Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some updates

Ash had a good time during her bday celebration last Sunday. So good that she fell ill. LOL..It was my fault really, she went on and on for 48 hours straight with little rest and plenty of exercise. So, she started having her sniffles on Saturday but since we already called all the relatives, we didn't want to disappoint.

It was good but of course, we wished she hadn't been sick. But she's better today. I'm keeping her indoors for the past couple of days. Besides, no playgroup this week since its the school holidays. We'll just let her rest and recuperate at home.

Hubby's work schedule's been pretty tight the past weeks. It will continue till the end of the month. So, we haven't done much to the girls' room as yet. We have called the 'air-con' man to come fix one this weekend. Hope he gets it done. I have cleaned up the room and now, it looks at least presentable. By that, I mean you can see the floors finally..heheh...Ash got a set of bedsheet and matching curtains as a birthday gift which is absolutely perfect. So, let me work on that a little bit more and then I can snap some pics :-).

Ash has her own single bed which we will move over together with Em's cot. But first thing's first -- we need to shift our wardrobe and chest-drawer out. Things seems very simple on paper but trust me, it isn't.

I'll update more later when err...more is done. :-D


Jen Cheung said...

hey =)
thanks for visiting my blog. hehe. i'll be coming here a lot. gonna save you on my blog roll =)

ryeli said...

happy belated bday ash! hope ur mummy will post some pics up later.

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