Monday, September 24, 2007

Another day

We took Ashley for her 3rd Triple Antigen, Hepatitis B and Polio jab on Saturday. We also had the Rotavirus vaccine administered to her. So, needless to say, she wasn’t a happy camper during the weekend. However, I am happy to report that all is fine with my lil darling.

I’d have to say, we were not exactly thrilled to bits either. We left the house at 8.30 am even though her appointment wasn’t till 9.30am. We are not too fond of allowing Ashley to spend too much time at the hospital or doctors, we wanted to be there as early as possible, get it over with and ship out.

As it turned out, we waited for an hour or so before Ashley’s turn was up. There were just so many people and I couldn’t help but asked the doctor “Did the hospital close for 1 week? Why are there so many people around”. She said “no, just that for today, people decided to pop in before 9”. Damn, we were already late and I thought I was going to be early.

Ashley wasn’t too happy cos according to her doctor, she is now experiencing ‘stranger anxiety”. She winced more than usual in the room. Can I blame her? She had to wait so long to see the doctor. Poor her. I was getting restless myself. Anyway, all in all, she cried for a bit and we got out of there in a jiffy.

I suppose we didn’t help the situation either as we left Ashley to spent the night with her grandparents. Well, Hubby and I went for a wedding dinner that night. We didn’t want to bring Ashley along for obvious reasons. Since these dinners do not end early, we thought it would be better for her to spend the night at the grandparents rather than us disturbing her sleep by lugging her back close to midnight.

True enough, the dinner didn’t start and end promptly. Much has been said about our ‘respect’ for other people’s time so I shall not dwell on it here. I may have to start another topic on it.

I’d have to say, the food was scrumptious. Had a feast. Something I haven’t had in ages. Well, it feels like ages for me. I only have one complain though. The karaoke!! They had the machine for some enthusiasts out there. Fine. I am not a fan but ok, I do enjoy some live music once in a while.

The first few Malaysian Idol wannabe was damn good. I mean, they could win hands down in my books any time. I thoroughly enjoyed their singing. However, as more started to relax (probably due to the booze) and joined the bandwagon, the quality deteriorated. Really, it did. Even the 4 year-old boy sitting at the table next to ours had both hands covering his ears. He was so cute and I should’ve taken a picture. Darn!!

I casually said that perhaps they should screen the singers before letting them go on stage. Seriously, those who do not make the cut, please step aside not on stage.


Helen said...

Glad Ashley is better now. :-)

You know, appointment system doesn't work here in Malaysia. I used to take some church members to hospital and I can tell you nobody follow their appointment time. ;-(

As for the hot singers, you know lar, after a few booze, everyone thinks they are Jacky Cheung. lol

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy to know that lil Ashley is ok. No one likes going to the doctor's, including my munchkin. Hubby had to take her for a long walk until it's almost her turn *slap forehead*

Ever since the karaoke fever swept our country, the wedding dinners are never the same anymore :D Why oh why do they have to sing at functions like this? I remember going to a restaurant in Ipoh for the CNY reunion dinner and our family couldn't hear each other at all because we were seated very near the stage. The alan tam & anita mui wannabes were on stage singing their hearts out.

hcfoo said...

Even babies do not enjoy going to the hospital and see doctors.

Glad to know your baby Ashley is doing fine.

KennetH said... not like the smell ler...~

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