Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ash's birthday present

We got her a new bike. She's outgrown hers and it was the bike that she wanted. With a white basket in front, pink handles. Pink everything. Urrgghh!!

Mini wouldn't have wanted to go near it at all. Although, she's slowly being influenced on the Barbie, the Princess and the pink. But, not entirely (THank you God!).

When will they get out of this Princess phase? ANytime soon?

Anyway, she's thrilled because now she can cycle with ease. Mini will inherit her old bike. Sorry Mini but it's still in good working condition so just take it for the time-being. Even though now that Mini has her own bike, her legs can't work the pedals yet. Still no strength in that department. We will have to push her along more often than not. But, she's getting the idea. And who knows, before long you'd find us at the Tour De Langkawi (I wish!!).

Anyway, now that Ash has got her bike, for Mini's 3rd, we'll get her a tablet pc so she can play her angry birds all day and night...heheh. Score!

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