Monday, March 22, 2010

lil' monster down

Poor Em...she's not feeling well. She's got a bad case of diarrhoea.

Went to the paed this afternoon and since she presented the paed with samples of her stool, we will only know the outcome of the lab test on Wednesday the earliest. According to the paed, she either has an infection or allergic reaction or even indigestion. Em's doc asked us to stop feeding her with her regular milk and prescribed a lactose-free formula instead plus some pro-biotic i.e . colon and body cleansers.

The good thing is that she's still her bubbly self. Other than her constant purging, she has appetite to eat and the will to fight with her sis :-). So, lets hope that she'll get over this soon...

1 comment:

mommy to chumsy said...

poor kiddo. hope she's better now.

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