Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Numero Cinco

Ash turned 5 last month. Biggest and huge-st celebration for her. Well, in terms of the number of times she celebrated her birthday that is. 

First, we had her friends from way back wee toddlerhood come and a mini playgroup session ensued. She's been missing them since she started her new school this year. Plus, we missed the last gathering they had at one of the kids' home. So, I figured why not just have a gathering and birthday celebration all at the same time? Smart thinking eh? :-D.

That was that. Yeah she had a blast. What was supposed to have been just an afternoon thingy, turned out to continue till 10pm. We are all beat to the bone. The kids didn't nap before. Plus, we just recovered from our flu. So yeah, no more repeats. 

The next day we had another celebration at school with her friends. Thought she's be like jumping up and down excitedly but she was cool as a cucumber. Cheh!! Berlagak only. She was supposed to have her birthday walk but because I was late in sending the teacher her photos, she didn't get to do it. Oh well, there's always next year. 

Lastly, that night itself, we had the 3rd and final round of candle-blowing with just us and her grandparents. I tell you, even I had never had such many celebrations. All in the name of making our kids happy. Besides, turning 5 is a huge thing. For me at least. And then, she'll turn 6 and then 7....then 16...then 21..Gosh. I can't wait actually hahha..go on, grow up, flap your wings and fly, just don't send the grandkids over...muahhaha :-P. 

She's a sweetie. It's been a pleasure having her in our lives..just maybe not so much the giving birth part for me :-P. 

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