Friday, September 28, 2007

Can you tell?

Apart from my paid post venture, this has been a glum week for me at the home front. Its Ashley. She's beginning to know what she wants, likes, don't like, don't want. What happened to eat, sleep, poo, eat, sleep...repeat cycle a few times a day? She is now a whinny lil girl who wants to be carried all the time.

Lately, she discovered the joy of bathing. She will sit in her tub, one hand holding onto the side, the other, palm-down at the bottom of the tub for support. She likes to sit in that position just looking at her feet under the water. I think she's not yet brave enough to let go of her hands so she just sits there, moving a little. She seems intrigued and wants to play with the water somewhat but not up to it yet. Am I making any sense?

Anyway, my MIL gave me 2 rubber duckies. I wanted to let her have her bath with them. Thought she might enjoy it. I changed my mind though. She has been having too much fun that lately, everytime I pick her up from the tub, she would cry. She would cry again when I lay her down to put on her clothes. She would continue crying even though I would try singing minus the actions since the only action I have been capable of doing is to dress her as fast as possible so she could stop crying.

The worst thing is if I bathe her prior to her milk or before her nap. Grr..she will wail like someone in the torture chamber. What to do? I still have to dress her up isn't it? Put on her diaper and all. Even though I try to pick her up, soothe her a little and then put her down so I can put her pants on, she would start again...arrrgghh dressing her up takes forever nowadays.

I think I have developed a phobia of bathing her. Seriously. Everyday, when its time for her bath, I cringe. I feel like packing her bags and tub and head over to my mom's or in laws so they can decide among themselves who should bathe her. I mean, they can have a round table discussion or whatever, I don't care.

What should I do? Ah, I need help. No, I need to be saved...


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Don't worry. Kids are like that. Mine now loves to sit on the potty and sing for a while eventhough she doesn't need to pee or poo. She'll scream her head off when I won't let her do that. I just let her scream and cry. After a while, she'll be fine.

Try singing to Ashley when she cries or distract her with something else like things she likes. I used to do that and mine would stay still and let me dress her. ;D

Helen said...

Ashley is growing up... what to do? She loves long baths and pampering. lol

You mean she can just sit in her tub forever?

Yeah, headache only. :-)

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