Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hah! I must really be aging. Just yesterday, I insisted Ash wear a particular pair of socks. She kept refusing and I kept insisting. And, she got mad at me. Then, I was MY mistake because I had been going on and on about the wrong pair of socks. I took and gave Em's socks instead. No wonder she kept saying "I cannot fit in it, mommy!". And all the while, I thought she was just being picky.


I apologised and of course, she ended with "you might want to get me more socks!". O_O.

It's true. I hadn't realised that Em had more socks than Ash. #mommysbad

This aging thing, I am really feeling it. My eyes, my forgetfulness, and soon, I'll need fancy noriko wigs for my bald patch *yikes*

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