Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Good Laugh

Had one yesterday…on me actually.

We had a busy day yesterday. Hubby took a day off from work so we could run some errands. By lunchtime we were out the door. We shipped Ashley off to the grandmother’s place so we could do what we set out doing without having to fuss about her.

Ok, so yadda yadda, we were done by 4.30pm. “So, what now?” Hubby asked. “Go for your hair-cut la, remember?” I replied. Then, off we went to our family hairdresser, Ah Teng. To be more precise, she’s actually my hubby’s hairdresser. No, I’m not kidding. You see, not many people know how to cut his hair and he didn't like many of the hairdressers in town until he found Ah Teng. It’s not the hair-style or anything like that…it’s just…his hair.

We sat down. Well, I sat on the bench they provide for their “guests” who are either waiting to get their hair done or just simply waiting. I must say, the bench, its teak with no cushion whatsoever. Therefore, you can just imagine, I was there, tired from waking up so early and walking from one place to another, all I wanted was a comfy place to sit and relax while I wait for the hubs right? No such thing, sit on wood m’ dear!!

Ah Teng came over once she was done with another lady’s hair. We were there, chit-chatting with her. You know, the usual about the weather? Why we came today instead of the weekend? Did my hubby want a similar hair-cut as Ashley? Etc…

Then, my mobile rang. My sisters wanted to come over for a visit to see Ashley and to also pass me some fresh chicken my mom got from the morning market. But I had to tell them to meet me at Ah Teng’s place and that Ashley was not with us. They were naturally disappointed but still came to pass me the chicken.

So, they came, my chopstick sisters and my cousin. They too go to Ah Teng for their hair-cuts (damn, I think I should get some kind of discount or commission from Ah Teng since my entire family goes to her). You can imagine the ruckus we caused at the salon. They were laughing at my sandals. Said my sandals looked so “auntie” (old fashion) and with a strap some more, like school shoes. I do forgive them (my sisters), after all I am a decade older than them and they will have their day soon enough *evil smile*.

Finally, my hubby was done and we were all talking (very loudly) while walking out the door. Suddenly “Ei, lei em moi lei ge kai ah???” (Hey, don’t you want your chicken?) shouted Ah Teng from the background. OMG, you could have heard a pin drop and suddenly, a burst of laughter not only from my family members but also from the people in the salon!! What happened was I left the bag of chicken hanging at the tall magazine rack and forgot about it while walking out. Malu-nya !!(so embarrassing!!)

Since I've talked quite a fair bit about Ah Teng, thought I should post a pic of her, so, here is Ah Teng and Ashley after her hair-cut


Anonymous said...

Lol. Your baby is to cute

Helen said...

It's true. It's not easy to find a hairdresser that really knows what you want. I found one too... though not exactly a posh place, I get value and satisfaction for my money. lol

Ashley is so cute! lol Hmmmm is the hair growing back fast?

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