Friday, April 20, 2012



How do you like the treatment to the image above? 

I'm still trying to figure that one out. I'm not sure if I am entirely satisfied with it. I'm not sure. Oh, that's Ash by the way. And I've got the camera all wrongly focused. I could tell you that "I was aiming for her neck, collar, hair below the ear...". Yeah, right! I was aiming at the flower but for some reason, the camera wasn't reading it. 

The photo is fine in itself as in I am ok with it. Just needs a little boost.'s Friday and I am allowed to ramble on pure nonsense a bit. SPent the morning with Mini. Her weekends begins earlier than most people. SHe only goes to school 3 times a week. Won't you working folks love a 3-day work week? Work 3 days, get paid for 5? Now that's what I call a dream job! :-D.

As much as not fancying Djokovic, he really grows on you. He does. I mean, it's literally impossible to hate him, you know. He's so generous, yet sneaky; he shows a lot on court. He gives out a lot too. He's like your first taste of alcohol : bitter...but as you drink more, it becomes..a habit. Oh, the tennis season has just started. The 'real' tennis season that is. So, if you know me, I won't be much use to anyone right now...hehehe :-P.

What else? Ah..yes. Sister's wedding looming near. I've got almost everything I need for the occasion (except for, maybe, leather briefcases heheh). Just maybe still a little tentative on the day-time outfit. I am still undecided. The girls have their frocks ready and Ash can't wait to wear hers. She even thinks she is also getting married. You know what, I am going to leave that section of the parenting rulebook to hubby. I am going to sit this one out.

Ok. I am off. Lots to do this weekend. Have a great one!

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