Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just the two of us..Me and you..Just the...

Ashley and I are home alone. Hubby went off to Moscow this evening. Told him to get the Stalin hat and coat but he refused. Thankfully, I will have you guys to keep me company during those long lonely nights hehehe..

Last Friday, Hubby and I went out to dinner. It was our belated Anniversary. I think it was the first time since Ashley was born that we actually went out for dinner. Not only alone but for DINNER. It was at a nice Italian restaurant in TTDI. I pass by it everytime and I used to tell my hubby "you see that restaurant there? One day we should go and try out". Yep, that one day we did.

The restaurant was quite empty. Well, with the exception of a few ladies at the back who were laughing and talking real loud. They were drinking as well. Suddenly, I got hesitant. You know what they say about empty restaurants? Food lousy. I was a wee bit scared and wondered if we had made the right choice.

Since it was quite late and we were already there, we just ordered. Ok so we ordered a salad, calamari rings and pasta. I didn't want to order more just in case the portion is big and I can't finish. The salad and rings were appetizers so they came first. After we finished the appetizers, the waitress came over to hand us 2 small shot glasses of orange liquid. I asked her what they were for since I didn't recall ordering them and being so "kiam", didn't want to pay extra for it. The waitress said "mouh wash". I was like "huh"? Not wanting to sound like a complete idiot, I said thanks. I turned to my hubby and asked "Mat yeh lei keh? Hui kong hai mouth wash, yam jor thun takk ke mou or yiu hey chi sor pui"? My hubby was as blur, he said "Ngo em zhi err..Mou yum la".

Knowing me I can't just look at the thing on the table and not find out whether it is drink-able or not. I know if I'd just left like that, I would not be able to sleep later at night. I waited until I finished my pasta and even though reputation was at stake, I asked the lady "Can we drink this?" She replied "Yes, its juice". *slaps forhead*

Editor's Note : The food was good and price was reasonable. Came up to less than RM100 for both of us and we also ordered 2 juices on top of the "juice". The "juice" was FOC. I can't remember the name of the restaurant but will update this post later when I find out.


Anonymous said... nice though

Helen said...

hahaha you were worried it's mouthwash? lol

Hey, it's sure nice to go out once in a while with hubby right? Put the romance back...:-P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahh...goyang kaki with your hubby huh? i haven't done that for a looooong time :D So, did you think about Ashley when you were having dinner?

Shireen Loh said...

Liza : Yeah..LOL

Helen : Hey, no kidding. Didn't know to swallow or spit out LOL...Ate in peace for once..:)

Mum2Chum : actually, I didn't think about Ashley until I finished my mean hor? :)

adrian said...

Is that the Italian restaurant the same row as Hong Leong Bank? Might want to give it a try since wifey's bday coming soon.

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