage her - even if her passion isn't academically related. You know la, being a Chinese in Malaysia, there's this certain pressure for kids to be of a certain kind : creative and smart i.e do well in school bla bla bla...maths and science bla bla bla...So, does this mean she's smart? I mean, we are regular people, doing our thing...we don't expect our kids to be exceptional. If they are, well and good. If they aren't, it's fine too. What's most important for us is - we need storage space first and foremost; and for our kids to be good people. 


Mamapumpkin said...

You know what, Aunty? I really love your writing!

Shireen Loh said...

Are you checking out on me?? Will get the link up...:-P

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