Friday, April 20, 2012

Mini in school

Mini survived the 1st term of school. That means, we have to pay for 2nd term school fees soon. Drats! Hopeless mommy!

Anyway, I am glad because a couple of hours free of kids, tantamount to a couple of hours of sanity. Yeah! 

I'm glad she loves going to school. Maybe the fact that she's familiar with the people and the place helps a great deal. So too early to judge if she likes the concept of school. Plus, she likes to think she's much older than her real age. She's always saying she's 5 and that she is a big girl and she can do many things. Oh, how I wish mommy wishes!

Oh, and she's quite the social butterfly too. she's the kind who'll go "where's the party dude? I'll be there" Yeah, like that. WOrrying? Naturally! But, not so much me but more so MIL and hubby..hahhaha. I am like "hey, whatever. you only live once". I'll get killed if MIL reads this. I am supposed to be their protector, keep them safe...not turn them into some meth loving party animal! 

OK, I say 'relax', "chill". SHe's only 3 (not even 3 but soon), who knows her future. If I can read into the future, I'd be a billionaire by now. Most importantly, I say, embrace her now. Don't limit her abilities. Give her space to grow. She's doing fine. A bull no doubt but she's just fine. Besides, I've discovered she's actually a very good shopping partner. Win-win I say! And yes, don't tell MIL I take her out shopping - I will get the axe!

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