Tuesday, March 23, 2010

time for a holiday

Oh yes, it's time. Lil monster is almost a year old now. Gosh, how time flies? Yes she is -- an almost 12 month old baby. And I won't be able to call her baby anymore because she'll be moving on to toddler-hood. Despite her difficult-ness, she's a real darling.

Speaking of Em, she's better today. Her poo-ing is improv-ing...hehehe...did I just say that? LOL..yep, it has and I am certainly glad. I hope to get positive news from the paed tomorrow for the stool sample she took.

Ok, so back to the beginning. We need a holiday. Or rather, I need a holiday. But, traveling with 2 kids below the ages of 5 isn't exactly what I call a 'holiday'. So, in order to soften the energy sapping blow, we'll invite PIL along hehhehhe...**evil grin**.

But, first and foremost, we need to get some things ready if we're really going away. Oh, things like making sure I get rid of the kangaroo pouch I've been lugging around for the past year. Doesn't look like it's leaving anytime soon but I hope to do something about it and do it soon too.

I will start by searching for every fat burner reviews out there that I can get my hands into. And then, I am going to sieve through the good and not so good and pick the best. After that, I am going to put them into practice. So far so good? Well, we shall see...won't we? ;-)

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